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'Status Quo': Shell Spews Nearly 90,000 Gallons of Oil into Gulf of Mexico in Latest Spill


'Status Quo': Shell Spews Nearly 90,000 Gallons of Oil into Gulf of Mexico in Latest Spill

Nika Knight, staff writer

Royal Dutch Shell's offshore drilling operations were pouring oil into the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, ultimately releasing nearly 90,000 gallons of oil into the water off the Louisiana coast.

"We have allowed the [Gulf] to be perpetually treated as a sacrifice zone—a place where we tolerate pollution and disasters to continue our dependence on fossil fuels."—Michael Brune, Sierra Club

The company said the spill was spotted above an underwater pipeline system, although specific details regarding the leak's cause were not made public.


It's past time to stop offshore drilling. I'll be at the demo outside the White House sunday with my family...join us in DC, or Albany NY, Los Angeles, or Chicago, all this weekend: https://usa.breakfree2016.org/


Can the marine life in the Gulf take any more harm/toxins/poisons from oil spills and "clean ups ala BP? All oil companies operating in the Gulf do so with impunity, devoid of adherence to safe procedures and environmental regulations, and stripped of any concern for the health and well-being of the marine life (or their own workers, for that matter). Mainstream media will bury this spill and like the Deep Horizon disaster become a non-news item, especially when the highly paid (by the oil companies) spin-meisters begin blasting the airways with their lies and propaganda. And Obama has done little-to-virtually nothing (with the blessings of Congress) to halt the continuous onslaught on life in the Gulf.

How very, very sad and heartbreaking.


They are probably getting even with us for not being allowed to spill in the Arctic.
* Since the 0.001% knows that their operations are going to bring life as we know it to an end in the foreseeable future, they are engaged in a furious race to get it all before it is too late, for
* He who dies with the most toys wins!


How are you going to get there?


Getting there by bus: https://dc.breakfree2016.org/transportation/


This is disgraceful! Why is this allowed to go on? People's livelihoods are destroyed, the Gulf's marine life is thrown off kilter, and thousands, if not millions of people residing in the Gulf area are sickened as a result of oil spills, as well. Off-shore oil-drilling is a no-no.


A government that claims responsible regulation while paving the way for big oil to poison air, land and water is criminal.
Beware of the suits!!!


Humans are proving to be incapable of living within the bounds of Nature. Despite all the optimistic talk about weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels, recycling more and more products, saving endangered species, etc., technology has succeeded in causing more ecological destruction than it has improving life for all beings, by far. Yet we continue to put our faith in "gadget" consumerism, while losing our once common and close relationship with Nature. The Gulf is just one more ominous and terrible symptom of the steady unraveling of the web of life.


For a long time one incident after another has proven that oil can not be safely extracted from the Gulf of Mexico or the Arctic. Forget about just halting the issuance of new leases. Stop all oil extraction completely and make oil companies pay for damages already done. Most agree with this. Why has nothing been done? Take a look at your favorite politicians campaign contributions list and it may give you the answer.