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Stay Home, Save Lives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/03/19/stay-home-save-lives


The great corrupt medical care people are telling us all to stay home ----so the rich old people can live----and the poor people----well they aren’t important. This is when you have failed leadership—yea your going to shut down the US economy for three months??? wow that 1000. dollar check is really going to cover my expenses??? Any normal President would have said No to what these people are doing. And these are the democrat Gov imposing Marshal Law.

Hey Gov Newsom will you be canceling the property tax bill I gotta pay next month----let’s cancel all bills for the next three months Gov Newsom.???


Great photos and messages of wisdom and compassion.
The greatest freedom is the freedom that protects us all from the misconstruing of ‘freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’.
Can humans learn? We will find out. It’s a tough go in a culture that teaches conformity and stupidity as social virtues.


Yet within the last week, a plethora of Repub lawmakers and rightwing pundits have advised people to go out to restaurants because Covid19 is d-party hoax – and the main job of Dr Anthony Fauci is to go before the cameras every night and correct the multitude of lies told by his dumbass boss.

And last night, while watching CNN for just a few minutes (that’s all I can stomach), a live report from St Simon’s Island, Georgia showed people of all ages packed into restaurants on Spring break. Same thing down in Florida.

Worst of all, the testing kit shortage is so acute that these healthcare professionals aren’t even getting tested at hospitals treating known cases, so some of them are undoubtedly acting as unwitting infection vectors as they visit patients and interact with colleagues from room to room


I posted this in another thread, but want to be sure more see it as it makes me see a bright side…

On a more hopeful note, it is starting to bring people of the world together in some odd ways. I saw this article today and plan to go there and look/chat later today.


It is called the “Stay the F*ck Home Bar” and people from all over the world hang out and chat about life and what is happening to all of us. English accepted as noted in the article, though it is based in Russia.


I’ve got your backs, brothers and sisters. But then I’m practically an eremite so it’s no hardship for me to stay home. Plus, I listen to CBC Radio news, and our neighbors are doing one hell of a job on keeping information flowing and stepping up to help each other. Well worth getting the app and listen to facts and reason, not lies.


As someone (over 60) who has strictly self isolated our of a sense of responsibility to others (I feel fine and do not think I was exposed), and who is looking at losing both of my jobs and seeing my future and dreams as a live musician start to look mighty iffy … I don’t appreciate these people doing their things at restaurants in Florida, or on the beach. The hospitality industry along with many other related and unrelated occupations and businesses are in serious peril. Yet they party on. No me gusta.


I never reply or engage in this sort of thing, BUT I have to say it- HOW DARE YOU? I am a nurse, in the NYC metro area. We are risking our lives, our families - and I have not seen one person turn aside, run or flinch from what we do. And by all epidemiological standards, what those professionals are gently and humorously telling people to do is FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY. STAY HOME. If you have anyone you love, protect them for God’s sake! To call us corrupt is one of the most heinously selfish and self absorbed statements I have come across online. I’m sure you and plenty of others will come back and name call, vilify and continue politicizing the largest public health crisis we have ever faced. I made the mistake of opening the Common Dreams email and reading this, one I won’t make again. Keep whining about your $1000 not being enough - we have reams of bodies who CAN’T BREATHE to worry about. I guess I was slacking, I didn’t check any of their bank accounts, nationality or insurance status before I gowned up!


what are you saying?? you are not going to heed the call to stay home & distance yourself as much as possible?
i don’t care whose corrupt…at this point.,
i probably will lose my job., I started there last week.
I am staying home!


Thank you for all your hard work. May you and all the hard working medical personal in the US and around the world stay well. All over the place I am reading about medical professionals falling ill. Sometimes dying. This is horrific. I am so angry about the lack of protective gear, and other needed items. While at the same time some are price gauging and withholding valuable masks, sanitizers, and equipment. I also am angry at all those who continue to treat this lightly and do not stay home. Not considering the elderly, or people who have weak immune systems, cancer patients, and so on. Not considering how much harder they are making medical professionals jobs.

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Any REASONABLE president would have gotten World Health Organization test kits…PERIOD… We would already have tested Tens of thousands like the rest of the world… and would have the REAL EXPERTS working on the issue of testing both FOR the VIRUS and for the ANTIBODIES…ANYBODY WHO HAS ANTIBODIES IS SAFE…GET IT, if you have the ANTIBODIES you can work 24 hours a day and die of a heart attack instead of corona virus… ANYBODY who does not have the antibodies is AT RISK and may suffer permanent LUNG DAMAGE. PERMANENT maybe even DISABLED… We have a mess on our hands…and TESTING IS PARAMONT… and as long as we put our stupid heads in the sand and IGNORE the PPE CRISIS, our healthcare workers will be AT MORE RISK… and about those RETIREES, heck I have an autistic granddaughter and some health issues so no way am I getting in that environment UNLESS I CAN BE ASSURED I HAVE THE ANTIBODIES and even then I need to be able to shed the germs before seeing anybody…

And I believe BERNIE IS THE ONLY OPTION at this point… TRUMP and BIDEN both are bought and paid for by their donors… BOTH…

Mark Twain, A LIE TRAVELS AROUND THE WORLD BEFORE IT IS CORRECTED. or some such thing. Problem is with correcting LIES, the media is also reinforcing the lies…and that is why Bernies support has not grown the way it should… The DNC and HILLARY has been schmearing him since 2015 and EVEN the sainted Washington Post ran 16 negative articles about him in 24 HOURS… Bernie is the only one whose attachment to Wall Street is negligible and who gives a damn about the 90%…


“A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.”

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I have "healthcare " coverage that I can’t afford and can’t use-----and YOU think any of these people in leadership care about our well being----right now they are figuring out how to use this “crisis” to steal billions for the donor class. And people loosing their jobs will also say goodbye to health insurance—Yes it is a corrupt system! A whole system geared for PROFIT NOT HEALTHCARE.


In my area some very large profitable events have been canceled—and this does make sense—but this idea that we can be confined to our homes is BS.

And if this is a great National crisis why not have a payment holiday at least for the first month—no one pays bills for a month—let the banks eat it and the Fed can inject money into them as they always do.???

Well my ATT direct tv bill just doubled----yea let’s all pull together. Just like my healthcare bill doubled in Jan.

Hey that’s way cool! Thanks Seeker for posting the article and therefore the link to the Stay the Fuck Home Bar. This is an excellent opportunity to party with people from all over the world and yet on a personal basis I can still work on stopping my consumption of alcoholic beverages by hanging here at the house. (Damn I do so wish Texas would legalize weed!) And best of all, no cover charge!

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Reallyreally thank you for what you do. I’m not sure what it is but I seem to attract nurses into my life. My mother is a just retired Nurse Practitioner who started working in nursing in 1952 and just retired, my first female roommate was a nurse, more than half of my friends are nurses, and so I know first hand how hard you work and what grueling hours you work…not to mention putting up with the doctors who think they are God’s gift to humanity or the asshole patients who think you are part of their personal wait staff. Y’all are truly Godsends. Again, I personally thank you for all that you do for and contribute to humanity.