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"Stay in the Streets. It's Working": Two Weeks Into Racial Justice Protests, New York State Classifies Use of Chokeholds as Felony

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/stay-streets-its-working-two-weeks-racial-justice-protests-new-york-state-classifies


Well, it’s NOT working on the presumed Dinocrat Candidate

Biden Supports Reforming, Not Defunding, Police


Status Quo Joe is supporting… well…Status Quo, Nothing will Fundamentally change
The police can handle it.

If you want to see an excellent show on the Police Problem in the US - Watch last nights John Oliver show - Last Week Tonight on HBO.
It will also show you why Biden is STUPIDLY throwing away a once in a lifetime opportunity.

But then that’s why the 3rd Way Wall Street Crowd rigged him into it - to keep Status Quo


C’mon Phred

That would be like saying obama had the racial justice insight of clarence thomas

Or eric holder fell asleep while states rolled back voting rights

Or Ferguson was on the democrats watch

Oh wait I think we’re on to something here


Yeah well It is nice to say that the POlice will be held accountable but how about a cease and desist law against any abuse period. No water cannons, no spraying of chemicals or any other …oh hell DEFUND NOW
And yes keep in the streets. And I’d be with you if I were not so old


It’s time to stop investing in flawed notions of public safety that rely on policing and jails, and start investing in pathways that create stability and opportunity.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime to be on the streets and remain there until proven tangible gains have been achieved. Police is the arm of repression, white supremacy and colonial capitalism. The Trump supporters haven’t caught on to the fact that they’ve been subjugated to similar abuse, exploitation and repression albeit in different ways. To them it’s a gain when Volkswagen moves it’s plant to the deep South paying a fraction of wages and little or no benefits. This is an example of exploitation Trump supporters are willing to accept in return for “jobs”. Unfortunately they completely lack vision and essential economic knowledge. They fail to realize that the key to freedom is in locally owned and operated innovative and independent businesses that treat workers with respect and dignity. Trumpeter are all too happy to brown nose the exploitative mass production global corporations that have zero respect for their well being or the well being of the water they drink or the air they breathe, get cancer or inflicted with other chronic illnesses as a result of industrial pollution. In short they re fucking themselves and the future of their offspring by blindly following the path of white supremacy and fascism.


Sometimes, Timebr, you just can’t fix stupid. White people in the deep South have got to be the most ignorant, brain-challenged people on the continent, and that is saying a lot, considering how stupid the rest of the country is. I teach in the West, and every now and again I have seen light bulbs pop on among students. But I think they shut the electricity – permanently – in places like SC, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.

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And yes, I fully agree with your economic analysis. The suppression of blacks, Native Americans, Latinx, etc. are all so that the white middle class can live comfortable lives based on the provision of cheap services because of the low wages of people of color, enforced by terror. The buying off of our middle class allows the billionaires to loot the country without having to worry about them.


Yes. Prisons are a stupid idea, incompetently executed. Instead of bringing people into society and finding ways to make them productive, it isolates them from society— for the rest of their lives. At the same time, it does nothing to reconcile the harm done by the original wrong-doing.

It’s one of the wrongs continued by the judgmental BS taught by the fantasies of religious cults like Christianity and Islam.


Not clear to me why chokeholds would ever be permissible. Most cops aren’t trained martial artists or trained in emergency medicine either one.


Cops are trained that everyone must obey their orders, whether reasonable or not, and to immediately use force to subjugate anyone who doesn’t comply to their satisfaction. In short, they spend eight, ten or twelve hours a day looking for a fight. No doubt they take that home with them as well.


While we’re in the streets, can we march over to Slow-Joe’s house and demand he select Bernie or AOC as his Veep?!?


Thank you for bringing up the fact that we have the worst possible candidate to defeat trump. What the hell has he down to get ahead in the polls and get so many votes?

He has done nothing except say crazy things and ramble on incoherently from usually a teleprompter.

There is so much crazy making going on right now it’s hard to find words . . . .

Why couldn’t there have been this mass mobilization to get out and vote for Sanders, demand that he be the candidate who could best lead this massive movement?

I am not against these mass protests and taking to the streets which I hope will move beyond race toward the anthropocentric destructive capitalism that is killing all life.

It’s maddening.

And then the crazy making with covid and the downright pathological, gaslighting mixed messaging that has been taking place . . .

The article linked below puts into words what I’ve been feeling and struggling with—
There needs to be some accounting to people who were mandated to stay home yet now are told to gather en masse.

It is NOT helpful to shout: “stay in the streets it’s working!” after “officials” just shouted “stay at home”, stay away from groups of people----no more than 10!"

Doing this without some explanation and basically acting like the stay at home orders never existed feels like gaslighting.

Gaslighting definition (my bold): "a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group sows seeds of doubt in an individual, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance

Excerpt from aforementioned article:

“Public health experts – as well as many mainstream commentators, plenty of whom in the beginning of the pandemic were already incoherent about the importance of face masks and stay-at-home orders – have hemorrhaged credibility and authority. This is not merely a short-term problem; it will constitute a crisis of trust going forward, when it may be all the more urgent to convince skeptical masses to submit to an unproven vaccine or to another round of crushing stay-at-home orders. Will anyone still listen?”



Mixed messages today. At the heart clinic it was 100% masks on.
Later at a restaurant it was zero masks including the cooks.



The only way to escape the insanity and the gaslighting is to recognize that Washington, DC is all theater. The D Party leadership, the GOP leadership, the CIA, the FBI, the Commerce Dept, the State Department, the War Department, etc etc etc… and the corporate media are perpetrating in unison a massive psy-op (psychological operation) against the People of Earth. They are also playing with fire, and it is going to blow up in their faces… They are desperate, and they have already lost … but they are nihilistic rat fuckers and they are determined through clenched teeth and white knuckles to cling to their power until the bitter end. Covid-19 is a pretext to eviscerate people’s livelihoods and cause mass famine and turmoil and looting… to strip everyone on Earth of civil rights and dignity… to steal every last crumb, every last penny of public wealth… to pauperize humanity and make us all orphans and beggars and thieves… to destroy all trust, all innocence, all culture, all tenderness, to destroy all water all air to turn every minute into a struggle… because only in this way can the rat fuckers cling to power. King ratfucker rump is in on it up to his beady rat eyeballs… Forget Fauci he’s part of the con… rump wants the lockdown to last as long as possible, so do biden and Sanders and all the rest of the goddamn puppets in the Washington theater. Theft and mass murder under cover of Covid… but they are desperate and the whole con is backfiring they’ve already lost. Purge the insanity and stand with humanity. Disarm the police, end the police. End governments end nations end borders end politics end laws end all the legal fictions used to keep humanity in chains… to keep the fascist boot grinding our faces into the dirt… to maintain the power of fear over love… Speak truth. Give love away for free. Be like Che give love away. Never use the word Me. Self is another fiction. Time to get real.

Listen to the wolf: “Too much safety yields only danger in the long run.” -Aldo Leopold


One’s too young, one’s too old, neither are ready or worthy of the job as they both talk and then capitulate for career advantage. The only VP candidate who improves the value proposition for independents might be Tulsi. A vote for Joe is going to be a vote for his VP for president. Only the most wild optimist could imagine he has 2 more years free of full-time supervision.

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The South can’t see some of the dumb stuff government does, and they select some dumb leaders, but the Northeast and West can’t see some of the dumb stuff their favored side of government does either, and they select some dumb leaders too. I think SNL should do Congressional Jeopardy! with Feinstein, Pelosi, Gomert and Graham.

Humans are prone to trusting leadership. We all have common needs and desires that should bring us together better than the corporate democrat/republican branding sets us apart. Both parties propagandize their faithful about the good and evil of both parties, and all the propaganda about good is a lie. We just need to get the discussion to truth and policy. It’s an uphill battle.


How long has it taken to get that accomplished?

Delay is part of the deal with Elites controlling us –

And is it just police brutality that continues to oppress AA’s in US?

No one is mentioning the Drug War – intended by Nixon as just what it turned
out to be – a way to ensnare African Americans and POC in our prison system.

No one is mentioning CIA running of Drugs and guns in our societies –
It is the long time “Method of Operation” going back to the end of WWII that the CIA will
run drugs and guns in other nations’ societies to overturn their democracies.
And the CIA has been doing the same thing in the US since at least the 1970’s for the
same reasons.
All intelligence works for the benefit of Elites – not the people.


We do need public servants assisting in our communities –

We don’t need vicious policing keeping the nation divided along color lines –
And to ensure Elites that “Nothing will change.”

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You forgot NC–my brother and his (fat, stupid) wife live there–he got fatter and stupider himself, when he moved there. I (literally) did not recognize him when he approached me at a family gathering, perhaps 10 years after I’d last seen him. Even then, I was (literally!) guessing, out loud, to his face, his name, thinking he was the son of another family member, one who I’d never met (in person) before. Gotta say, I don’t regret that that happened, as it proved (I hope, to him) that his transformation-into-Southern-stupid was…complete. He was, quite literally, unrecognizable to me, and he blank, stupid look on his face is not something my brain could associate with my once humorous, witty brother.

He mainlines Sean Hannity, 3 hours a day, when his cop job allows him to, and has never taken me up on any links to progressive news shows, despite saying “What else am I supposed to listen to, for hours, on duty?”

This is one of my biggest concerns about the current defunding proposals and the timing. If not handled properly, what could go wrong when a heavily armed, military force is unwilling to be defunded? Who is going to take away their guns?

I am far more interested in better, de-militarized policing, unarmed and walking the beat, rather than opening the door for privatized, mercenary vigilantes. We should expect a wave of police-instigated lawlessness to flood the streets, and don’t forget that it’s just before the election.

This is the time for thoughtful, effective responses to this deeply ingrained, policy culture and all-American violence.

I fear parallels to the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill. At the time, there were horrific abuses and something needed to be done to ensure patients’ rights, including preventing abuses in both the institutionalization process and, once inside, the so-called care. Proposals were made that were thorough and aimed at fully integrating community-based treatment.

But, when the institutions were closed, budgets slashed, instead of proper care, we ended up with mentally ill patients literally thrown onto the streets. And the community support that was supposed to part of the package, somehow, never happened. I don’t want to see that kind of error repeated, the kind that begins what requires a systemic change but only takes the first steps and doesn’t complete it, to the detriment of all.