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Stay in Your Home—And Stay Angry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/stay-your-home-and-stay-angry

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I heard an anguished call for help from a New York City emergency room doctor. They’re having to re-use protective gear. They’re having to buy equipment on the black market. She almost screamed, “I thought the US was a First World country!!!”.
Reality is hitting hard. The folks on the front lines are breaking through the media induced Matrix and discovering the lies our country is based on. The Trump Bump is understandable because he’s a con man. Once the con is revealed, people either feel shame or anger. Or both.
It’s run to hear the cheerleaders for the GOP far right wing, people like Rick Wilson and David Frum, vivisectioning every move and word Trump makes. They’re like drug dealers who have discovered their product is now laced with fentanyl. Wait until Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, the Third World part of the Dis-Union, are invaded by Covid-19. A culture that hates government yet cries out for help every time there’s a tornado, flood, or hurricane, but doesn’t return the favor when other states need help. The forecast is for them to be hit right around…Easter. When Trump wants the churches packed…
Stay tuned.


A shame that those who might remove Trump from office, and from the country…are largely under his control.

The minute we can come out of hiding we need massive protests against the fascist ruling elites. Protests the world has never seen before. We must all stand together.


You will need the youth to drive that protest and if the Democratic primary has been indicative of their interest in throwing out the thieves Trump has assembled, it might be a lonely endeavor.

This country belongs to the youth. They must be willing to fight for it.

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Any American who HASN"T been “angry” at least since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 has NOT been paying attention and is likely afflicted with terminal denial syndrome.


This is the logical result of 40 years of Neo-liberalism

“Never lose your sense of outrage” -Bernie Sanders, a quote I wish he himself would take to heart more but I guess we will have to carry on beyond him.

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I wonder what is the “angry” moment for people of my generation, Millenials. For me personally it was when I learned of all the crap Obama pulled while in office.

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It’s always been his intent that we carrry on beyond him. That’s what Our Revolution is about.

and this just for fun…


Sorry, but this is too funny not To pass along!!

Song “Stay the fu*k at home” … funny


But it is up to us to set an example and hope to teach them.

It isn’t the world we grew up in anymore. And part of why our two steps forward took three back is because we didn’t feel many that were older believed and were worth our time. Most victories were transitory and more in our minds. Easily erased.

We are on the other side of that divide now. Can’t we do better than our elders did when we were young?

Age isn’t what should define the battle. Being human should.

I know you are not saying differently, but I wanted to expand on it.