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Steadily Gaining Ground in Polls, Warren Embraces Wall Street Executives' Fear of Her Possible 2020 Victory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/steadily-gaining-ground-polls-warren-embraces-wall-street-executives-fear-her

If I were a smart Wall Street grifter, I’d probably want people to think I was terrified of Warren, and this is the kind of story I’d plant. Her tough talk before the D primaries is all well and good, but her “I’m a capitalist” declaration tells me what she’s likely to do if elected. The one the grifters are really afraid of is Sanders.


Could a double-fake-reverse Wall St endorsement of Warren ever be as obvious?

Damn, this promotion of Obama 2.0 is getting downright laughable. Jim Cramer? Yeah, right.


It is pretty transparent. I’m surprised the author didn’t see through this.


Without an agreeable Senate and incredible grass roots pressure Sen. Warren’s policies will have a very difficult time being enacted.
The same thing can be said about Sen. Sanders and his policy proposals, as well. The importance of engagement by the rank-and-file and progressive groups, not always in solidarity and alignment, can’t be overemphasized for 2020.
The courts also will set up substantial administrative hurdles to block a progressive administration and its political agenda. Again, this will require a concerted and, possibly a prolonged battle, to change the degenerative momentum which prior and the current administration have inculcated into the Federal systems of governance and regulatory matters.
Sen. Sanders has repeatedly said the non-violent political revolution he, and his supporters, envision will take 25 years. Sen. Warren would be wise to explain this to her supporters, as well.
The one thing the progressives cannot do, because of perceived time constraints, is over promise and under deliver. That would be an economic and political catastrophe equal to, if not greater than, a sea level rise of 30 ft.


Boy, olive branches seem to be in short supply.
Maybe having 50 Miss America contestants repeat after me: “I would like to see world peace.”

This very entertaining progressive youtube talk show host skewers Warren quite well:


Apparently that PDX Blueberry Dogstar delivers a “feel good” kinda punch with borderline hyperbole tendencies.

One hit = Warren is a progressive.
Two hits = over promising and under delivering is 30 feet of sea level rise.
Three hits = engaging and uniting progressives in this lifetime.
Four hits = Damn, yo, don’t take that fourth bong…that’s the peace, love, kumbaya trigger: danger!

You know what you get from Trojan horse candidates like Elizabarack OWarren?

Trojan horseshit.


Spoken like a sore loser green, with a heavy dose of envy, no less.
Warren has spoken on M4A, etc. Is she as progressive as Dr. Stein, and to thine, probably not. But, she’s won 2 statewide elections in Dr. Stein’s home state, as well. So there’s that, too.
As to the Green Party; well, it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead so I’ll leave it at that.
Just sayin’.

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Took that fourth hit, huh?

I like the " degenerative momentum vibe " you’re putting out, dude. It makes my point.

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Warren is a neo-liberal and will continue the military policies of Trump, Clinton, Obama and Bush. It is that simple.


Under the influence of hopium, weasel words sound like truth.

Go ahead, watch the videos posted here of Warren tapdancing…I mean “explaining.”

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Yes. Warren even taught Reaganomic - all that trickle-down, supply side nonsense which Kansas proved to be pure hokum. Warren ran to the right BEFORE the last primary, endorsing the one person whose policies were pure neoliberal non-sense: privatization, austerity, deregulation, free trade, job outsourcing and reductions in government social spending.

We know Warren will try as hard for progressive policies as Obama. He had over six months of filibuster-proof House, a filibuster-proof Senate and all that we got was Heritage Foundation mandates for Republican policy that enriched insurance corporations. Then we got the ‘turtle-on-it’s back’ road show.


I’m not supporting Warren’s campaign. I’m supporting a 3 person primary. And, an end to the 17-18 buffet of non-starters we have now.
You’re supporting something else, entirely.

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I support the demolition of the false equivalency that equates Bernie and Liz.
I’m disappointed that you perpetuate it. You’re smart enough to know better.

And if that’s your way of uniting progressives, it’s a fail.


Whatever. I’m supporting " policies " and groups ( coalitions ) that can deliver them. M4A, GND, $15Min./Living Wage, et al.; ya know, you can ride a mule or an Arabian to the hacienda. Just getting there is the whole point.

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Did the Podesta boys buyout CommonDreams and install Neera Tanden on the editor’s perch? Sweet Jeebus but this is some lame ass shite.

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Warren boldly stood up with Witchillary for the 2016 White House campaign, rejecting Sanders, but now in her own run for the White House in 2020, she has ‘borrowed’ virtually all of Sander’s campaign commitments that he certainly will do his very best to enact if he is allowed to win over and above DNC election fraud they pulled off in 2016, but Warren is mostly just using Sander’s slogans to get into the White House. No way will I be conned by her bs.