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Steady Hand Joe? Biden's Foreign Policy Instincts Are Exactly What We Don't Need

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/10/steady-hand-joe-bidens-foreign-policy-instincts-are-exactly-what-we-dont-need

Intrinsically, Biden probably did not start out as a bad fellow, but his “go-along-to-get-along” approach to politics has corrupted his record and his methodology. He is in the “all gone” machine in my humble opinion. He should be put out to pasture to graze on the Delaware bounty of credit card grass where he seems at home. Good night Joe.


“Slow Hand Joe” will only continue to do the "NeoLiberal Bop."

A slow dance that ends with all of us in our graves.

Tell me again: Why were we giving $400,000,000 to Ukraine? Why are we spending .75 trillion on defense every year?

Two things:

Bernie is not going to change is stances on foreign policy, as he has demonstrated where this Soleimani killing is concerned. He called it an assassination. He said Trump had no evidence of an imminent attack. He has and is eager to defend an incomparable anti-war and anti-bloated military budget voting record. Why won’t he change his foreign policy stances? Because his campaign is built on consistency, trust, and being on the right side of history.

Biden is not going to get the same free pass from the media this time around. The evidence on the Iraq War is in. Uncle Joe voted for a fiasco based on lies he helped spread. The evidence on his shifting story about his ongoing support for that war is in. He’s a goddam liar who supported the hell out of it far past its sell by date, and his claims that he didn’t are pure bullshit.

So how anti-war are d-party primary voters?
How much do they distrust the same bi-partisan that lies us into wars?
How much do they really want change?


Was recently watching a video of Bernie Sanders from the 2016 primary campaign. Here is what he said:

Let me begin by quoting to you the words of a guy that many of you know of and some of you know personally and that is the vice president of the United States. [cheers] Joe Biden was just quoted the other day in the New York Times and this is what the quote says. It says he remains neutral in the battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton but not between their campaign styles. He’ll take Mr. Sanders’ aspirational approach over Mrs. Clinton’s caution any day. [cheers] And this is what the Vice President continues. He says I like the idea of saying we can do much more because we can. Then he says I don’t think any democrat has ever won saying “we can’t think that big, we ought to really downsize here because it’s not realistic,” he said in a mocking tone. Come on man, this is the democratic party. I’m not part of the party that says “Well, we can’t do it.” [cheers]

Bernie then goes on to say how this is just what he is interested in doing. Not saying we can’t do this or that, its too far out. Of course, now Biden has come around and is taking Clinton’s position, we can’t do Medicare for All, etc.


You’re never going to get even a modicum of honesty and unbiased MSM reporting about Joe Biden’s political missteps. And, by extension, his equivocation and rewriting of his own tall tales of being " for the Iraq War before he was against it ".
( Against busing, medical bankos, harsh drug sentences…the list of " parsifying " is long. )
The same propaganda machines that have brought this country to its ranking of being the most feared country on the planet ( Trump Presidency ) are in hyperdrive to provide cover ( flak ) for Ol’ Joe. Because he’s doing the dirty work for the PTB and his AIPAC cronies; ya know, the MIC and Wall St. The Alphabets should get a big momentum boost by Joe raising his big fat thumb up, too.
" Status Quo " Joe is really a reactionary politician who reaches across the aisle and, would look quite comfortable wearing a MAGA hat after 2021. He wants what the MSM wants, after all. Ratings, stockholder earnings, advertising bucks, pleasing both sides of the endless consumption free-for-all. Quantity over quality and caveat emptor; that’s a Biden Presidency in a nutshell, emphasis on shell.
" Is this a great country, or what? " Joe Biden would like the opportunity to revise and extend his remarks. Over and over, again.
Don’t give him the opportunity.


Consistent with redefining much or our language during the past four decades “steady hand” in DCspeak now means: repeating the same mistakes as long as those mistakes benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


When I read this artcile the first image that popped into my head was of a guy like Eoyang holding down a pig while so that Anne Applebaum could apply lipstick to it.

If Biden is the Democratic nominee, I swear I will conduct a scorched-Earth campaign against him, using his own words and the truth of what he has done and who and what he stands for. I won’t have to lie or exaggerate any of it to portray him for the oligarchy-suck-up-warmongering-tool he is.


Ms. Hollar this is a Brilliant treatise on Biden’s complicity and Promotion of the Barbaric and Criminal Invasion of Iraq.

His pathetic excuse about Iraq not allowing inspectors into the country does not comport with the actual History of the event.

Hans Blix who was the head of the UN inspection team tells a different story.

In 2004 Hans Blix said:
"There were about 700 inspections, (in Iraq) and in no case did we find weapons of mass destruction."

Blix contradicted the claims of the George W. Bush and Senator Biden who was the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a big supporter of Invading the Sovereign Nation of Iraq.

Blix accused the US and British governments of dramatizing the threat of weapons of mass destruction in order to strengthen the case for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and overthrowing the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Once again thank you Ms. Hollar for your excellent article exposing the Lies of Joe Biden and his collaboration in the horrific massacre of innocent Iraqi Civilians due to his support of the Shock & Awe bombardment of Iraq.

His so-called Foreign Policy experience amounts to poor judgement, sadistic behavior and is tantamount to the actions of a War Criminal and not a diplomatic Statesman as the Media is trying to portray him.



So you’re going to vote for Trump then?

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Biden has experience in foreign policy, yes. Just bad experience.

It’s like hiring a coach who has just had five successive big losing seasons. Yes, they’ve are experienced, but clearly don’t have a formula for success.


Said every Hilary Clinton supporter ever. If the ONLY good thing about a given candidate for President is they are not Donald trump and one votes that person for this reason, one is going to end up with a lousy President. It a piss poor reason to vote for anyone and in fact is not a vote FOR in any case.


Americans have been so brainwashed into thinking US power makes us safe or other types of ridiculous notions of “exceptionalism”. War is all we ever know. Even it’s not acknowledged half the time. Remember the Cold War? The 44 year long exercise in existential terror that effected two generations of subservient people, it doesn’t even seem to be considered as a war these days. I rate presidents by the numbers deaths they rack up. Nixon, millions, Bush I, many thousands, Bush II well over a million, etc. Reagan scrapped(nuclear) detente and upped the ante once again terrorizing the whole world yet again. It’s time to grow up collectively as a species if we’re to survive more than a century or so, Come home armed forces, use your skills to rebuild our country first, then spread some goodwill around the world. Joe’s more worthless than an old dog sitting on the porch. We need to readjust our priorities, now, if not sooner.

IOW toeing the hypocritical party line.

Absolutely not. No, sending them a message that progressives will not swallow whatever crappy candidate they try and shove on us anymore means doing something that will show them what is going on. I propose a campaign to write-in “None of the Above” on your general election ballot to express our/your displeasure at the lack of a truly progressive choice for POTUS. Hopefully, if Bernie is not the nominee, we can get a measurable percentage of voters to do that so the oligarchy can see that we mean them true ill will, and will eventually get our way.

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