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'Steaming Nonsense': Republican Report Claiming Trump Did Nothing Wrong Panned for Ignoring Facts and Witness Testimony

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/03/steaming-nonsense-republican-report-claiming-trump-did-nothing-wrong-panned-ignoring

These are not “republicans”, these are Fascists.


When I consider these Republicans and the people who support them, I think to myself, “Well, maybe civil war is the answer.” I know I’m ready.


All i can say is, these “stooges” have no moral backbone or fibre when they continue to support this catalogue of lies, hypocracy and plain madness.


I see their willingness to scapegoat Rudy as a silver lining.

Seeing him perp-walked would make it all worthwhile.


Crooks investigating crooks that were investigating crooks. When (if) impeachment is referred to the Senate, the crooks in the Republican Senate will expose the crooks of the Democrats. The chance of Republicans finding Trump guilty in an election year is -0. The chance Democrats will gain any political advantage -0. The chance Trump will find any political advantage ‘priceless’ if the Republican Senate gats an opportunity to expose the corruption of the Obama Admin … something Biden admitted (bragged) publicly. Sadly this shi* show will continue. Want to oust Trump. Go Bernie 2020.

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The Democrats are still missing perhaps the most essential piece of the puzzle — a smoking gun for whether Trump ordered that military aid and/or a White House meeting be conditioned on the investigations.

I now think that the coward who shall not be named indeed wanted to give testimony at the hearings but his inner circle of corrupt crooks convinced him not to (ie: tied him to a chair and refused to give him his daily cheeseburger and fries until he acquiesced)

And yet, to the man (and woman), if you got them in a secure room and swore everyone to secrecy, they would rip captain bone spurs to shreds in a heartbeat. They are too afraid of his cult to speak ill of him in public, so they shed all semblance of decency and bow to the dark lord.


Actually, the real smoking gun would be concrete evidence that what Trump/Rudy wanted was merely for Zelensky to make a public announcement that investigations into the DNC server and the Bidens would take place, regardless of whether those investigations were real or potemkin-esque.

Then the defense that Trump had legitimate reasons to pressure Zelensky would be in tatters because the investigations would clearly be for political purposes that benefited Trump and not some mythical quest to fight corruption.

On that matter, I’m still curious about why the Dems have not brought our Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement with Ukraine into the conversation. That agreement is a legal platform for co-operating on just the kind of investigation Rudy wanted. That Trump et al didn’t pursue it is further proof of nefarious intent on their part – an effort to go around proper legal channels to have Zelensky put on a show to politically damage Democrats.

Also, in the Senate trial, the Bidens will be subpoenaed. Will they testify or follow the Trump Admin playbook of ignoring subpoenas?


OK Ditton, congrats, your post is absolutely right on the money, and the best, and most consice post on this story, that one sentence say’ all that needs to be said on the subject. Thanks!!

I’m sorry, Smerl, but your pessimism and cynicism aren’t totally warranted, at least on some of the counts you mention.
While it’s likely that the GOP Senate will continue to defy the rule of law and constitution, the impeachment process is documenting high crimes and misdemeanors.
Yes, the impeachment process might show Democratic corruption, but voters already know both parties are corrupt and the intelligent ones will see which party is the most corrupt and is lead by a fascistic cult leader.
People I know who used to be Trump supporters are seeing his criminality and turning away from him.
The impeachment inquiries put Trump under siege so he has less time to do the other nefarious things on his goal list.
Bernie is the FDR of our time, and electing him is essential, but we need to investigate Trump and all his mob relentlessly until the election.
You may not realize it, but the meta-message of your comments is the same as what Trump loyalists say, which is that the impeachment inquiries are a waste of time. But they most definitely are NOT a waste of time.
And when your message agrees with the Trump cult’s message, you’ve got a problem!

Or write a book anonymously.

I have been thinking and saying for a long time something here stinks. There is no rational way to believe the republicans would defend such a criminal president if they were not somehow directly involved in this. They are worried maybe even more than Trump for being exposed as the traitors they are. Wasn’t it Trump and Barr that wanted the death penalty for treason ? I hope all of these bastards hang !

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Check back with me in Nov. 2020 when Trump gets his second term because the Democrats focused on Trump the Crook and not the winning issues. The anybody but Trump will not elect a Democrat unless it is Bernie and his winning ideas. But maybe that is the DNC strategy … anybody but Bernie.


That there is not even one Republican in the house with integrity is truly frightening. Our country is so screwed.


I do believe, we may have to lock these lunatics up and de-program them for attempting to push their entire faces up 45’s butt.

They will never be useful as politicians after 45 is removed.

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I agree they’ve all lost their fucking minds, but, war isn’t the answer.

Lobotomy is the answer.

It’ll take a long time to round them all up, but, we’ll offer incentives to all of the surgeons who volunteer to work until the country is safe once again.

To borrow a phrase from another piece-of-work president, “I feel your pain,” and frustration, but, we must remember that they’re still our fellow man.

Was that believable?

Didn’t think so myself.

Get a rope.


…and now our job is to make certain that we elect leaders who are not most corrupt, but only less corrupt than the most corrupt, because 1) that is a very lofty goal, and 2) it shows that intelligent people want corruption, but not the most corruption.

Vote Democrats in 2020—The less most corrupt party.