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Steamrolling Rights of People and Planet, Trump Finalizes Rule Weakening Bedrock Environmental Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/steamrolling-rights-people-and-planet-trump-finalizes-rule-weakening-bedrock

By the end of Trump’s first term all economic and environmental progress made since the dawn of the 20th century will be undone. If the GOP stays in control during the subsequent 4 years all economic, scientific and environmental progress made during the past millennia will be undone and a second dark age will be imbedded.

Recall the rock bottom of the first dark age lasted 400 plus years. It took an additional 400 plus years to emerge from that disaster.


We don’t need no stinking environment. The only green we need is money, money, money… Get with the program.

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Where is congress ? Do we have a congress? How can one person “roll back rules/laws” Who gave the president this much power. I thought congress had a role in the legislative arena??? Mussolini is here in the oosa and who is acting to oust him ? God save the planet ???