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Steer Your Way Into Love and Resistance

Steer Your Way Into Love and Resistance

Kathy Kelly

Since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, I've given daily thought to the more alarming aspects of Trump culture. Conversations among friends have been quite helpful, both here in the U.S.

There seem to be two issues raised here, democracy and sustainability. Trump is a clear threat to democracy and all his efforts to subvert democracy must be opposed. The majority of Americans support democracy although it is surprising how many Americans apparently don’t. The sustainability issue is complicated and it is big mistake to blame all the problems with that on our leaders.The fact is, nobody has figured out how to make industrial society sustainable. There is a lack of answers and all type of leaders will therefore fail. There may not be a good answer. I think what he have to do is attempt to work toward sustainability. We can certainly do better than we are doing. Most global ecosystems are in decline and few are in severe decline. That must be addressed.

Environmental Degradation may send civilization over the cliff in this century. Overpopulation is the worldwide problem that is hardly discussed. The fact is that Capitalists don’t want population control, which would reduce the number of consumers and impoverished, cheap laborers. Governments don’t want population control either because more working-age people are needed to pay into national programs like Social Security. Our entire civilization relies on growth, including population growth. Capitalists are thwarting all good efforts to contain global warming because vast profits are being made with dirty energy and dirty technology. They want more wealth. So at the root, Wealth Accumulation is the greatest threat to civilization – A few rich people will kill us all. Problems can’t be addressed because the rich are blocking our attempts to save our own lives. The wars that are happening around the world (and those that will soon be started) are all being fought to protect the profits of the rich. It’s the armies that will suppress their own people when the masses finally revolt. But in the end the armies always turn upon the rich people who give them their orders. The rulers will eventually be killed, along with their families, if history is any indicator. What then?

indeed, the limits to growth is the elephant in the room no one is willing to discuss… but reality doesnt care and tump cannot mitigate the laws of physics either. just enjoy these “good old days”, because this wont end well.

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