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Stein's Recount Battle Continues. Here's the Latest


Stein's Recount Battle Continues. Here's the Latest

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein on Monday told the Wisconsin Elections Commission that she would sue unless the state conducted its recount by hand.


I wish her luck, but I doubt any of these recounts will turn up much.


I have been participating in Pennsylvania's recount effort. Unfortunately, the state election code requires that a signed and notarized affidavit from three individuals (each accompanied by a $50 fee) who voted in each of the state's >7000 precincts, due this morning, for a statewide recount - so that is not going to happen. There are a number of precincts in my urban county where the required affidavits were filed by this mornings deadline - so we will at least have a sampling of voting machines audited.

I don't trust voting machines - particularly electronic voting machines. There are reports in my state of more votes cast than registered voters in some precincts.

I find the lack of enthusiasm for these efforts by the Green Party from much of the US left and even hostile attacks on Jill Stein for this effort from "leftists" like Counterpunch's St. Clair to be perplexing.


Thank you Jill Stein and the Green Party. With Trump insisting there is voter fraud and several, including Greg Palast, with actual figures on how and where, it is important to recount these states. I personally believe there has been this kind of strip and flip going on since at least G.W.Bush's appointment. Hackable voting machines leave everyone to wonder whether if it is fair or not.
My fear is if it is done and the machines aren't checked or can't be, still, we will never know.
I do appreciate the effort though and really think the Clinton's should stay out of it.


Yunzer, if the election was hacked a very real possibility do you honestly believe that the hackers would just leave evidence laying about at the crime scene? The proof is that every poll was dead wrong, no surprise in a close election. There are many people who have been saying for yrs. that any election in a State that falls below 1% difference essentially goes to the GOP because of and including deepening suppression laws and their effect on the targeted people and groups and possibly even built-in software that tips the election to the GOP in the event of a close election like just happened. In any event, the GOP is getting rewarded for its hard work at undermining the whole system. Above 1 or 2 % it's much harder to pull off.


Stein is correct to want the recount done by hand, who's going to believe a recount done by a hackable machine?


There are still checks that can be done - comparing the tally of handwritten voter signatures with the number of votes cast for starters. We really don't need resignation and defeatism right now.
Please consider finding a "Fight for $15" protest to attend in your community tomorrow.


Update -

Allegheny county has postponed its vote certification until December 12 - thanks to the successful affidavits submitted - at least 30 and maybe as many as 60 (out of about 1200) precincts will see a recount performed.


I live in New Hampshire. The vote was also very close – Hillary took the state with just 0.4% more popular vote than Trump. No recount here. If Jill Stein’s effort was for a sincere recount, it would include states like NH, not just certain states which were a squeaker for Trump. Smells really bad. Especially when you consider that Stein raised more money in a few hours for this undoubtedly futile recount effort than she raised during her entire candidacy for president. Where is all this money coming from?

By the way, we are neither Trump nor Clinton fans. My wife and I voted for Jill Stein on the basis of the lesser evil (as usual), but wish now we just left the slot blank. The DNC, by their inattention to the plight of the average citizen, are entirely responsible for Trump. All we can hope for now is that he won’t be as bad as the advanced billing. His appointments so far are not at all promising.


Did I miss the average donation size? Is it anywhere near $ 27 ?


It's a fishing expedition. However, the Green Party's committee of lawyers knows exactly which fish they are after. Think Lieutenant Columbo. He's sure he knows who did it, but he hasn't come up with the proof.


Jill Stein should be president. She tougher, smarter, and has more courage than Bernie. He won't even stand up and be counted among those who believe the electoral system is fraudulent. The best he can do is to say no one is doing anything illegal. She's taking all kinds of flack for standing on principle. The voters of this country on the whole seem to be mentally defective. They believe any damn thing they're told.without proof. Jill Stein has a spinal cord which qualifies her to lead a nation of invertebrates.


Great post diacad. Yes, I'll betcha anything, that the Green Party money comes from the Clinton Foundation via so many transfers and money laundering, that no one will ever find out. But fair is fair. If we are going to have an electoral investigation, let's start with the DNC Clinton/Bernie Sanders cheating in California whereby in the Democratic Primary, the DNC illegally instructed poll workers to not give Sander's voters a countable ballot. Millions of Sanders supporteds were called NPP's (no Party Preference) and were issued a "provisional ballot" which was never counted instead of a real ballot.

Net result: Clinton did not win California, not even close. She must surrender those 55 electoral votes since they were obtained by fraud.





Jill likely got 6.5 million from Democrats because Greens don't have a dog in this fight. She should consider running as a Progressive Democrat next time. If Bernie an Independent, could run as a Progressive Democrat, why can't Jill as a Green run as one also? It seems that if Democrats will give her millions for a recount, they will give her millions as their candidate.


The reason I suspect the Clinton's are behind this, is their apparent past money laundering and illegal campaign racketeering:

If this video is true, it's a shocker, and means the Clintons will stop at nothing to cheat their way into the White House again. The Greens will the be the fall guy for all this turmoil, and half the country will always hate them for it.


I take Stein at her word, It is about building trust in the election system. The election took place while conspiracy theories were swirling around about the election being rigged. Hopefully the recount will satisfy the skeptics who believe rigging took place. It seems that it is almost cool nowadays to be skeptical about everything. But a democracy depends on a certain degree of trust between the people and the government. Anything to build trust helps.


I don't understand. Can't Stein demand a statewide recount? That is what I understood her website was raising money to fund.


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I'm a true blue Trump supporter :wink: and I really think Alex Jones is right on this one. Donald Trump is ahead if we just count the white vote. Like we'll do in 2020 and 2024.:wink:


Do you use paper ballots in NH? I believe that the recount was targeted at states where electronic touch-screen voting machines are predominant. Also, targeting more populous states casts a much bigger net on potential problems. Hackers are not going to bother with a little state like NH.

But why are you, effectively, preferring Trump? While it is reasonable to acknowledge the substantial problems with Hillary - is it really healthy to have such a pathological hatred of Hillary Clinton that you are wishing Trump on the US - particularly on its down-trodden? And spare me this "But Trump was going to be for the down-trodden!" Few poor people (i.e. in the bottom quintile) voted for Trump, by the way - the majority of whom are black and whose activists face massive police repression unprecedented since the FBI murders of the Black Panthers, by the way. The average Trump voter earns $70K per year. If why could not see that Trump is likely to be a fascist catastrophe for USAns and I could, and people smarter than you or me (every major scholar on the Marxist or anarcho- left) could.

It was known months ago who many of poeple in the Trump Administration would be. It was known months ago the enormous military buildup he is planning. It was known months ago that Trump would engage a war on the earths environment. Thank-you for taking Medicare from me and my wife (I'm 60, she's 62). Thank you for making workplaces everywhere more dangerous, Thank-you for making USAns wages and benefits even lousier, Thank-you for unleashing very vile and racist vigilante thugs on our country, Thank-you for committing future generations to a hellhole of a planet for humans. Thank You.