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Steny Hoyer Accused of Trying to Shield Fossil Fuel Industry by Kneecapping Green New Deal Committee


Steny Hoyer Accused of Trying to Shield Fossil Fuel Industry by Kneecapping Green New Deal Committee

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what critics denounced as a blatant attempt to shield fossil fuel executives and cripple Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-N.Y.) proposed Green New Deal Select Committee before it even gets off the ground, incoming House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters on Wednesday that—unlike other congressional co


Not long ago I wrote we’ll see if the Democratic Party heard the message being sent by looking at how they treat the new members of Congress.

Well, there ya go.


Not exactly a shocking turn of events is it? Same old same old…


Pelosi’s previous climate change committee that she pushed for in ‘07 had subpoena power. But I want to offer a different interpretation of what’s going on here: normal congressional jurisdictional differences. Raul Grijalva, former Bernie backer and progressive caucus co-chair, is set to Chair Natural Resources. He will have subpoena power, power he has been waiting to exercise a while. His committee has specific oversight over oil development and the Department of Energy. He may feel his committee ought to be where subpoenas issue from, and he wouldn’t be wrong.

Hoyer is just doing what a majority leader does, and is taking the heat from activists that want a shiny object. In real life, the existing committee with jurisdiction and subpoena power with a long-tenured progressive in its chair will be doing its work.


Your ability to never get it is just astounding. This is not the action of party leadership who are committed to addressing climate change.


If the Dem leadership doesn’t start taking the Progressives like Ocasio-Cortez and their concerns seriously they risk hard left-wing opposition and a fracturing of the party. There’s beginning to be enough support for them to do some serious damage to the party if pushed hard enough. It could compare to what the Tea Party and Trumpism did to the Republican Party. Dem leadership needs to embrace these new kids on the block and avoid a dramatic split.


Is it astounding? Have you ever read about jurisdictional committees? Do you know that long-tenured congresspeople that wait a long time for chairs get a little, well, ornery about their jurisdiction?

I’m not saying I’m right, but this has happened before, many times. Raul Grijalva wants to hold hearings from his committee. He has said so. His committee oversees the Interior and Energy Departments, and features key environmental subcommittees.


Yes, that is the root of the problem.


I think you’re exactly right, KC. It has happened before, which is why it’s so obvious what’s happening now: progressives are being sidelined yet again by Establishment Dems.

Because Democrats-on-Committees have had their chances “before, many times before,” and have not come through. We are at a crisis point right now precisely because all of this has happened so very very many times before.

In fact, a Representative who hasn’t even been seated yet has already done more than Democrats-on-Committees about this issue, pushing the agenda before she has any power, and that’s the threat that Hoyer is responding to.

But hey, in four years we can talk about that really excellent White Paper about tentative first steps to take regarding a proposed Green New Deal. That will be nice.


Is Raul Grijalva a progressive?


KC’s right, Hoyer is doing what a majority leader committed to protecting fossil fuel interests does.

I used the term kneecapping yesterday. I predicted it would start soon. And whaddaya know…


Just came across this:


Anyhow, yes to having subpoena power and to quitting the Democrats and going over to the Green Party.


Typical DINO centrist propaganda and diversion from you, as usual. Progressive/Independent voters must eliminate such betrayals as Hoyer, Pelosi, Schumer, et al, push, sabotaging the Common Good to represent/serve corporate profits and the status quo above all else - the same “centrist” establishment and agenda you represent…Both party establishment factions/agents serve the same goals and masters.

Sabotage of progressives and issues by the corporate-whore wing of the DP, and their mouthpieces, is what keeps losing elections to their co-conspirator Republicon Party. The entrenched DP centrist power will not alter course toward what the base support, and are, in their “ornery” obstructionism, complicit-to, and serve, the same big-money masters, environmental exploitation/destruction/pollution, and ordinary corporate greed as R’Con’s. Keep up the divisive work supporting such craven sabotage by the DP sellouts who have the corrupted “seniority” they worked (and profited) so hard for… by selling-out to corporate (and other) interests!


SOP for the Inauthentic Opposition Party (IOP). The first thing that needs to be done is strip all subsidies from fossil fuels and re-direct them to renewable energy. Globally, that’s $5 trillion per year. Imagine how fast the transition could be.


I guess Hoyer is seating the horrible anti-progressive and environment that scores a 96% from the League of Conservation Voters,, Raul Grijalva, on Natural Resources then. You know, the guy that’s already promised to subpaeona Interior and hold climate change hearings. Or Frank Pallone, another terrible progressive that will Chair Energy and Commerce who also wants to hold hearings. What a crock!

Oh, and I just did a quick google search and, what do you know? My suspicions were right! It looks like committee chairs with jurisdiction want to run hearings and legislation through their committees:


But yes, I am a sellout who doesn’t understand anything.


Is Occasio-Cortez?


A footnote (?) to this thread:


Hey everyone, what’s the over/under on when Democrats start attacking Occasio-Cortez? I’ll put a twenty on June.


Do we need more climate change hearings? Or do we need Green New Deal hearings? I’m not convinced they are the same thing. Maybe we could agree that scientists should continue to study climate change while politicians take bold action on what we already know?


Existing committees with jurisdiction, you know, do both.