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Steny Hoyer Condemned for 'Shameful' and 'Unhinged' AIPAC Speech


Steny Hoyer Condemned for 'Shameful' and 'Unhinged' AIPAC Speech

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House, came under fire from progressives Sunday night after he used his address at AIPAC's policy conference to attack left-wing members of his caucus and throw his full support behind a resolution condemning the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.



Blech, so glad that - at the suggestion of a CD poster - I joined Jewish Voice for Peace for $18.

Hope it’s widespread - a spike in membership will not only strengthen their ability to act, but strengthens the BDS movement, which they support.

Omar’s been covered here, but good article in Jacobin debunking the sleazy attacks on Omar. Paul Waldman’s piece is also good - I posted the whole piece in a CD post recently, since it is not easily accessible off the WP w/o lightning quick copy and paste work:



Keep digging a stoney holer ? - you got it, Mr. #2 .

Is it the fawning slime of the criminality of Netanyahu that serves so well to reduce the perception of venality of the DNC, Mr.Hoyer?

Please do be our guest, Mr. Hoyer - thump your chest and stamp your feet. You have told us what you want, and we will glad to oblige you.



Israel via AIPAC has more control of the American election cycle than any Russian ever thought of and that is an obvious fact.



Steny Hoyer is the honest voice of the D Party Leadership: D Party Leadership HATES democracy!

We can all hope the primary race against him goes well! And also against the rest of those democracy haters!



Someone should introduce a resolution condemning the hate speech performed by Rep. Steny Hoyer.
There is no place for hate speech in the US Congress.



Hoyer’s days are number. His speech is emblematic of a corporate democratic crew that has lost complete touch with reality. The world has changed and nobody believes a thing he says. He is going to be cannon fodder for the Justice Democrats as they get into their 20202 primary swing. Buh Bye.



DCCC says no primarying Dem incumbents under threat of blackballing.



Hoyer’s comments are just as despicable as those of white supremacist Holocaust deniers, and should receive the exact same response.



Unhinged as in mentally deranged … Warmongers standing like scarecrows in the middle of Wall Street and Zionist avenue frightening any that questions ‘their’ narrative.



It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate between the Trump neocons and the DCCC neocons, and not worth the effort trying.



I hate this guy. What a pompous ass suck up. I really have to quit the Democratic Party. I’m just fed up with people like Steny Hoyer.



Not a dime’s worth of difference on Israel.

Hoyer, the d-party establishment, and the r-party all bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.

A 2015 quote from leading DNC donor, Haim Saban, stated with Sheldon Adelson, the leading Republican donor at his side: “When it comes to Israel, we’re absolutely on the same page. Our interest is to take care of Israel’s interest in the United States. Period. Over and out.”



This is comparable to when Ronald Reagan the consummate discreet Bigot refused to participate in the Boycott against South Africa.

Apparently Mr. Hoyer is too busy counting the Shekels he receives from AIPAC to notice that the Israelis this organization represents are committing horrific atrocities against their Palestinian neighbors.

Mr. Hoyer obviously has more allegiance to the Bribes he receives then to Human Rights.

AIPAC has shown how easy it is to get Congress to abandon their Morality when you put a few Benjiman’s in their hand.

Congresswoman Omar is extremely Brave and Accurate in her assessment of our relationship with Israel.



It may seem a bit of a stretch to make the connection to this piece from Al Jazeera, but I’m not so sure it is:

Also, this morning’s headline on Al Jazeera is Israel’s Foreceful Response to ‘Gaza Rocket Attack’

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I am not the least bit surprised by anything Steny says about the Israeli lobby. I used to live in his district. He has his head so far up Israel’s a$$ that he needs a snorkel.



In that photo of Steny, you may think he was using his three middle digits as he spoke about the three courageous members of the House of Representatives who don’t agree with his worldview. But it’s not hard to imagine a moment or so later, when he extended his pinky and thumb, brining all together in a flat fascist salute, to which the crowd reacted in thunderous, unified response.



So, Hoyer, Pelosi and Schumer. Three horrible, worthless politicians, and perfect microcosm of everything wrong with their rotten party. Remember, in addition to this monstrosity, this rotten person was taped admitting that he and a few others picked on candidate in the primary and he admitted that it amounted to them hoping to choose the victor and not actual constituents. And given this speech, what he has done and what he stands for, who would question the candidate that Hoyer wanted to win? If there are no challengers to him, Schumer and Pelosi, soon, then it isn’t a very good sign. They are obstacles to progress in some ways even more than Republicans.



Time to make this DINO extinct



Fvck the DCCC, also known as Republican infiltraters of the Democratic Party

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