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Steny Hoyer Ripped by Progressive Primary Challenger for Backing Fossil Fuel Bailout in Covid-19 Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/steny-hoyer-ripped-progressive-primary-challenger-backing-fossil-fuel-bailout-covid

Steny Hoyer should NOT be ripped by progressives.

On the acceptable side: Draw and quartered; have a date with Madam Guillotine; or banished to becoming an official lobbyist for Wall Street - along with PayGo Pelosi, Wall Street Schumer and the rest of the Democratic Party ‘Leadership’.


Hoyer has been a Pelosi wannabe and entitled establishment elite in training.

It’s best to beat him like a drum, and retire him to the used politician pile next to the dump.


It’s really difficult to understand why these people fail to learn from experience. It’s almost as if they like losing a sure thing. Here comes 2016 again, and they have no one to blame but themselves.


"House Democrats do not “have any intention of discriminating against a company because of the kind of business it does”. --Steny Hoyer

So if a company manufactures poison gas, that’s ok with you? How about a company that’s a front for Columbian or Mexican gangs and drug organizations? A pharm company that’s knowingly distributing a drug it knows to be cancerous? I could go on…Steny Hoyer. What a quality guy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hoyer is a corporate tool who has been working hard for the people who are destroying our planet for a profit-with any war he can promote, and any if our tax dollars to the rich and powerful as he can vote for–in short --not the kind of person we need for leaders----- but absolutely awesome --if your agenda is to help the rich and powerful and to purgatory for everyone else

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Not quite true. Moscow Mitch has killed all voter/voting legislation brought by the Pelosi House.
We can keep throwing basketballs at the backboard, but without a hoop and net it doesn’t work well, or mean much of anything. Mitch being the hoop in this case.

That also goes for all the other DINO’s in CON…GRESS!


All corporate democrats need to be voted out.

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As long as they are around, they will buy the government (both parties) so that it shovels money to the super rich, and ignores real needs. The poor and unemployed, climate change and health care.

We need Bernie’s wealth tax, AND we need to return to FDR’s 90% income tax on the rich.

Better still, corporations should be owned and run by democratic workers’ co-ops.


Great ideas Laurence. Ever consider a career in politics?

We could use someone with those fresh ideas.


All of the DINO Fossils need to go ASAP.
Pelosi is up in November and has a Primary Challenger. That would be a good start, and signal


Follow the Money.

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