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Step Aside Agribusiness, It's Time for Real Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/24/step-aside-agribusiness-its-time-real-solutions-climate-crisis

As long as the hyper-financialized capitalism based upon the petrodollar prevails with its externalization of so many issues such as pollution, inefficiency (it’s a feature, not a bug, believe it or not to the pigs at the trough), poverty, and the like, agribusiness along with mining, energy, etc. will continue to ravage the planet with BAD MATH. Externalities allow for detachment from reality, the main one being that an ever-growing economic model on a finite planet doesn’t warrant a mulligan. OK, so Malthus was proven to be premature with his end-of-times prediction, but not because his underlying premise was incorrect. Society has been using a frontier-based expansion model for millennia and, absent space–a farce of a frontier in practical terms–there ain’t no frontier left. Call it living sustainably or whatever, it is the only option left short of extinction. All aboard or all overboard…


In more than one sense, we can’t keep swallowing anything

the unceasing commitment to growth also applies to religious and ethnic leaders who keep wanting to deny women access to birth control and abortion in order to boost their tribe - and they have allies in the Trump administration doing all they can for such growth in population

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