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Step Aside, Gentlemen



Is it okay that a man wrote this article, Siouxrose?


You are a programmed individual, and I believe, part of the M.I.C.

You are incapable of following my arguments since they don't conform to the easy black-white linear equations you take for reality.

Some men get it just as some women--in their hopes for "a better life" within the dominant culture that men/Mars rules built --end up acting like men in order to win their (male dominant actors) approval and obtain the rewards that they (same male dominant forces) largely still control.

This is a very good article.

Interesting synchronicity, too. Having lived in North Florida off and on since l995, I know what winters here typically feel like and today's estimated temperature of 84 is so out of alignment that I had to go out watering this morning. I noticed flowers opening... whatever the biological time-clock that tells the plant "Wake up! It's spring" is WAY out of kilter.

In the process of watering--which connects one to the Earth Mother-I was thinking about what the lack of proportionate representation of women at the Paris Talks really means. And I anticipated, were I to broach the subject, the "usual suspects," consistent in their commentary and always returning to the same Talking Points (while alternatively shifting screen names) would remind forum readers of Hillary Clinton, Condi & Susan Rice, Maggie Thatcher.

And then it occurred to me just how insecure such males must be... that in their wish to adhere to the witness and tradition of Patriarchy, they speak in ways that discredit the counterbalancing force, wisdom and Essence of the Divine Feminine.

This is a limited reality and the fruit of its asymmetric insistences and applications relays through the state of Nature, the Great Mother power and principle.

These books convey messages that deeply impact (and inform) my worldview. Until those who jump in with kneejerk arguments apprise themselves not just of some of these sources, but also stretch their minds to consider how the various theses dovetail and expose a pattern that is indicative of precisely what I often call it: Mars Rules:

  1. The Nazis Next Door
  2. JFK & The Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
  3. The Devil's Chessboard
  4. The Shock Doctrine
  5. Backlash
  6. The Chalice and the Blade
  7. The Pink Swaztika (the authors have been listed as purveyors of Hate Crimes; and while they view homosexuality as a pathology--as I do not--they make a very compelling case for the Male Brotherhood and its link to militarism as expressing in not just Nazi Germany, but also in former male-military cultures)
  8. Dangerous Dossiers
  9. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
  10. God and Government
  11. Coup D'Etat in Slow Motion
  12. Conservatives Without Conscience
  13. Shadow Elite
  14. Access Denied
  15. Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies
  16. The Franklin Cover-Up

And almost anything by Chris Hedges....

Not enough dots can be connected. And until they are, the pattern revealed by those who DO see can be passed off as an outlandish "conspiracy theory." And of course, you are one of several here to enact that protocol.


Despite your unfailing obtuseness I continue to believe that women have a sense of humor and a rational perspective on life and about men many of whom were their children.


You show up first to hijack the discussion. Rather than have the SUBSTANCE of the article and the importance of what it relates discussed, you immediately push the nonsense that what I explain is against men, in general. My work exposes patriarchy and what identification so wholly with the masculine side of Creation means in the way of societal emphases on dominance, competition, top-down male run orders, patriarchal father figures telling others what they can and cannot do, and what they should and should not believe, and above all else, glorifying war. And in their lopsided ignorance of the Divine equation, exalting war to such a high status that they sacrifice their sons to the endlessly repeating cycles of unspeakable and insane violence.

The point is that this is a male-dominant worldview.

And it's THAT worldview that takes its same warrior-dominance mindset to the natural world.

There, seed kingdoms are being stripped of their natural essences and forced on microscopic levels to line up like so many controlled mono crops.

This is a life-negating worldview and the only thing that can bring it back into balance is when the FEMININE side of the force which in its ideal form is maternal and nurturing is brought into equal expression.

I get it. And it's understood by Native Americans and Indigenous peoples EVERYWHERE.

It is the voice of those called savages or primitives, those never allowed into any decision-making capacities. That would be one thing if the decisions being made without their input or wisdom or consent didn't mean the demise of their own lands and lifestyles.

The Death of the Amazon is very real. The cessation of glaciers in the mountains of Peru is also all too real.

Anyone who watches just ONE monthly episode of what this dedicated group puts together, gets a very visceral sense of just how unleashed climate chaos already is.

Many times I have quoted Yogananda in his explanation of the link between unbalanced etheric forces and the STATE of nature. That war throws things out of balance further, and that in turn leads to more violent storms, fires, and the stirring of ancient volcanoes.

Here is the link: Until males understand that it is the embrace of the Female side of Life that must be brought in as partner, no longer enslaved and controlled by the MALE systems that undergird Patriarchy... that will begin to calm Earth Changes down. Following the pattern of the patriarchs, they will continue to ramp up more and more:


Step aside Men of the GOP--Your Fired....Same goes for the women who are running who are trying to wear Men's pants--both of you.
GO Jill... Green (Earth) Party.


Instead, I propose this:

Step one...fire the men.
Step two...fire the women too.
Step three....replace everybody with cats.

It's the only way to be sure.


Well, I think that was oversimplified but... As a man, one of the very few btw, who provides lactation services to breastfeeding moms, I think its safe to say "I get it." But I do have a very different perspective born from the work I do that very few men will ever have. I help moms understand human lactation so that they can more successfully bf their babies. I also show them how to use breastpumps to express their milk for when they are returning to work and school. I've helped hundreds of mom to successfully breastfeed their babies. Here soon, the number ought to break 1000 if it hasn't already. That's what I do on a daily basis to make this world a better place. The spinoffs to the rest of humanity are huge and numerous yet often underappreciated as much of women's issues are. My activism truly is through the work I do in my profession.


My only observation is that we have some significant proof that when women get a whiff of power they realize they need to step up and show they can be as violent and war-making and climate denying as men. Witness Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright and others.

I do not look for solutions to originate from within the halls of power. They will need to be aggressively "encouraged" from without. So yes, women and men at that table. We need to work together as humanity.


Oh, back on that, are you? A poster who's so full of deception as to post previously as Sabocat and Pdj and now Yunzer.

And since Yunzer had trouble with basic spelling, the "new" Yunzer (I do realize these screen names are quite fungible to the tag team) suddenly is far more erudite in his comments. Fancy, that...

The "rich benefactor" is lucky if she can send $25 each quarter.

And if anyone should be banned, it's govt. spooks who pose as "engineers" while the only thing they are endeavoring to engineer is public opinion by sticking to official story narratives and doing their utmost to demonize any commentators smart enough to see between the lines and risk commentary that extends beyond the enforced boundaries.

You've been attacking me for 8 years. Why aren't YOU banned?


Did you ever stop to think why that is? Why it is that women who get a whiff of power behave a certain way? Is it difficult for you to wrap your mind around the WAY that patriarchy works? That a SYSTEM based on dominance through military might, media lies, and monetary gaming is only going to self-select those who can play THAT game?

The issue is patriarchy.

Many here will cite capitalism which is itself a modern outgrowth of patriarchy. But they can't seem to bring themselves to look honestly at how biology's witness--the symmetry built into every aspect of manifest Creation from atoms to genes--is writ in a complementary code.

And that it's patriarchy's lie that Eve came from Adam's rib... reversing the Maternal Principle that finds its extension in cloning, genetic engineering, and the modern ways that the make-war patriarchal dominance state subsumes females into itself when not using porn to turn them into entrepreneurs "merely" selling their own bodies.

Look at the big picture! For otherwise, to say, "Behold! The Black man ACTS like the White Man when he has a position of power; or the Latino does likewise; or the woman, too..." is to reinforce the dominant power's illusions. One is that THIS is human nature.

It is not. It is how ambitious persons adopt to a rigorously unfair, unfit, amoral, and--given the evidence of modern times--deadly paradigm.

Stop arguing FOR that paradigm!


Ya. The women will solve it. 'cause they don't experience greed.

My god, what stupidity.