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'Step in the Right Direction,' Say Healthcare Advocates as Biden Vows to Share Any Covid-19 Vaccine With the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/step-right-direction-say-healthcare-advocates-biden-vows-share-any-covid-19-vaccine

Unless I missed it, I don’t see anything about making it affordable. It only mentions access and sharing with the world. I suspect Biden would be fine with any company making huge profits off of it. Neoliberalism at its finest.


“Access” to healthcare, a “Public Option” and making healthcare (not necessarily the vaccine) “Affordable”
…like the republicans one spouted.


It is truly pathetic that this measly little statement is giving people cause to praise Biden.


Looks like an effort to lower expectations because - “No We Can’t” and,
as you were all told:

“Nothing will fundamentally Change”


I’m not terribly thrilled by the Biden pick by democrats instead of Bernie Sanders. But I would relish more coverage of him because frankly I’m tired of all the free publicity trump is getting again this go-around.
MSNBC is the worst.

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I stopped watching M$NBC around 2016


It likely doesn’t matter. Latest polling shows Biden’s lead is already down to four points.

To make matters worse, he crawled out of his basement to give this speech—a major tactical error. He can only win if he stays in the basement.


Anybody who has the money wont be turned away, nomatter what color their money is.

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He will also disband/reign in the police, bring all the troops home, have universal medical care, make sure the rich pay their taxes, make education free, … (I know this is a short list )

And pigs will fly .


How is this something extraordinary to do – ?

But – “Biden says ‘NO’ to MEDICARE4ALL” is extraordinary insanity at this time
in the life of America and her citizens – that’s for sure!!

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This guy called Joe is being PUSHED to declare this and that by progressives. Everything that comes out of this suit&tie, are words that he has NEVER spoken of in his entire history in office.!!!

He is telling us what his handlers are telling him to say! What is his record on Wall Street, Law & Order, fossil industry, military complex… The greatest democracy in the history of humanity has come to this: trump vs. joe… both are CHUMPs!

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Read up on GATS. There is no such thing as a fake public option.


America’s health is in the toilet because of its hideous diet and exposure to mass toxic chemicals at every level of life. “Dis-ease” is rampant because it’s profitable to those who make billions off preventable illnesses. If the US really cared about the health of its population, it would be handing out immune stimulants like vitamins A, B, C, D, and mass amounts of healthy, organic food. It would create a food system with real food, and not spend billions advertising the toxic pseudo-food on every supermarket isle.
We need new and improved medicare for all, with access to holistic treatment as well as preventative care that includes creating community organic gardens and farms by the gazillions across the nation. OK - the WORLD! :slight_smile: Biden doesn’t care about anyone’s health. He can’t even complete a sentence with any sense. We need Bernie Sanders for president, not another brain-dead, corporate war-mongering racist rapist. Blue pig or Red pig, they’re both pigs and the worst example of leadership in the world.