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'Step Off, United States': Progressive International Voices Solidarity With Haitians Rising Up Against Dictatorship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/16/step-united-states-progressive-international-voices-solidarity-haitians-rising


The USA has a long history of interfering in other nations’ affairs especially the affairs of Developing Nations. Bill Clinton led a coup in Haiti to oust Aristide. The USA may say it is promoting human rights causes and democracy but it supports dictatorships if they are suitable to the USA but unsuitable to the people of the countries.Now, it is interfering again in Haiti’s affairs.


i expect the decades-long establishment career politician Biden to follow precedent, and for the USA to continue to back the illegitimate anti-democracy usurper.

Please surprise me.

Also, this article should have touched on the background history of US destruction of Haitian democracy in the recent past. And the centuries-long destruction of Haitian sovereignty by the French, the Europeans, and the USAns.

The French still refuse to repay Haiti the massive “debt” payment that was extorted from Haiti as payment for “taking French property” - slaves - at the original Haitian revolution.


Well said! We need to tell the reality of the genocidal actions of European empires in Haiti as punishment for the audacity of slaves to declare themselves free. Raised lots of fear in the slave-owning US that the revolt would spread like wildfire in both the Caribbean and the US, ruining their plutocracy. So France, Great Britain, and the US have had knees in Haitian necks right out of the gate.
Oh, the religious folks send their missionary groups to “help rebuild Haiti” as the poor souls don’t have the ability to take care of themselves. A better action would be to give resources and allow the country to rebuild itself, according to its own values.


" The French still refuse to repay Haiti the massive debt that was extorted as payment for “taking French property” - slaves - at the original Haitian revolution". I did not know about that but that is bad. Haiti was a French Colony and fought for independence.
Since most Americans are White and the country has been ruled by Whites since independence, Britain does not demand payments from the American Revolution

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It’s been figured that the Haitian payments to France, in the first half of the 1800s, equates to over $20,000,000,000 (20 billion dollars) today.

That would immediately wipe out all Haitian foreign debt, and give them funds for extensive infrastructure and ecology programs.

And that would be just one small drop of the needed global reparations program to account for the looting legacy of colonization, genocide, enslavement, capitalism and neoliberalism.

We need a global commission, with no corporate or colonizer representatives, on reparations and democratization of wealth.


No, but they did burn down the White House in 1814!

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Have they denounced the coup U.S. imperialism is conducting right this minute in Ecuador?


Britain failed to re-colonize the US in the War of 1812. It burned down the White House in 1814. Britain does not demand payments from that war either.

i shoulda put an lol or /s after my post… :grinning:

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In addition to the French, Europeans and USAns, the role of Canada should not be omitted.
Haitians haven’t forgotten: last year saw several demonstrations outside the Canadian embassy.

Canada played a pivotal role in planning the 2004 coup, hosting two key plotting meetings
in Ottawa and Montreal. Canada facilitated the coup by fomenting media demonization of Aristide,
and supplied Canadian troops to secure the airport as the kidnapped elected president was exiled.

Since then, Canada has bolstered the corrupt police and judicial system that sustain the dictatorship with money and training. Some analysts say Canadian support was to get Haiti to join the so-called
‘Lima Group’ attempting to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela, a project in which
Justin Trudeau’s right-wing government has invested much time and money.


August 24, 1814 – a date that Canadians and others should celebrate!


Thanks for the info!

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(A month later the British tried to also burn down Baltimore. They were unable to get past Baltimore’s defenses. See Ft. McHenry and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.)

(Britain was too busy with Napoleon in 1812 to seriously attempt to reimpose colonial rule on the USA.)

Canadians should celebrate battles like Lundy’s Lane, which secured Canada’s separate existence from the USA, and the rebellion in 1837-1838 that helped secure Canadian freedom from Britain.

(Is a Democratic process possible in Haiti? Or is the best that you here can propose = a Dzerzhinsky-style left-police state to rule Haiti? (Cuba will provide one.)) (Oh, for the second coming of Petion or Boyer!)