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Step One of Closing the "Democracy Deficit": Stop Referring to Corporatists as "Centrists" or "Moderates"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/step-one-closing-democracy-deficit-stop-referring-corporatists-centrists-or


Representative democracy was designed to represent capital, it still does.

Non hierarchical government is possible. check and then invent a seven facet government constituentassembly.org


And while we’re at it, let’s stop calling these media spectacles debates. They have all the substance of a deodorant commercial. And, please, spare us the insipid “who won” last night articles, based on who looked the most presidential, who had the best one-liner, who got the most talking time, who interrupted the most, who smiled, who frowned, who was the best-dressed, ad nauseam.

Don’t think these farces can get any worse? Wait till we get creepy Uncle Joe trading juvenile barbs with the “very stable genius” for a couple hours. Nothing like advertising to the world that this country has lost its marbles.


I wish you could publish on New York Times, the readers have been duped for years. All good people but so far gone in their thinking of status quo moderation is the way to go BS.


Loved it, cracked me up, and you are so right on.


At least the media could have made “the debates” more entertaining by voting one of the candidates off the island at the end of each “debate”.


My pet peeve is referring to right-wing extremists as “conservative.” The dictionary meaning is “holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.” So, stuff like preserving social security and the environment, modest change like the Affordable Care Act. In other words, typical corporatist Democrat positions. Meanwhile, those pushing for radical change, like re-interpretting the 2nd Amendment, overturning campaign reform, introducing GMOs into the environment, these are labeled “conservative.”

Current Republican leaders are in no way conservative. They are reactionary, or at least right-wing. Or just loony.

To me being “conservative” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s healthy to want to conserve the planet for future generations, for example. The author’s correct about the mis-labeling of Democrats. I’m saying the Republicans are mis-labled as well. The corporate media pollute the language, just as their corporate sponsors pollute everything else.


Hi fairly:
It really does come down to Shakespeare again, with, “What’s in a name?” Maybe the party names should be more clear: Having a “For the People” party is what progressives are to me. Medicare for all is definitely from the FIR the People party. : )
Weirdly, as you say humans can be all over the place with definitions of "conservative, moderate, reactionary. liberal. I am also tired of people using the terms communist too—is there a communist party anywhere?
Progressive still does not seem clear to many. People’s Party is more clear…but all people can be in all categories too depending on the subject… Liberal eater, conservative use of vacuum , moderate kisser, loving pet owner…humans are alway all over the place when you try to pin them down to one description. : )


“Once more, ostensibly objective moderators carefully script questions to ensure Democratic debates are conducted within an industry-preferred frame.” That is correct. Then, now and in the future. “Groundhog Day.”


Pete Buttigieg had the Clinton Daily Beast join him in a conference call to super delegates. The fix is already in from the DNC. Split the progressive vote so Bernie does not win in the first round then the super delegates can pick the nominee.


Most of the 2020 Democrat candidates and members of Congress are greedy, selfish corporatists, so the “centrist” or “moderate” labels are a smokescreen to hide their dependence on their amoral, greedy, selfish corporate backers.

The greedy “debate” moderators, especially Jake “the Snake” Tapper, work for media corporations, so what do you expect from them but asinine questions filtered through the corrupt corporate view of reality?

ALL RethugliKKKAns are amoral, greedy, selfish corporatists.

Corporate capitalism is the main cause of the Climate Emergency as well as the many endless wars the U.S. is currently inflicting on the world.

The U.S. is a corporatocracy run by and for the oligarchs who have no use for anything even faintly resembling democracy.


Economic democracy is the foundation of all true democracies. Without equal access to and opportunity for lifelong financial security, there can be no equal rights in any other sense. Human rights, women’s rights, ethnic rights, orientation rights, religious expression rights, rights of assembly and speech, etc etc etc …all are predicated on the right to a stable, economically viable life/living. This means, at minimum, rights to affordable (if not free) higher education, to affordable health & wellness care, maternity/ paternity leave from employment, and to clean air/water/food/parks/exercise and mental well-being.

Economic democracy is rarely mentioned in US news media. The mere idea is usually lumped into a basket called “socialism,” then derided as utopian, unattainable, and contrary to natural law. There is no democracy in the US because the rich control all the means of producing it. Political consent — and frankly every other aspect of US social life — is manufactured and remanufactured by propagandists in mental gesture tanks (no thinking takes place there, so we cannot call them think tanks), then disseminated in slick packages on cable tv, in Hollywood movies, in news rags and magazines, ad nausea. Humanity doesn’t stand a chance against the daily onslaught of barbarism.


I agree completely. Conserving the planet is what true conservatives should be supporting.

The so-called political “conservatives” have always been regressives in reality, wanting to drag us all back to some imagined fantasy where their pet, oppressive, sexist, racist, classist, homophobic hierarchies existed.


I’d like for someone to actually DEFINE what “moderate” or “centerist” STAND FOR! As far as I can see, damn little! Good point about the term 'conservative"—but, for the last 40 years, it seems that the ONLY thing that “conservatives” are conserving is MORE WEALTH & POWER in FEWER hands. The Trump-GOP & other SELF-proclaimed "conservatives since Newt Gingrich’s “Contract ON America” are a RADICAL RIGHTWING. The current “Make America Great Again” crowd want to take the country in REVERSE–only question is How far BACKWARDS? 1950? 1920? Certainly back to the tomes when

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Believe it or not, Scientific American Magazine–of all sources–said almost exactly the same thing in late 1996 or early 97, in connection with The Newt’s “Contract On America” (sic). For a couple of years around that time it had a monthly Economics column. I would like to think that the editors dropped it because they recognized that they were endorsing pseudo-science. Unfortunately it was probably because some of their patrons complained. I don’t know when it happened, but for several years at least SciAm has been a unit of RAMJAC Corporation (Kurt Vonnegut, in Jailbird, 1979–one of the two funniest things I have ever read–better known to most of us as Global Megacorp).


We are well into what Marx called “end stage capitalism,” starting roughly in the early 1990s. Another historical name for it is fascism. Web search “fascist manifesto,” but DO NOT use Don’t Be Evil, Inc. duckduckgo.com, goodsearch.org (rents time on Yahoo search engine but donates a penny per search to your favorite non-profit), and others.

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It’s Bernie or bust for me ! I’ll write his name on a ballot if I have to but I don’t believe that will be the case. I like Tulsi for his running mate but I have been thinking if Bernie and Elizabeth Partner up the DNC can become a thing of the past and good ridden to the DINO‘s ! Bernie 2020.


How many people self-identify as corporatist? A very small minority of Americans, I’m sure. And while most politicians probably wouldn’t self-identify that way, either, it is clearly what most politicians in power are, since they prioritize the interests of corporations over the public welfare. They have controlled all branches of the federal government, including both Houses, both major political parties, & most governorships & state legislatures. This is why we’ve become steadily corporatized & de-democratized since the Reagan administration.

If parties were constituted more rationally, there would be 1 party of corporatists (from both the Democratic & Republic parties), there’d be another of progressives, socialists & environmentalists, & still another of tribalists, nationalists, white supremacists & authoritarians, with religious fundamentalists & evangelists perhaps joining them or forming their own theocratic party. There might also be a group of non-corporatist moderates, but since this group is by & large apathetic & disengaged from politics, it isn’t likely to be much of a force in elections. The corporatists would have the majority of politicians now in power & the overwhelming amount of money, but would not have much of the public actually with them, but for the power of their money & sophisticated propaganda machine to brainwash a certain portion of the public. The progressive party would be the largest & have truth & justice on their side, & would probably prevail in elections if the party alignments weren’t so constrained by the corporatist Duopoly we have & our elections so corrupted by this corporatocratic system.

Sanders & Warren bravely fended off the biased questions by the so-called moderators & attacks by the so-called moderates, & managed to prevail in the court of opinion despite all the media attempts to paint them as extremists.


I like Bernie/Elizabeth, but I think Bernie/Tulsi would be a powerful ticket, & it would be nice having Warren in the Senate, hopefully as majority leader, coordinating with Bernie & AOC to get loads of progressive legislation passed. I can dream, can’t I?

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