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Stephen Harper Should Arrest Himself


Stephen Harper Should Arrest Himself

Robert Fisk

Is Stephen Harper off his rocker? Forget his trip to Jerusalem last year when the Canadian prime minister said that criticism of Israel was a “mask” for anti-Semitism. Ignore his utter failure to bring home to Canada al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy, whose retrial was staged by the Egyptian government to give him the chance to leave for his country of adoption. Cast aside Harper’s Blair-like contention that the Islamist murders of Canadian soldiers had nothing – absolutely zilch – to do with his decision to send Canada’s F-18 jets against Isis.


Harper is the nastiest piece of work to sit in the PM’s chair EVERY. Our “Economist PM”, who’s campaign bio-bumf touted his Masters Econ as credentials for his remaking (actually resource-extraction/export-dependent Dutch-disease hollowing out of our manufacturing sector) of the Cdn economy.

If we had only known that the same Stevie that was presented a gold academic medal in his graduating year from an Etobicoke high-school, proceeded next to UofToronto… only to fail out after TWO MONTHS.

Harper could not achieve what 1,000’s of “average” Cdn kids do each year. Graduate from UofT. So where did Stevie get his vaunted Masters Econ? Ivy League? The Chicago School of Business?

Nope… University of Calgary. One has to know that at that time UofC was a podunk, last-chance-university, a rump split off from the UofEdmonton. UofC only made it into the Top 200 International ratings in the last decade, and it’s Econ Faculty even more recently. And still no where near UofT’s regular rating.

So we have a PM who is an abject failure in his chosen field (a truly clever economist with insider info from Washington should have seen the recent Tar-Sands-jobs-decimating oil-price crash coming a year or more out) now playing at “international statesman” on barbarism, anti-semitism, maternal health (a cover for anti-abortion policies) and sanctions against Russia that harm the EU citizens more than anyone.

Harper has yet to find a US President’s butt he found to odious to brown-nose. Hopefully Liberal and NDP voters can strategically decimate the HarperCons in October. Baird saw the writing on the wall (Harper will not quit untli voters “Hudak” him) and jumped to the corporate ship before the impending electoral bloodbath.



Robert Fisk has a long public journalism record that includes criticism of suicide bombing, of rocket launching, etc. YOU are more than a hypocrite, you are a serial liar.


“Palestinians launching hundreds of rockets” The Israeli civilian death/injury toll from those rockets? SINCE 2001… 50 dead, 1,900 injured.

In the same period, Palestinian civilian deaths/injuries? By a rough count, well over 4,000 dead and 10’s of thousands injured.

Take the log out of your own eye before you come for the sliver in Fisk’s.


“The ultimate crime you commit in a colony is to steal a people’s history,” he said. “There is a very lovely African saying, ‘If lions were historians, the tales of the jungle would not always favor the hunter.’

The above quote was taken from Chris Hedges’ intriguing article (published today on C.D.)

About one-third of the world understands the continuity of the soul’s voyage, as in reincarnation. Like the circles that become the tree’s coding for its experience, year after year, souls carry what’s been encoded over the course of their many and varied revolutions 'round the sun on this planetary body–a spiritual schoolroom–whirling through the solar system

I’m prefacing my comment in this way because it’s so clear that the leaders of “The Five Eyes” along with much, but not all, of Europe carry the imprint of the Crusades from the Christian side of things. That’s why when Bush actually referred to The Holy War, or Crusades, after the 911 trauma (a blunt force wound to the nation’s Mars-ruled pathological egotism) he triggered this atavistic memory pattern. It remains a wound that continues to reverberate.

It’s such a serious area of trauma that if too many people fall into this ideological chasm of Judeo-Christian West Versus Islam… a splitting apart could further tear this beloved world asunder. After all, if the Mars-ruled (my god is bigger than your god) mentality remains in place and THIS time is assisted by nuclear (and other WMD) weapons… then the true terror is the looming antipathy between these factions.

Interestingly enough, what both hold in common is a disdain for women, the feminine side of Creation, and how to treat Mother Nature as a partner… rather than a thing to use, abuse, and discard. It is also THIS maniacal martial mentality which is at the root of much that impedes human progress.

Either, Divine reconciliation begins to happen starting with re-membering the Divine Feminine and integrating its counterbalancing wisdoms into the state of things, or like the atom split back in l945… civilization will itself be split apart.

Serial killers–which is to say those identified with militarism (and the many justifications it uses for immoral, brutal, barbaric acts) cannot lead any society to other than a bloodbath.

It is time for visions that EMBRACE life, in the place of all that seeks reason to destroy.


Well stated.

Science is slowly discovering that we do indeed carry genetic traces of emotional and other environmental factors, proven at this point to at least span from grandparents. How this gets carried through as non-familial group effects is still to be specifically determined, but the more we find out about “dark” energy and matter and the proven reality of quantum entanglement (Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”), the more plausible it becomes that we are indeed the sum of all our forebear’s experiences and genetics.

I am not prepared to yield my hard-won independence from human-defined metaphysical and religious frames, so throwing the Divine Feminine up the god-chart is a non-starter for me. By definition, the universe necessarily destroys even as it creates and nurtures.

Agreed, for humans to continue, along with as much other life as we can begin to salvage viable space for, the useless and wasteful international warmongering and interpersonal bullying must stop.


“Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act”

This from a country that exports Molsen’s ‘beer’.


There is no law prohibiting a coalition government in Canada - why do yunz up there act like there is? Is it that agent-of- the-queen in Ottawa who prevents it?


Stephen Harper is a hypocrite. When he was in the Conservative Alliance Party, he wanted all MPs to have the freedom to vote the way the constituents wanted. Now that he is PM, he controls each of his MPs like dogs on a short leash. He wanted an elected Senate to control corruption. When he got elected, he threw out that idea and the Senate corruption scandals just keep in coming. Canada used to be respected on the world stage. Since Harper has been PM, Canada has supported Israeli war crimes in the Middle East without question. Harper can do this because the vast majority of Canadians are scared of speaking or ignorant of what is happening.