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Stephen Hawking, Who Brought Cosmology to the Masses and Championed Progressive Causes, Dies at 76


Stephen Hawking, Who Brought Cosmology to the Masses and Championed Progressive Causes, Dies at 76

Julia Conley, staff writer

Visionary physicist Stephen Hawking, a leading explorer of the cosmos and champion of progressive causes, died early on Wednesday, March 14, at the age of 76.

Hawking was known for his research into properties of black holes, gravity, and Einstein's theory of relativity, which he wrote about in his best-selling 1988 book A Brief History of Time, a work that was credited with sparking the general public's interest in cosmology.


I was aware, in my limited way, of his scientific achievements, but was not aware of the breadth and depth of his humanism. I mourn our collective loss, and hope his passing was gentle.


Via con dios Stephen Hawking. Such a great mind should never have been chained to such a broken body. I look forward to meeting you on the other side. Peace.


There is an advantage in daily facing your own mortality.

This is where humanism is born.


What I liked most about Mr. Hawking was his perpetual ability to find purpose in life. His contributions to our knowledge of the Universe were made largely while he was seriously hampered by that unrelenting illness. Any of us who are having to or someday may have to cope with a chronic disability may remember Stephen and his perseverance.


A supporter of the Labour Party, a humanist, an environmentalist, openly Anti-brexit, and a pioneering gifted intelligence, it’s a tragic loss.


In case it slipped by you, Hawking didn’t believe there was any other “side” to “be” in, after the conscious mind evaporates with the dying flesh. No heaven, no hell, no eternal soul. No dualism.

Saw a portion of an episode of Star Trek - The Next Generation the other night in which Steven Hawking, as himself, appeared. Pretty sure the scene was contrived just to honor Hawking by getting him on a popular sci-fi show that he may have been fond of. But that’s all right Ma, cause…


Space, the final frontier…

My hero!

Dr. Stephen Hawkins really pushed the envelope in the fields of mathematics and theoretical physics.

A true genius he was, despite the large extent of his physical infirmities.

What a tremendous passion he did possess! I cannot fathom what it was like to have had such curiosity, awareness and acumen; or to have been able to explore and discover such seemingly infinite horizons. (Wow! Just… wow!)


Even Hawking can be wrong once in a while:)


No one will know–or care–about Hawking soon, for the simple reason that because of either global warming or the unleashing of thermonuclear devices, soon there will be nobody living to know or care! Given that Hawking did nothing to prevent either of these from occurring, there’s no REASON to remember him!


Or you…


That’s not true, he used his fame to speak out against both things, repeatedly. It’s even in the article, did you not read it?


Granted that he warned us about global warming, but that’s all he did.


Or you either!


The second thing too, research it and you’ll find it. But here with have a man who can move no muscles other than a cheek muscle, is confined to a wheelchair, yet who still takes a stand on both issues and does something about them utilising his only working cheek muscle. How about you, who i presume is able bodied enough to work a computer keyboard, what’s your big effort, your legacy, to oppose these things been?