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Stephen Moore? Really?

Stephen Moore? Really?

Tim Koechlin

In late November of 2016, as then President Elect Trump began naming members of his cabinet, his White House staff, etc., John Cleese commented (brilliantly) that “it looks as though Trump is assembling the crew for a pirate ship.” Indeed.


So: is the swamp drained yet?

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Welcome to the End Game.


To think the American people may re-elect this super corrupt conman and his incredibly cretinous minions, which now includes Moore.


Where did Trump find this guy, at the “Morons-R-Us” store?

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Here in the Bay Area, some of us have felt that on a visceral level since last November, when the air filled with the ashes of Paradise for weeks. If you follow economic news, it’s unbelievable how utterly disconnected all these financial dweebs are from physical reality. Right now the very breadbasket of the USA is so muddy nobody knows how much grain can be grown this year. Does Wall Street notice? It’s like they’ve got their own version of the Kardashians to ogle, instead of paying attention.


The first five posts were so succinct I’ll just sit this one out. Good comments all.

You only have to understand the opposition, last time it was Hillary and NAFTA killed her and she didn’t even know

both sides are so out of touch … and innocent americans will die in an economy that is only for the wealthy

they outsourced our good jobs and left us all with walmart jobs


One side is much more out of touch than the other. With respect, people (voters) need to stop speaking about the two as though they are equivalent. The Dems aren’t socialists but they’re need extreme libertarians, which is what the Republican party is today.

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This appointment certainly fits the mold of the rest of Trump’s selections. Another clown in an endless parade of TV pundits, so-called “expert analysts” who have been spouting their BS propaganda at the American people for decades now, making big bucks while the standard of living steadily goes downhill for most people.

Stephen Moore and his ilk are out of touch with reality, consumed by greed, and shameless as they worship at the alter of the theology of money. Damn them all.

agreed republicans are off the chart … but NAFTA was signed by Bill Clinton … democrats are pretty pathetic

It’s worth remembering that Clinton was the post-Reagan president during the roaring dot.com 90’s. Everyone was irrationally exhuberant. Everyone thought business had all of the answers. Supply side Reaganism was accepted truth.

Yes Clinton brought in NAFTA. But remember too that Hillary tried to promote universal health care and NO ONE was having it, even when the Dems held majorities in both houses.

It was a different time.

Since then, Republicans have veered to the extreme right, thanks in part to a quarter century of extreme-right wing media with no extreme left to offset.

It’s too easy and simple to say one party is as bad as the other.

They are not. Not even close.

Creating a true left party in America is like creating a pro capitalist party in Cuba. Almost everything and everyone is against it.

On a positive note, Mayor Pete is gaining traction. I don’t ordinarily jump out on limbs but he seems like a very impressive person and candidate and may be Trump’s cryptonite.

He’s a true intellectual. He’s really young. He’s really progressive.

There may be hope yet.

i don’t agree with your statement about a true left party in America… i think the majority of the people, especially the millenials (now the largest generation in numbers) would support a true opposition party. Especially b/c they did not experience the go go 80’s and 90’s and didn’t grow up with the Soviet Union as the big bad enemy. Socialism is more popular than capitalism with this cohort.

So i respectfully disagree and any corporate Democratic nominee will get a very lukewarm response from the millenial geration.

I tend to agree with you. Many millennials are getting very little from modern corporate capitalism.

Terminology is a big part of the problem.

Capitalism is NOT one thing. It has many possible versions. It can be subject to many rules.

Socialism is NOT one thing. Socialism in Canada or Norway is not the same as socialism in Venezula, for example. Mayor Pete makes this point.

All modern democratic countries, including the US, have MIXED economies, to varying degrees.

Social security and medicaid and public education are socialist, aka, not privatized.

Food, clothing, housing, and electronics are capitalist, aka, privatized.

The US needs more constraints on private enterprise and more socialism in areas like health care and education. That would be my view.

It is a shame that debates in the US always suggests the economy needs to be all socialist or all capitalist.

It needs to have a sensible mixture of both so most people can lead decent lives.

Right now, the mixture is horrible. It’s deeply unfair to working people and non-owners of all races and ages.

Mike Trout gets $35 million a year to hit a baseball. Cashiers at Wal-Mart get $7.25 an hour, $14,000 a year. Cashiers would have to work 2500 years to make as much.

More than 80 million Americans make minimum wage.

Agree completely. The mix is way out of balance. This is of course by design since Ronny Raygun was elected. Its been 40 years of pushing this cowboy capitalism.

And pro sports … don’t get me started … all these pro sports players have UNIONS and walmart workers do not.

you can’t get more effed up than that.