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Stephen Smith on the Corporate Domination of West Virginia


Stephen Smith on the Corporate Domination of West Virginia

Russell Mokhiber

West Virginia has the highest rate of obesity in the country.

The highest rate of smoking.

The highest rate of drug overdose deaths.


Corporate domination of the state.

That’s the take of Stephen Smith. He is director of the West Virginia Healthy Kids and Family Coalition.


Good article. West Virginia might lead the country in the problems listed, but almost every state has these problems also. Corporatism is killing all of us, the strategies they came up with might be a good place to start in every state.


Of all the powers that corporations wield, the most disturbing is their money-and-media-leveraged power to dictate a person’s “lifestyle” - tastes in food, drink, vices, household items, and of course, the automobile, and make them think they chose the “lifestyle” themselves.


That is right out of Edward Bernays book on propaganda. The Stae, the media and the Corporations are to leverage their political power and their financial power tp CREATE the illusion of choice even as they maske profits off those illusory choices.


Go progressives of West Virginia!


Communities that bind with love do not need to look outside if they are sustainable.
The lack of revenue that these folks have had to endure have forced them to look outside of themselves.

All I can say is, watch out folks.
We have a new wave coming our way.


Poor and stupid people are taken advantage of all the time. And West Virginia is choke full of both.
Ever since the civil war West Virginians have voted with their hateful racist guts instead of their brains. A long line of coal barons and their political minions have cultivated their inherent hatred of blacks and weaved it together with their distrust of “outsiders” to form a rope that they willingly hang themselves with nearly every Election Day.
However, maybe now, now that they have hit absolute rock bottom (they are considered the worst state in the union by almost every measure, beating out shit holes like Mississippi and Alabama and Texas) maybe now they will turn it around. I tend to doubt it, but hey, Trump got elected president, so anything is possible.
The best way I could describe the electorate of the state of West Virginia is this. Imagine handing them a gun with six bullets in it. They will walk into a voting booth with said gun and promptly shoot themselves in the foot, six times. They will then vote for a local klan leader or corporate attorney, limp out of the booth, and ask for six more bullets.
Despite this fact, I do still hold out hope for them. Not much of course, but hey…


Spot on. What newspapers are left in wva are owned by fascists. The radio stations play nothing but right wing talk show hosts spouting the worst hateful rhetoric near every hour of every day.
Goebbels was right. When you only hear one voice all the time, who are you going to believe?


Most states do indeed struggle under the jackboot of fascism. However, just like in Weimar Germany, America’s fascists came to power the old fashioned way…
They were elected.


I had the honor of getting to host Larry Gibson before his passing (2012). Champion of resistance to mountaintop mining of coal. Dropped by Seneca Rocks last year with my dog. Beautiful state. I wish for them the best. Here is an ear worm that never leaves me: