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Sterling Verdict Another Measure of Declining Government Credibility on Secrets


Sterling Verdict Another Measure of Declining Government Credibility on Secrets

Marcy Wheeler

Yesterday, Judge Leonie Brinkema sentenced Jeffrey Sterling to 42 months in prison for leaking information about a dubious CIA plot to deal nuclear blueprints to Iran to New York Times journalist James Risen.

Given how circumstantial the case against Sterling was — consisting largely of metadata — not to mention the hand slap David Petraeus got weeks ago for leaking far more sensitive information and then lying about it to the FBI, that’s a tough sentence.


Marcy, You believe the govt. ? They said he was guilty. He never admitted any guilt. Just what was he guilty of ? Exposing a faulty govt black op ? Was it a jury of his peers? Were these jurors subject to govt scrutiny ? Imagine the possible harassment the jurors could undergo if a guilty verdict wasn’t brought in. The hypocrisy of the Petraeus case makes this a mockery of justice.


Since the evisceration of the Glass-Steagall Act made banking inseparable from graft and corruption, it’s not just the banks that run the place: it’s also criminal cartels with the ethos of Organized Crime families. Let this list serve as Exhibit A:

“And yet among the men who signed this letter were: Michael Hayden, who ran an illegal wiretap program encompassing all Americans and repeatedly, egregiously lied to Congress; George Tenet, who oversaw a torture program that exceeded even the expansive guidelines approved by DOJ; Leon Panetta, who exposed the identities of SEAL team members who killed Osama bin Laden so Hollywood could celebrate their role in a film falsely proclaiming of the value of torture.”

Then in response to this:

“And yet they refuse to learn.”

Learning (stated in a Mae West voice) has nothing to do with it! This is power holding Justice and those who serve Just Ideals in contempt.

When a nation is run by those with an intent to kill = MIC and professional warriors; and when it uses its highest offices to endorse torture, break too many covenants from both the Constitution, Geneva Conventions, and Bill of Rights; and when unspeakable wealth is unapologetically buying the very policies that will spread war, misery, and privation further and further around… such a government has lost ALL legitimacy.

In the place of law and justice, transparency and legitimacy it punishes any who dare to expose its criminal acts: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Drake, Kirakou, Snowden, Sterling and others. Then they prop up American Dynasty offering a Bush or a Clinton to pretend that a functioning Democracy remains in place.



Always good to read your insights! Thanks!

If only we had that letter, we the people could make it go viral and show it for the grim irony it truly is.



All right in line with an article I read today about how weapons companies use shadow organizations to influence politicians. It’s all an ugly, ugly mess…