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Steve Bannon and His 'Sick Ideology' Kicked Off Security Council


Steve Bannon and His 'Sick Ideology' Kicked Off Security Council

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council (NSC), according to a White House memo (pdf) released Wednesday.

Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert's role was already downgraded.


Who wrote this? Surely not Don.
Who decided to remove Bannon? Not revealed.


It's more likely that Bannon wasn't hawkish enough for the old guard neocons who are slowly circling the wagons around Trump's "rogue" administration so they can make it more like the Republican & Democratic Administrations of the past.

In other words, the neocons like their shadow government to stay in the shadows. All that daylight was starting to burn their skin lest they burst into flames on national TV.


Bannon may be ousted from the NSC but he will remain close to T-dump, whispering in his ear, rubbing his back, and injecting his vile invective with gusto. I would guess that McMaster had a role in Bannon's ouster and with good cause. The dots are being connected....


A rare step away from total insanity by this administration. However, Bannon will still be playing an important role and he should be outed completely. From Trump's statements on foreign policy we seem to be back in the "my way or the highway" type of attitude on foreign policy that characterized the George W. Bush administration. But there is a big difference, whereas Bush was trying to create democracies to align with the US, Trump appears to be trying to get dictatorships to align with the US which he seems to be attempting to turn into a dictatorship based on his attacks on all the main elements of democracy.


Meanwhile mission accomplished pt.1. It always seemed to me that Bannon and others to come were given ultra access to the inner workings of our government (and intel) that no rightwing ideolgue or billionaire or otherwise outlier to democracy type should have or prior to Trump, ever would have had access to. It is like a foreign government's spy had become a mole deep inside the belly of the beast at the highest levels.


He learned a whole lot of privileged things that someone like him doesn't usually get to know ... prior to Trump that is!

At this point that 'Trump advisor' charade is pretty much done. Bannon wasn't there to run things...

...he was there to learn things.

And now he has.


"Steve Bannon and His ‘Sick Ideology’ Kicked Off Security Council"

Naah, don't hold your breath, expecting any change in the WH ideology. That is still intact.
Steve Bannon just stepped on Trump's toes, when he took it upon himself to include his name in the list of security council members without asking Trump, and thereby exposed, that Trump does not read, what he signs.
Trump just waited a while with the demotion to avoid to give his failure to check, what he signs even more exposure.

New is only to learn, that Trump actually can be embarrssed.:laughing:




"Relief" based upon what? That we are told that Don dismissed him? Do we believe Don? His entire administration must go; if not, this is just the beginning.


Yeah my thoughts exactly. Why!!

on second thought.. skip the "why", who is ready for some conclusions?


And, depending upon what he has learned, he could be an interesting asset for some corporations also.


It was said on msnbc that they took him off because there is a new guy in charge of national security now and he was only there to keep an eye on Flynn....lol!!! That is what the President said.....but they added that he is still welcome in all discussions and advising modes and that he still has security clearance....so looks to me like just a token gesture to shut some people up .....


Bannon is the epitome of the self-made brainlessness of the Scarecrow We Know. No need to raise choruses of faux hallelujahs for fundraising purposes over Bannon being removed from the most Sacred Inner Sanctum Of The American Empire - The Preliminary Committee To Choose The Next War. Kept this aberration that not even a visually, auditory and vocally challenged drunken sot of a daddy can love close to Dumpster John. Give Bannon enough of the ropes of power and it is highly probable he will pull something that will make even the GOP wing want to impeach Trump. Ladies and Gentlemen this is a set back. Trump does have a basket full of people surrounding him. A basketful of Incompetents and that just may be the only real line of defense we have against President Tiny Hands and his band of Happy Holidays hating, Left Wing hating and most of all
Working People hating Can of Mixed Nuts Administration.


Anyone whose wife makes it rather clear that she only married him for his money is beyond being embarrassed. That is until Melania starts looking "long in the tooth" by Trump standards. Ain't money grand?


Bannon is a colluding arse-hat pet of the Mercers. A fat ten million went into Brietfart courtesy of their largess and filled their need for a prop-o-ganda outlet. The Mercers gave Twitler big money at the end of the campaign to go the distance to get to the White House.
I'll cheer when Bannon is dead.