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Steve Bannon Arrested for Fraud Related to Role in Privatized Border Wall Scheme

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/steve-bannon-arrested-fraud-related-role-privatized-border-wall-scheme

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Will any of the drumpf cult ever realize that hair rump and his cabal of hucksters and con artists are only out to help themselves? Rhetorical question, but still, it’s right in front of them. I remember that gofundme account and just laughed and shook my head every time I went to look to see how many rubes had fallen for their con.


In answer to your opening question, with a 90% approval rating with self-identified Republicans, I’ll say few, if any.

And I hope like hell that the prosecution has an ironclad case here.
Not that Trump won’t pardon them all.


US judge dismisses Trump’s lawsuit to block subpoena for his tax records



Is this the pardon that Trump was talking about? :smiley:

You beat me to it, Skeptic. I was just going to say, “And the pardons fell like Spring rain.”
Does anybody know if, when you are pardoned for stealing a few million of our taxpayer’s money, since the case no longer exists, do you get to keep the money?


Actually, that’s probably the good news aspect of this story.

If or if not The Bannon Gang is convicted, the class action civil lawsuit will claw that money back and then some as punishment – hopefully on top of a year (or three) in the Graybar Hotel.


One down but so many more to go.

Now, about those donors…


He can’t pardon them until they are convicted, and this will not likely be fully prosecuted till after the election.


Gee, I’m kinda disappointed. Just like Trump, BIG promise, not so much in the end. Only 25-million. hehehe
Do you supposed Bannon had Trump sign a pre-pardon agreement? Kind of like a pre-nup for crooks.
Anyway Kris Koback was part of that along with Erik Prince. Here is the Quoted 1st paragraph from the article a year and a half ago.

What brings together the likes of the president's former chief strategist Steve Bannon; voter disenfranchiser Kris Kobach; notorious Blackwater founder Erik Prince; controversial former sheriff David Clarke; immigration hardliner and former Congressman Tom Tancredo; and offensive meme spewer and former baseball great Curt Schilling?

Sounds like we should add in a couple more names. Oh yes, Sheriff Clarke. Ha.
“Shade-n-Fraud” in action.


Love the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

Plan on seeing a continuing trickle of these up to election.

Tax returns are coming…hoo rah !!!

God even the Republicans found 2016 Russia election tampering.

Queue the Trolls


At this rate, only the SDNY will get any tax info.

I am not a lawyer and I find the field excruciatingly illogical, but how does what you say square against the following from Wikipedia:

The pardon can also be used for a presumptive case, such as when President Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon over any possible crimes regarding the Watergate scandal.


To gain the pardon, Nixon pleaded guilty to a felony.

President Ford could not get work in the white house accomplished
because the employees were all Nixon carry overs and were just
concentrating on Nixon’s case. Alexander Haig was the worsest.

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Actually, I think he can pardon them before they’re convicted. Ford’s Nixon pardon, a case in point.

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I believe that Bush 1 preemptively pardoned Casper Weinberger and several others in the Iran-contra scandal. So it can be done.


Like DT, this is someone who ultimately does not belong in the U.S.

Yup, your mention of Russia will bring the trolls down on you for sure. Most are celebrating the poisoning of Navalny right now… Putin is a great Anti-Imperialist and Man of the People, you know…


Memory serving, it was then as now, “AG” Barr that did so.

Bannon is one of the leaders of the global neo-fascist movement - frequently travelling around the globe to support neofascist factions in Europe and elsewhere.

So, like Al Capone’s conviction for tax evasion, this is very good news.

That triple-amputee veteran who started this scam is also implicated - he pocketed hundreds of thousands.