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Steve Bannon Is a Real Danger in the White House


Steve Bannon Is a Real Danger in the White House

Frida Ghitis

The news that President-elect Donald Trump chose Steve Bannon as his top strategist should put Americans on their guard.

It has already caused exuberant celebrations in white supremacist and neo-Nazi communities. It ought to produce a symmetrical response among the majority of the country.

All Americans who reject Bannon’s views and tactics should prepare to defend against them.


Decent people didn't vote for Trump. If Trump's racism wasn't a deal breaker, then they're racists.


"We can expect that the White House itself will become the source of disinformation, of lies and distortion, backed by propaganda sites such as Breitbart and others posing as news organizations, trying to shape the narrative of what Americans receive as news; trying to create a new reality to suit their political ends. Legitimate media will come under withering attack."

This sounds familiar...like something I have experienced...

What "legitimate" media are you referring to?


Steve fuk ing Bannon?????
Holy shite storm...
Pence is another scary freak of a hater too.


Let's hope so, but the evidence is not clear on this point.


Just was getting ready to post the same sentiments ...


Where are the links showing evidence of this racism?

No one could show me any proof of the anti-semitism claimed by many against Bannon. Wiki says Breitbart is a PRO-ISRAEL publication and that Bannon worked at it.

In fact, I think we all should read this rebuttal spotted by Jim Glover. It's very convincing:


With his specialization in propaganda, Bannon is postured to serve Trump the way that Goebbels served Hitler.


I think the article details Breitbart.com AFTER the right wing jerk Bannon took it over.

But hey, no surprise anymore that you rush in to defend Trumpism.


Can't that characterization be true of Breitbart (characterization from the author that you quote) while that characterization is ALSO TRUE of the corporate servicing MSM?

The propaganda machine of Trump, will be one focused on perpetuating the more fascist flavor o' the news, don't you know.



I'm only interested in the truth. Good reporting would have included some examples. The one link provided was dead, linking to an index of stories. Now we've been friends for a while. Don't get paranoid. At this juncture (Titanic after hitting iceburg) we've only got one option: Take over the ship, break our friends out in steerage and take over the lifeboats.)

Trump is now OUR President. Let's make him answer to all of us. Now the attack on Bannon may be valid. The attack on the commenters in the comment section being racist, may be valid. I have yet to see any proof that the publication is anti-Semitic. It has an office in Jerusalem staffed by Jews, for Christ Sake. It was started as a pro-Israel publication by the dead Breitbart. So something is not adding up here.

My bullchit detector is going off big time. You wanna know exactly what this reminds me of? The Harvard grad students that published anti-Semitic posts on CD comments and were found out. I wonder if this is the same kind of thing? Get Americans fighting themselves over race?

So maybe you are right, now that I think about it. Sorry, but I love a good mystery.


I have mixed feelings about Bannon -- not because I admire him but because his involvement makes it less likely that the Trump National Casino will become a smoothly operating slot machine. My dear old daddy said never to trust a man with a thin puckered mouth like a cat's asshole, so that pretty much takes care of the personal evaluation. But there is value in Bannon's renegade persona. He guarantees ongoing dissension at the top. I like that. The worst outcome would be a closing of ranks between Trump and Ryan. Bannon's presence argues against that happening anytime soon. Strife and anarchy in Trump World are our best friends.


So tell me TJ, what bugs you if anything about Gannon being chief policy advisor for Trump?


I still don't know who he is. I've never heard of him before yesterday.
But I listen to my friends, so if you say he's evil, then I'll trust you until I find out differently.

CD could have covered him or Alt.right before just right now, ya know. Then I wouldn't be so in the dark. But the National Front thing, if true sounds like Brownshirts....

Not good.


That was my point.