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Steve Bannon Predicts Trump Could Fire Rosenstein "Very Shortly"


Steve Bannon Predicts Trump Could Fire Rosenstein "Very Shortly"

Jon Queally, staff writer

In an interview with the BBC set to air on Wednesday night, Trump's former White House political strategist Steve Bannon predicts that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein could be fired by by the U.S. president "very shortly."

While Bannon says that special counsel Robert Mueller—who he describes as an "honorable guy"—should "not be fired," he said Rosenstein faces some tough choices and that ultimately he "is going to take the direct order of the president of the United States or I think Rosenstein will be fired."


Why is Common Dreams allowing itself to be used to publish this propaganda piece. How is what Bannon thinks relevant to anything. It’s the same as getting Cheney’s opinion of the Iraq War or 911.


Even though he was “fired” or “dismissed,” or whatever…note that he still gets attention.
What he deserves, though, is exile.


Will someone please shoot Bannon in the head with a water cannon.


Bannon is slowly drifting into nobody land and soon to be a footnote in some ‘where are they now?’ Outbrain article.