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Steve Bannon's Tells France's Far-Right Being Called 'Racist' Is 'Badge of Honor'


Steve Bannon's Tells France's Far-Right Being Called 'Racist' Is 'Badge of Honor'

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump's former top political advisor Steve Bannon had some choice bit of advice for members of France's far-right National Front Party on Saturday as he told them they embrace those who criticize them as racists and xenophobes and where those charges as a "badge of honor" as opposed to something to deny or defend against.


Yes, Every Day in Every Way, Steve Bannon’s Delusions get Bigger.


Really, just like being called a bitch is female validation. That is how things are in Toady land. And Steve is one of the head toadies.


The problem is that Bannon is very much in the “American” mainstream. He just speaks more honestly than most fascists and lib/progs (who are all for ‘diversity’) until their class interests are challenged.


Evolution is a cruel joke sometimes.


In advance, I am sorry for the language.

This “human” is fucking nutz and a danger to any civil society. History teaches us we had a world war over just this kind of person. Thank the powers that be that he has no power or true believers to follow him into hell. He is a terrorist.


Maybe the MSM should stop calling people like Bannon and Trump populists. Are they still doing it as an ad hominem defamation of actual populists?


Bannon had his 15 minutes of fame. He is an old alcoholic nazi wannabe and his day is over. Nobody in Europe gives a rat’s ass what he thinks about anything.


No you are correct, it is quite intentional. Words are important…Fascists unfortunately know this.


Bannon is Satan’s spawn and nothing more. He needs to be destroyed, literally.


America is in her darkest hours right now. These evil divisive monsters will bring nothing but misery. They are consumed by hate , funded by the One Percenters. Anyone recall how just a little over one year ago we were all talking about wealth inequality? Ben Shapiro, Steve Bannon and too many more to name are all funded by billionaires. This wouldn’t be happening if they were paying 90% taxation as they once did under Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower all the way to 70% under Jimmy Carter. RAISE THEIR GOD DAMNED TAXES.


There are hundreds if not thousands waiting in the Koch Bros. et. al. wings for their moment in the spotlight. Destroying this miscreant will accomplish nothing. RAISE TAXES ON THE BILLIONAIRES.


What an ugly,ugly man…inside and out!!!


Sounds like a speech in the finest tradition of George Wallace and Pat Buchanan. Could David Duke put it any better? Richard Spencer probably gave it a thumbs up. Just shows Americans can hate as well as anyone. We will not take a backseat to Europe when it comes to hate. We even elected a president who excels at hate. Just check out the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate map and see how much hate Americans can bring.


Ed, that’s a fine idea, but you and I know that it doesn’t matter who goes to congress in 2018, or to the WH in 2020, you’re idea is not going to happen. This next cycle the CIA and ex-military are planning to flood the Dem. field with candidates. More than all other Dem’s. combined. They will use the Trump anger to their advantage and fool the people that they are on their side. If there are any doubts, remember the CIA are basically professional liars. All we can do now is get the population to rise-up, and physically remove the trash from our institutions. Nobody wants this, but this is the shit storm we find our selves in.

Off topic, anyone notice Hollywood remade a movie about the Entebbe raid by Israel. Got to drum up sympathy for their resent oppression of human rights. Sickening.


Bannon’s sentiments do indeed represent a segment of American society, which has until recently has been tamed/subdued/snubbed/cajoled into covert or inclusive behavior.
He had a limited following until his rise to a chief position in the White House, where the media has given a spotlight to Trumptians like no one before.
Leaving the White House, Bannon obviously does not consider himself down and out. This article suggests, with his words directed toward Europe, that Bannon is reaching out to a world stage.
Such a recipe for disaster. Every nation has Bannons and cannons and nukes, and not just white ones.


Another false equivalency fvckturd. There is nothing that the Bannons of the world have in common with progressives. You’re thinking of DLC Dims


You are mistaken. You confuse a people’s perceived loss of existence with class struggle. Bannon is not in the mainstream. And thank God neither is your divisive rhetoric.


Hollywood greenlighted the Entebbe flick to bolster flagging support for Zionism. The only people who could possibly give a shit about Entebbe these days are the Zionists.
I’m still waiting for Hollywood to do an epic on Rachel Corrie…but I’m not holding my breath. We don’t ever seem to get too many corporate media efforts that cast the Tribe nor Israel in any bad light.


A global movement to stop globalization! Please stop I have a headache.