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Steve King Faces Backlash Over "Somebody Else's Babies" Tweet


Steve King Faces Backlash Over "Somebody Else's Babies" Tweet

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is facing backlash over a tweet he sent Sunday supporting far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders ahead of the Netherlands' Wednesday election that critics say had overtones of white nationalism.

"Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies," King tweeted Sunday, in apparent support of an anti-Turkish statement by Wilders.


" Certain groups of people will do more from a productive side than other groups of people will."

Yup. Uh huh. And remember that the super-rich are the job creators, so give 'em all a tax cut.


With an approval rating of 11%, Steve King cannot talk about being 'productive.'

Also, I'd bet my last nickel Steve King's ancestors were slave owners.


Rep. King, and Geert Wilders are vile racist and fascists and must be condemned completely and without qualification.


How did his constituents elect him if he has such an approval rating in his district?


In the Murkin lesser evil culture that has existed for more than half a century, an 11% approval rating can get you re-elected many times.

Even the most mainstream Murkin textbooks confirm that for more than two centuries "somebody else's babies" built Murka, from European and Chinese immigrants building railroads and other industrial revolution era infrastructure, to immigrants from everywhere expanding that infrastructure that ultimately enabled the allies to beat the axis powers in WWII and sustain the US as a world power until Saint Ron's revolution prioritized and accelerated its divide and conquer agenda to pave the way to neofeudalism whereby the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.


I am sorry to inform you that your last nickel has already been allocated to pay for the tax cut for the 1%


I think he may be using the more general rating of congress itself rather than King in his own district. Don't see the point.


The red (White) states are simply not the most productive states in the US.


I'm not touching this one! But this, (Substituting D.C. for Denmark, very close to Holland):

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", a quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet

Context here: [http://www.shakespeare-online.com/quickquotes/quickquotehamletdenmark.html]


Unfortunately, King is fairly popular in his extremely right wing district. The only time he faced a significant challenger for re-election was in 2012 when Christie Vilsack (the former first lady of Iowa) ran against him. She managed to get 45% against him - but no one else has done better than 39%.


Here's some facts about the district he represents: (from Wikipedia)
50.58% urban
49.42% rural
Population (2000) 585,305[1]
Median income 38,242[1]
95.8% White
0.8% Black
1.1% Asian
2.5% Hispanic
0.2% Native American


Really Iowa get rid of this fool.


KKK rising, i am noticing it especially among the less educated and ignorant people who really can't contribute anything but their venomous rhetoric. Had America stopped immigration from around the world 100 years ago this country would have been in the dark ages. Example abound especially in the Southern states, the Appalachians the movie Deliverance comes to mind and raping their daughters, etc. barbaric dark practices. And had the indigenous Indians succeeded in defeating the British settlers, this land would have remained in peace with nature and an unspoiled paradise.just as the Indians had kept her.
I would tell this Kind idiot and others like them that THIS IS NOT ENGLAND!


Yeah I'll give them a cut alright but it will be in their illicit incomes


Can't get over the ahistorical, ignorant, moronic "Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies..."

What reasons does Rep. King have for believing "culture and demographics are our destiny?"


More like a worldwide descent into fascism is our destiny....


Yeah, the super rich are just great job creators that is why so many of us work 2 or 3 of these great jobs, just to say alive. They make such good jobs, all paying a living wage. Yep, these great jobs have grown the middle class these past 10 years and they have given all of us higher incomes every year since 1980 and yes they have ended all our income inequality. Yep the super rich corporate oligarchs are just wonderful, overflowing with generosity toward you, me and all of us. Yep, I think we all need to just love 'em to death.


The foundation of the country was based on the only one's that mattered being white, male, property owners. They still have that agenda and seem to refuse to face the reality of the nation and world as they push us towards the cliff. I guess they think that they will remain while the rest of us fall off of the cliff.


Yes, last year in the "liberal" City of San Francisco they renamed San Francisco General Hospital to Zuckerberg SF General Hospital after he gave $75 million to the hospital. The public approved an $880 million bond so it would seem they would be the one's on the name. Because of our regressive tax laws against the rich - they give us their charity - when they should be taxed higher and we should not need their charity. The masses who don't understand what is going on probably think he is a great guy. Actually, $75 million is almost nothing to Zuckerberg. Oh, and in Oakland - it is now Benioff Children's Hospital after the saleforce founder contributed to that hospital. Remember Frank Capra's "It's A wonderful Life." Had it gone the other way, the way our real world seems to be going - I'm sure the Bedford Falls Memorial Hospital would have been renamed The Potter Memorial Hospital. Our brave new world.