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Steve King Wants to Force States to Hurt Animals—and People


Steve King Wants to Force States to Hurt Animals—and People

Elizabeth Enochs

You may not know that Rep. Steve King (R-IA)—notorious for his racist tirades, denial of climate change, and ardent opposition to marriage equality—hates animals.


Novelist Stephen King couldn’t write a horror novel as diabolical as this Steve King who represents the rogue state of Iowa where University agriculture programs are 100% funded by Monsanto and other GMO/pesticide cartel operatives.

Although there are exponentially more hogs than people in Iowa, the hogs will never get to vote, so expect exponentially more horror from King (the Iowa one) and his ilk in the future.


I got to hand it to you Iowa. You really know how to pick them.


Hurt Steve King.

Egg his car, egg his house.

He’s pond scum.


Even tho I know just how depraved and utterly devoid of empathy, understanding or concern for the lives of other living things - and that includes Gaia, our Mother Earth - some people can be; the deeds thay can do to other life, I am still somehow surprised just how truly evil and ugly people can be…that evil ugliness and contempt is especially true it seems when money is concerned…king and trump, perfect together…


Let’s make sure we sign petitions, get together with PETA , Humane Society and other groups . We already know about the evil- only actions count.


Steve King (R-IA) is one of the most repulsive people who ever lived! Something is very wrong about a system which can’t do better than this in choosing someone to represent them.


Eat, like, a King. Tastes like chicken.


King is not Iowa’s only piece of work.

Today Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the nation’s most unconstitutional abortion law, banking that when this law is tried in the SCOTUS that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.


Hopefully when he’s out somewhere strutting around, a rattlesnake or brown recluse will get him. He tests my resolve against capital punishment. Sheeeyit, now that I think about it, so do a lot of our so-called top-of-the-food-chain lawmakers. Who knew there were so many walking around that are even worse than Dump?

Judgment day? Really? And then what?


I don’t eat any meat, but I do eat cheese on my bean tostadas and burritos. This government of psychotic murderers want to kill off the grizzly bears out west. I’d rather see all of the bears penned in for supper feasting on the corralled politicians. Paw licking good.


Even if they don’t get mauled by bears, King, Reynolds and other diabolical politicians will be reincarnated as hogs imprisoned in Iowa or North Carolina “hog operations” (they don’t call them farms anymore).


This Steve King is maladjusted. Or something.


Pure evil.


“Novelist Stephen King couldn’t write a horror novel as diabolical as this Steve King-”

Hm. Stephen King is probably a liberal, raydelcamino - wonder if he could be prevailed on to write a short story about the Iowa agricultural industries and/or Steven King? Opening scene…an east coast couple and their child run out of gas in Iowa…“I think we passed a pork processing plant a few miles back, I’ll walk back to ask for help…”

Could be published in a mainstream magazine to call attention to the issue, readers would be piqued by the ‘real politics’ and lampoon of Steven King connection - plus the name coincidence - and King and the magazine could give proceeds to progressive organizations working on it…


Total disdain for the suffering of thousands and thousands of pigs (who share cognitive capacities with dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans - and certainly some congressional Republicans) and for the health and welfare of American citizens should be noted when Rep. King is up for reelection this year.