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Steve Mnuchin’s Path of Destruction Leads From Wall Street to Trump’s Treasury


Steve Mnuchin’s Path of Destruction Leads From Wall Street to Trump’s Treasury

Rebecca Burns, David Dayen

The following is an adapted excerpt from the new book Fat Cat: The Steve Mnuchin Story by Rebecca Burns and David Dayen (Strong Arm Press, 2018), available for purchase from Amazon and IndieBound:


The world is demanding an end to the TINA Regime! The neoliberal path of destruction has been in OT since the massive admission of failed policy in the 2008 financial crash. Market fundamentalists had to finally admit that:

Global banks are global in health and national in death. ~ Mervyn King

The 40+yr. libertarian war on the nation-state has only proven that government’s role in the economy IS important, that nationalism is vital to a nation’s financial health. This is even more clearly seen by the financial disaster of the EU, where nations have forfeited control of their own currencies and destinies.

We’ve got the right to print our own money, that’s the key. Greece lost the power to print their money. If they could print drachmas they’d have other problems, but they would not have a debt problem. And seventeen countries in Europe gave up the right to print their own money. That’s enormously important. And we’ve got the right to print our own money, so our credit is good.” ~ Warren Buffett

Creditors have dishonorably taken control and used the financial system to become the de facto rulers of today by ignoring fiscal policy for public purpose, thereby manufacturing the massive private debt that is the real unmentioned drag on the economy.

Chris Hedges and Michael Hudson talk about his book, Forgive Them Their Debts

“The idea that something is wrong with the way economics is taught is no longer controversial: Professional economists, professors, and students agree that change is overdue.”


Financial Capitalism, with its baked-in formula of private profit/socialized losses, is one of the main threats to our freedoms and quality of life. People such as Mnuchin et al are worse than
probably 80% of those who are incarcerated…much worse.

This is one of the worst deviations of Capit


Hit wrong key. I was trying to say that these financial vultures create nothing of value, and that together with those who profit from war’s destruction, represent the darkest elements of Capitalism.


I bet Mr. Mnuchin’s favorite movie, is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Although, sadly , his favorite character and apparently the one he based his own life on ----is Mr. Potter .,


Trump attracts incorrigible cheaters like Mnuchin, who see eye to eye.


And Kamala Harris did nothing to stop this guy when she had the office and a thousand reasons to prosecute him:

“In an internal memo published on Tuesday by The Intercept, prosecutors at the California attorney general’s office said they had found over a thousand violations of foreclosure laws by his bank during that time, and predicted that further investigation would uncover many thousands more.
But the investigation into what the memo called “widespread misconduct” was closed after Harris’s office declined to file a civil enforcement action against the bank.”

Source: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/12/6/1817437/-Kamala-Harris-Fails-to-Explain-Why-She-Didn-t-Prosecute-Steven-Mnuchin-s-Bank-David-Dayen

Internal memo: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3250383-OneWest-Package-Memo.html