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Steven Mnuchin: Secretary of the Treasury for the .01%

Steven Mnuchin: Secretary of the Treasury for the .01%

Nomi Prins

Mnuchin’s doctrine is one of returning to a world of fewer rules for Wall Street and fewer taxes on corporations and the wealthy, which means greater risks and costs for the rest of us.

Since Mnuchin bagged one of the most influential economic positions on the planet, he’s been remarkably consistent on just one thing: making sure he lends a helping hand to the world of big finance, his former universe.

mnuchin is a professional thief, among a pack of thieves that are robbing us of our country and not just of it’s monies either.


This piece of crap should be in jail with his relatives footing the bill!

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All the broadcast news on commercial TV, public TV and NPR radio give the Wall Street stock market tally daily as if it’s important to most people. The more important factor is what the wealthy are investing in. This morning, Secretary of the Interior Zinke’s plan to exploit National Monuments for resource extraction, mainly oil, was compared to the conservation efforts of Theodore Roosevelt on NPR. If the true cost of fossil fuel consumption were tallied, the filthy rich would invest in alternative energy, unless they do know that catastrophic climate change will result in the deaths of millions, and that’s exactly what they want to happen.

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but…but…they’ll be there too, making license plates, I hope…

Taxes were created in 1861 to pay for the Civil War. Income taxes were created in 1913. Since the, the oligarchy has used them as a weapon against the people. There are better ways to achieve economic democracy than taxation. Let the people decide.

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“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime”…Honore de Balzac


You are wise Nighthawk, very wise.

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Thank you Ditton! I sense that you are wise and compassionate. That is a very good combination.

Thank-You…it may be a good combination but with that goes the burden of sight…as you well know, so back at ya :slight_smile:

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This might be slightly off topic - but since Goldman Sachs is here and world finance - a thought just occurred, which might benefit from everyone here jumping in ?

I have a link below re Brexit.

And I am right in the middle of Yanis Varoufakis book “Adults in the Room” about the Greek financial crisis, Interestingly, here is the sub-title of Yanis’ book:

“My battle with the European and American Deep Establishment”

‘Cui Bono’ - a Latin expression - ‘Who Benefits’ ?

It just occurred to me that the destruction of the European Union is in the interests of certain segments of the American deep state.

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are largely American institutions, as I understand it.

In the Guardian article posted below, I see the same language and threat assemblage as was used against Greece.

The troika never intended nor wanted to be paid back by Greece - there was another motive. And the troika, as I read it, was completely dominated by its two financial arms, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, while the political wing, the European Commission, was humbled and humiliated in public during the Greek Crisis when Yanis was finance minister, in the first half of 2015.

Now I see the same destructive dialogue with Great Britain - and finance is leading the way - not political thought.

Hmm - I smell a rat.

Perhaps I am oversensitized reading Yanis’ book - perhaps not ?

What are the ramifications of a much weakened European Union - and who would want to see it fail ?

Russia perhaps - but what about a predatory USA, as presently configured ?

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Nice, very nice but…your “not political thought” needs to be inclusive, as in, it is political thought i.e. we have the money, you play by our rules, and thus Greece fell in line and Yanis was out of a job selling his pots and pans across Europe.

The Deep State…read the Federalists Papers, they are the handbook for the Family on how to run the country without the country knowing it. Read the page “Me and the Roosevelt’s” on my site for clues. Yes, there is a predatory nature here but it is the Banking sector that has taken control not the political. The Intercept has a good piece on how Gary Cohen turned Goldman Sachs into our current government.

You’re on the right track. It’s money not people anymore. When Clinton ended Glass-Steagal was the beginning or chapter one.

One of my past friends, from France, was an economist there. He was in computer science when I met him here in Alberta.

He used to fly into a rage when discussing politics - saying that the financiers had taken over.

I think life is like a pendulum. Right now we are at the high arc end - where magical thinking, read financiers in charge, prevails.

But the pendulum cannot stay up there for long - and the natural world will see to it that as it swings back down, it replaces magical thinking with reality based survival concerns.

But we are going to need a spot of luck. It doesn’t have to turn out well, but it might.

:slight_smile: a spot of luck, I like that a lot.

And to think that Kamala Harris could have reined in this despicable turd.