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Stewart To the Ugly Madman In the Castle: This Country Isn't Yours


Stewart To the Ugly Madman In the Castle: This Country Isn't Yours

Where to begin with the GOP's upstart vulgarian and his portrait of an apocalyptic hellscape of America, all fear and lies and venom? Maybe start with revisiting Norman Mailer and his startlingly prescient 1968 view of that "psychic island" of "an insane Republican minority with vast powers of negation and control." Then to Jon Stewart, briefly back in all his glorious righteous rage to remind Trumpsters, "This country isn't yours. It never was."


Jon and Stephen join the chorus of Trump bashers. Whom do they suggest the people choose? Rubio, Cruz,Fiorina ? The masses are totally disgusted with the corruption of politics. Congress is despised, POTUS has sided with corporations, wars have continued unabated, trillions wasted on imperial wars of aggression. The Trumpster is a reaction to the madness that is lying govt policies. DUH !


So the Right chooses as their standard-bearer a chronically bankrupt ex-Pro Wrestling Promoter and Reality Television Star, whose main claim to "governing skill" is saying "YOU'RE FIRED!" on television every week, @wlawlor? Trump can't even articulate a coherent vision for how he's going to "Make America Great Again" other than saying it over and over - and I have to tell you, if I want somebody who can make a good speech, I prefer Barack Obama any day.

I'll admit that the Democratic Party choice really isn't any better - a blatantly corrupt hypocritical Corporate Centrist who couldn't give you a straight answer if you held a gun to her head, and whose much-vaunted "experience" is in selling this country and the rest of the world to whoever's most willing to line her family pockets with gold. I think this could be the year that Third Party candidates actually get more of the vote than the "official" nominees....


I hope all these people, as much as the general public love them, come in swinging when it's Clinton's turn!

Stein is the only hope, and it's a very long shot. It probably doesn't matter anyway since - and not even intended as a pun - humanity's goose is probably cooked however things play out.


When will Stewart do the same act about Hillary? I won't hold my breath.


Stein is an enabler of Trump in swing states


Jon felt he had to walk away, take a rest. I can understand that. The schedule may have been grueling for him on his show, but we needed him, and now we've got to cope with less VOICE in front of The People, showing some sanity and "thinking" before acting. Colbert helped to promote Clinton and T RUMP. We have no one to blame but those People in front of the Camera who DID NOT FIGHT for sanity and a great candidate, when they could have. Sanders has done all he could for US, the People. Now we must find a way to UNITE all of the Sanders supporters under a new Party. Will we be helped in that effort by COLBERT, or will he hurt our efforts again? Time will tell. I hope he chooses to stand with Great Minds and IDEAS, instead of the Same Old Same Old-Clinton and the DNC. It is time to move FORWARD in PROGRESS now.




We are all familiar with the populist forces that lead to the rise of fascism. But it does not make the fascism any more acceptable.

And Trump supporters are not "the people" and your characterization of them as some kind of antiwar left-progressives is laughable.


I used to like Jon Stewart. That was a long time ago.

What I still can't get about all the Trump hatred is that George W. Bush was far worse in a myriad of ways, yet reactions against him were much more muted. The MSM in particular was making excuses for Bush every step of the way and ignoring his most outrageous comments and policy positions.

Of course I wouldn't vote for Trump just as I would never vote for HRC, but he seems less extreme than any Republican nominee since at least Bob Dole 20 years ago. I have to believe the outrage isn't because of his clumsy statements and obvious narcissism, but because he claims to be anti-neocon and generally against foreign intervention, to want to restore Glass-Steagall, and to want to stop TPP and other similar trade deals.

I guess I'll add that people are increasingly violating Godwin's Law these days. I always liked Godwin's Law, in part because the creator, Mike Godwin, was in a couple of the same classes I was in when I was an undergrad (also at the same law school at the same time). He was always very outspoken so I remember him, though I'm sure he wouldn't remember me.


Good, old, reliably antagonizing Sean Hannity. Some of us, on whatever side we choose, will have been fooled into admiring his Fourth Reichedness.
Everyone else just might have to suffer a repeat.
So here is a handy refresher:


(Pay particular attention to the first pages up to about page number 'nine'.
Now obviously, those pages are more about the lead up to WWI, but since when has history ever needed to listen so as to be witness to chronological order? It's not like it has exclusive rights to the process. /s)


Stewart did a great job nailing some of the core issues. Unfortunately, some commenters appear hopelessly trapped in the bipartisan delusion, unable to see anything else, including what is in plain view. And so the wheel turns with the endless gnashing of teeth and the cacophony of noise.
Keep speaking up Stewart. Maybe the partisan center will recognize their responsibility some decade for the atrocities of their faux democracy. But then they would have to do too much of that "thinky stuff", and they don't like that at all. It's much better, they think, to keep repeating the empty, rotten cliches that sustain corruption.


In what way is Stein a hope, honestly?

This isn't a rhetorical question. Is there any chance at all that a third party will take the election? Personally, I think the answer is no, and not by a long shot.

If not, the U.S left needs to think very seriously about whether they prefer a Trump or a Clinton presidency.

I don't see how a vote for the Green party, aside from being an ideological position, is anything other than a a pseudo vote for Trump.

I think it's become popular to maintain that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. But there is. One party is openly and actively hostile to women and people of color. One party is full of people who believe the earth is 6000 years old and that climate change is a hoax. One party has been openly suggesting war with Iran for years.

The Democrats are hawkish, particularly Clinton. They are rabid capitalists. They suck. They are not, however, actively attempting to undo the work of a century of civil rights and social justice. And that does matter.

Think about how a Trump-led Republican administration will treat activists and street demonstrations for the next 8 years. Think about what kind of support the U.S will throw behind fossil fuels when run by a crew of people who deny that climate change is even happening as a matter of principle.

They are different. That they are both bad does not make them equivalent. This isn't just an intellectual game.

I'm not a citizen of the U.S, and I don't believe in electoral politics. I've never voted in a federal election in my own country. But I would probably vote in this one, because the stakes are unusually high. I'm glad I don't have to make the decision, because voting for Clinton would probably make me go blind.


Most of what you say is/may be true, as far as America/n interests go. The people who deem themselves progressives and/or anti-duopoly also take into consideration, the rest of the World.

It is one thing to want and work for civil rights and social justice here in the States. But who will give voice to the Social Justice that the Palestinians need? Who will stop the indiscriminate drone bombing of hundreds, that kills more civilians than "terrorists" and only creates more hatred towards us, which only creates the vicious cycle.

That vicious cycle is deferring to the MIC's insatiable need for more money - ours - and for nothing that helps us - repairing infrastructures and dealing with inequality to name but 2 issues.

Who in the duopoly will say don't we give way too much foreign aid to such and such country that really would be so helpful for us here?

As for climate change, I think I would, yes indeed, trust someone out of the current political machine to address that - because many years of trying have wrought nothing.

We need a totally new thing. Yes, Devogenes, it is a long shot. But people like me want to think beyond this election. We all need to. Or the planet is done.

I've always thought more about the entire world than just my country and it's place in it.

I worked in medical for years doing statistical reports for doctors and nurses. This attuned me to the fact that Western stats and demographics are seriously out of line with the rest of the world. Is it only me that wonders why we have the highest rates of cancers, heart disease, obesity, gun violence etc. etc. compared to the non-Western? Why do other countries with less GPD have better outcomes than we do - we've slipped a bit in the last 10 or so years - and also can afford to insure everyone, and we cannot?

There really is a better world out there, without this duopoly and I hope more people will help us all to find and nurture it.


indent preformatted text by 4 spaces What a treat. Jon Stewart is back to help the other Government Jester regurgitate the lies of the one-sided, progressive media. Has he gambled all of his$ away? He looks like a drunk with AIDS, or, as they are more commonly known, a democrat.indent preformatted text by 4 spaces And, as the mindless audience sucks it up, Jon Stewart continues to pretend he is so 'anti-establishment'!
Folks, here's a little bit of insight you need before you start believing that J.S. is sooo funny; While he regurgitates the same, long disproved, generic attacks from Progressives [against Trump], His brother, Larry Leibowitz, is the Chief Operating Officer of the New York Stock Exchange! Isn't that rich!?indent preformatted text by 4 spaces Jon changed his name because he thought Liebowitz sound too much like Madoff. Jon uses the Progressive tactic, taught to all S.J.W., of calling anyone he doesn't agree with a bigot, racist, anti-semite, xenophobe,,,did I forget racist?
indent preformatted text by 4 spaces Perhaps we remember when that total jackass, Jim Kramer, got busted out in 2008? Jim was on someone's program and they went to break. Unfortunately, the cameras did not stop. He was caught exchanging inside info and talking about what a bunch of idiots the American public are. This was right after Jim's friends at the banks crashed our economy with the sub-prime loan, crisis.
Jon got Kramer for an interview. Now, Kramer should have gone to prison. The entire country wanted blood. Stewart, being so conscious of the disgusting Republicans would surely finally unleash some of the cynical rage he always pretends is just below the surface. Well, instead, he barely even came after Kramer. By the time the interview was over, they were both laughing, having a great time! So great work, Jon! Your brother must have sent him over. You ran a bit of damage control,,Kramer was never prosecuted!
So, hat's off to shows like this! The mindless sheeple don't even realize that it's just an extension of the lies they are constantly being fed on news and in major print.
See, Jon Leibowitz(stewart) is part of the family. The family plays all the angles. But Trump, is actually honest. They have gone soooo far to try to dig up crap on him, but can't find anything.
Hillary, is such a liar. And after the convention speech Trump gave this past week, he has won Act I and Act II. Act III will be the debates. His numbers are already have already risen above Hillary. Those debates will seal the deal. And hey Cobart, your Canadian, mind your own business.
TRUMP2016-The liars are over.indent preformatted text by 4 spaces



I'll tell you who definitely will not help the Palestinians; Jon Stewart. Ya see, his real name
is Leibowitz. His brother is Larry Leibowitz. Larry just happens to be the Chief Operating
Officer of the New York Stock Exchange! Larry and his friends make the messes (for us), then
Jon gets on air, shares the info in a lie, just like the major media, and then tries to spin in it
some way that seems 'edgy' and he can pretends like he's disgusted and it's all the work of the evil conservatives.
Jon, you look terrible, you smell terrible. You are part of the Progressive Zionist apologists,
and a lot of us aren't fooled anymore.


The betrayal is of the millenial generation and all progressive socialists, who under Bernie Sander's leadership should have won the nomination. The betrayal has been by the Democratic Party organizing committee. It has led to the frightening possibility of a Trump victory in the election. The Democratic Party is now in dissarray and democracy, or what semblance is left of it, is in dire danger of becoming an outright dictatorship. Far from restoring America's greatness it is sealing its doom.


Oh jee wow you mean Jon Stewart is secretely a Jew!?!?!?!

Fuck off.


So think beyond the election, then. Whether or not you care for party politics, party politics exists. It will not go away because you abstain from voting (which I usually do) or because you register a protest vote. The real effects of electing a fascist will matter. The election will happen whether or not you want a new system. That's my point.

So think about whether you want another neoliberal suit or whether you want a fascist demagogue who wants to force Mexico to build a wall, to deport tens of thousands of people, who denies completely the existence of climate change, who wants to ban Muslims from entering the country, who wants to expand the torture program, who believes in carpet bombing the families of "terrorists", who says China and Mexico are "laughing at us, who encourages his supporters to attack Black activists, who incites violence against Leftist activsts generally, and who claims that he alone can save us.


let's cut to the chase. if mussolini was right, the choice is between two fascists. one with experience, the other less so. bernie has a shot IF, (1) he does the indy dance with taggard as his partner, which is a ticket that would crush both killary/kaine and the goon with his loon running mate. assuming, of course, that bernie does not get nominated, or (2), if nominated, the same result will obtain. it's really bernie's choice, and i desperately hope he rises to the occasion.