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Stewart Tries Shame, Media, Trumping It Up: These Guys Are All Dying, So We'd Like To Stop That


Stewart Tries Shame, Media, Trumping It Up: These Guys Are All Dying, So We'd Like To Stop That

In an intrepid effort to get a shameless Congress and an especially shameless Mitch McConnell to act like human beings at least this once, Jon Stewart is pushing hard to refund the Zadroga Act, created to care for the many 9/11 first responders now deathly ill from working at Ground Zero. Alternately furious and somber and goofy - cue last night's Jonald Trump impersonation - Stewart has rallied, pursued legislators, started a Twitter campaign, and appeared on late night TV to spread his impassioned message: “The people of Congress are not as good (as) the people who are first responders.”


This is telling -- even the regular commenters here are too busy slamming Nader for being on the wrong side of the Sanders campaign to bother reading and standing up for those brave first responders!
I firmly believe 9/11 was a false flag created by Cheney, Rumsfeld and the idiot reading an upside-down book about goats, and THAT means those psychopaths are murdering those outstanding human beings who didn't think about what would happen to them -- they simply wanted to rescue as many as possible! Sadly, we seem to be a nation of dogs: Oh look, a squirrel! It's time we all worked at having an attention span that's longer than a New York minute.


I somehow I don't seem to be able to separate the issue of health care for first responders from the right of health care for all. If we had it, then this would not be an issue. Even when others can't have this human right, some are more deserving and should? I guess is what's behind the idea, but it bothers me.
I have wondered for many years, how far the abolitionist movement would have gotten if there had been separate groups backing, for example Free the Dahomey Slaves, and Free the Senegal Slaves, Angola, Guinea or even a larger group, Gold Coast, and so forth. Would we still be trying to attain the de jure freedom from slavery (that has slipped in though the back-door once more) with one or more groups on the 'free' side and others still not? How long would women remain as chattel if even now there was a more unified focus?
Just asking.


What an awesome comment! Are we angry, or depressed, or both? Sometimes I'm not sure, but they say anger turned inward leads to depression -- part of the reason I get online and rail against the idiocy is so that it doesn't turn inward; but like you, I don't see much hope these days. The strange thing in all this is that I really don't want to die yet, but neither do I want to live out the end of my life in abject misery (like those middle-aged men and women who either suicided or drank/drugged themselves to death).
We don't celebrate christmas -- we observe the Winter Solstice, so ... have a joyous Yule my friend! :evergreen_tree:


Wereflea is right -- we do have a sense of camaraderie on this site! I tried religion in a past life but gave it up for Lent one year and never went back. :smiling_imp: Wicca fits my particular sensibilities better than that angry Christian religion did -- I tell people I'm a post-menopausal witch who enjoys playing with dolls :wink:
Speaking of April weather -- last week we had 3 days in the 60s and last night when it started raining the thunder was horrendous! Not like regular thunder, but more like explosions -- it shook the whole house!

My husband had prostate cancer a few years ago, but they caught it very early and he hasn't had a recurrence of it in 6 years! He went to Vietnam, and when I got pregnant the first time after he came home our perfect little prince died 2 days after he was born of cancer of the right adrenal gland. I've buried too many loved ones to be willing to go gently into that good night!

And a joyous Yule to you also :evergreen_tree: Thank you for your kind words.


You are welcome. It is good to know that someone reads what one says and has a positive response. Thanks to you for letting me know.
As for the treatment in Cuba, you definitely need to see Michael Moore's Sicko where you can see this, and much more, for yourself.


What the depleted uranium is doing to human beings (and babies) is just horrendous, but I had no idea that the guys going over there were 'advised' to freeze their semen but it makes total sense -- wish someone had suggested that to the guys going to Nam. :frowning:

Redravensounds has really been thru it b/c of AO so you are absolutely right that we're not alone -- thank the Goddess for the internet :wink: The anonymity of the web is what coerced me into talking about what had happened to my children -- I went years without ever talking about Jamie's death b/c it was too hard to say it out loud and I didn't want to disturb people with it.

It snowed here last night but now it's all melted -- damn fracking! :rage: Have a great day ab!