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Stiglitz Blasts 'Outrageous' TPP as Obama Campaigns for Corporate-Friendly Deal


Stiglitz Blasts 'Outrageous' TPP as Obama Campaigns for Corporate-Friendly Deal

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has reiterated his opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), saying on Tuesday that President Barack Obama's push to get the trade deal passed during the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress is "outrageous" and "absolutely wrong."

Stiglitz, an economics professor at Columbia University and chief economist of the Roosevelt Institute, made the comments on CNN's "Quest Means Business."


TPP, A major offensive in the class warfare struggle.


The article states: "Stiglitz has also been advising the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The Democratic candidate, for her part, supported the deal before coming out against it, but for TPP foes, uncertainty about her position remains, especially since she recently named former Colorado Senator and Interior Secretary—and "vehement advocate for the TPP"—Ken Salazar to be chair of her presidential transition team."

It might be worth pointing out that Stiglitz worked for and also advised Bill Clinton during his presidency when Slick signed off on NAFTA. Stiglitz's role from the perspective of the political strategist seemed to be more about giving Clinton political cover by parading about an ostensible left-leaning economist (read: still paying the New Deal lip service*), while all along Slick continued to take marching orders from the very oligarchic leaning Robert Rubin.
Have we any reason to suspect things are any different with Hillary and Joe?

*Stiglitz has been credited with being one of the architects of the Clinton 'third rail' economics---triangulation by another name.


Hillary was pro-TPP before she was against it, and will have a pro- TPP administration. Trump is against the TPP. Which is the lesser evil?


Lots of "more lefty than thou" rhetoric here.

What are you folks actually doing to advance progressive issues?

Other than typing, that is.

In politics, if you insist on purity in your allies, pretty soon you won't have any.


Jill Stein.


Have a good day.


Have a good day.


Thanks CD for posting comments by Stiglitz, Galbraith yesterday and Dean Baker sometimes.


Right, TPP is a mistake and the Republicans made him do it.
Obama has gotten a pass on too many of the treacherous things he has done while in office. This is really no surprise. He has always been a Neoliberal place holder between Bush and Clinton. They couldn't give us a progressive so they gave us a bi-racial president. Big Woop. Didn't tell us he was a Neoliberal.
This trade agreement is the gold capstone on the corporate control of much of the world. Getting this passed would put Obama in a nice cushy, highly paid position that looks humanitarian but isn't, you know, like the Clinton Foundation.
As Grayson pointed out, it will decimate the middle class. That leaves the rich and the poor, just the way they like it. Not hard to tell where this is going. Heads they win tails you lose.
I'm calling my reps., signing petitions and sending money to groups fighting this nightmare. It has to be stopped.


Jill too is a product of the failed system of representative government. If she won't sell out, the oligarchy will destroy her. We don't need representatives in the Internet Age. "No leaders, all leaders" kept Occupy alive.

Direct Democracy


Please, let's have a show of hands -
How many people still believe that Barack Obama represents "Hope and Change", "Change You Can Believe In", Obama for America" and "Yes, We Can"?
I see it somewhat differently. I see a Nobel Peace Prize winner who perpetrates war and kills innocent women and children in many parts of the world. I see a lackey for Wall Street and Corporate America (whose AG didn't even investigate much less prosecute any of the Wall Street criminals) who once talked with John Boehner to create a further betrayal of the people called the "Grand Bargain" which was aimed at reducing Social Security and Medicare, etc. without touching a penny of "defense" spending. This appalling proposal was based on the shameless lie that there was a huge "budget deficit" that had to addressed. Turned out it was BS. I see a man who readily has enabled the rape of what is left of our natural world and one who has appointed or nominated a long list of the Usual Suspects to make sure that nothing much will really "Change" in our country. I see a man who has supported Shillary for President because she will do all she can to continue his policies with the likelihood of even more military interventions and more death and destruction against innocent people who happen to be in the way of the "national interests" of the U.S. He calls this "continuity you can believe in". I call it crime and corruption and a perversion of what our democracy and our republic is supposed to be.
We are told by Obummer and the apologists for Shillary that we cannot allow Trump to win so we must vote for Clinton. First, I do not believe that Trump can win and second, I don't live in a swing state. That makes me fortunate because I can actually vote my conscience and I can NEVER vote for a power hungry, grasping person of no core principles like Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have found her continuing trait of lying and pandering to get support a disgrace.
HRC will likely be the next president so Barry can feel secure that his goddawful "legacy" will continue. As for the 99%? Well, he will be way too busy collecting huge speaking fees and possibly being a business entrepreneur to care much. We could hardly expect him to help build houses for the poor or be an informal diplomat or REALLY earn a Nobel Prize like Jimmy Carter did.
Two more sticks in the eye. Today Obummer's Interior Dept. is auctioning off 24 MILLION acres of seabed in the Gulf of Texaco for oil drilling rights and, of course, Barry the Liar is working hard to somehow get the TPP passed in the lame duck session which is what you do when you are a behind the scenes weasel and want to get the support of reps in Congress who won't be back next term. This would be Obummer's final parting gift to Corporate America and the Oligarchs. It can only drive his speaking fees up even higher!

"Hillary, this is Barry."
"Oh, hi, Barry, what is happening with he TPP drive? You know I want it badly but I don't want to look like a hypocrite again when I said that I was against it just to get votes away from Sanders."
"Well, we here in the White House are pulling out all the stops. Ryan doesn't think we can get the votes but my people have some angles to work that we hope can make him look bad. Plus the usual media people are on our side with lots of stories to push it. My favorite was -
"NAFTA on steroids it isn't. This deal is good for America!"
"That would be wonderful. I'd love to have that all signed and sealed before I'm sworn in. Oh, Bill says "HI" and, by the way, when are you and Michelle going to be able to come up to Westchester? We have a big house (you know Tim Kaine gave us the loan) and there is room for everyone plus I know how much you love to play golf - so does Bill and he'd like to talk with you about some great business opportunities.
"Michele and I would like that and I'll pass along the invite to her and the girls. Well, I have to get going, we're trying to downplay my reluctance to get down to Louisiana faster. I hate to say it but Trump was right on that one. Its a good thing that Americans have short memories! See you soon!"


I don't understand your "logic" here at all. It is so nonsensical you come off as a troll.



Obama's biggest mistake was running for President.

What a shame - unbelievable really - the smoke and mirrors President.

At least Joseph Stiglitz mentioned climate change and pollution.

When, I wonder, are we and the 'economists' (actually chrematists), going to figure out that without a habitable environment there is no economy - and no future unless you happen to be a jellyfish or an anaerobic bacterium.

This is a Greenhouse Mass Extinction underway - its cause - us.

See "Under a Green Sky" by Peter Ward.

Do 'economists' ever read books like the one just mentioned?

I'd love to hear from Joseph Stiglitz on this - or Paul Krugman - or Galbraith, or Vanoufakis.

I really would !

Do they understand what the natural world is all about?

It is all recorded in the rocks and soils and and abyssal sediments.

But it is a long long ways from business school.



No, I don't have it. Trump is NOT going to win the presidency. A recent in-depth report of the Electoral College possibilities by the New York Times made that clear. Trump probably knows this and is just working at his "brand enhancement" like the miserable slime that he is, adding racism and nationalism into the putrid mix.
Also, how the hell do you or any other potential Drumpf voter know what the hell he is really going to do if he gets the Oval? He backtracks on his own words very regularly and is a shameless, consummate liar.
Yes, the TPP WOULD be appalling for the the U.S. and much of the world but making a vote for Stein is my way of helping her get at least 5% of the vote so that the Greens can then qualify for federal funding.
There is an analogy to what you are saying and the Hilbots who say that we MUST vote for Shillary because she would have better Supreme Court Justices. Perhaps, but is that sufficient reason to advance her war agenda and further subservience? Trump against the TPP is really iffy and the rest of that Orange Turd's policies are too scary to think about. Remember his asking over and over about using the nukes? How would you like him to have possession of the nuclear codes?
Look, I believe that Clinton will be elected. The corrupt pigs like Wasserrman Schultz and their ilk and the fawning media have already made that a near certainty. We 99% are already screwed and it isn't even November yet. I'm taking a longer view toward reform and I also want to be able to wake up the next morning and not feel the need to take a shower over the D or R I voted for.


Obummer has a record to shoot for - The "Big Dawg" Clinton raked in more than $130 million in 15 years. Go, Barry, go! Must be cool as I heard that when Hillary went to these corporate affairs she specified that, in addition to her big salary for an hour's "work", she had to be taken there and returned by private jet. Must be nice. Yeah, Shillary, you keep "Fighting For Us!"


I think you're being unreasonably harsh on Stiglitz. Especially since the Clinton years, he's been one of the few voices among economists AGAINST corporate control and for fair wages and taxation, for environmental protections, opposed to proposals such as TPP, etc. He may not be perfect in the eyes of some, but he's an ally in every way that counts.


You're probably right re. Clinton (if Obama doesn't succeed in taking that heat off her); but what would lead you to believe that Trump would veto it? Why would he veto legislation that will make it possible for private businesses to sue national governments over regulations? That would be against his own interests and style.


Sorry, but that's just about the most absurd thing I"ve read at CD yet. Do you not understand the various candidate's positions (and history) related to TPP ?