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Stigma Not Science: Then They Came For the Military With HIV


Stigma Not Science: Then They Came For the Military With HIV

Two HIV-positive members of the Air Force have filed suit against Trump's Defense Department for discharging them as “unfit (for) military service" - aka icky - though both have been treated, suffer no health effects from the virus, and are highly recommended by superiors. Lawyers say the airmen's firing violates their equal rights under the law and is “arbitrary, capricious (and) an abuse of discretion," which pretty well sums up the reign of our current mob boss.


WHY? They are trained, the military doesn’t want them to go, They seem to be necessary------so— is Trump going to demand that everyone in the military gets tested? I guess that would mean heterosexuals and men and women too. Maybe Trump doesn’t know that in most of the world, aids happens to both men and women. .
Hmm. unprotected sex… has Trump ever been tested?


He’s a paranoid and a germaphobe, remember? He’s probably been tested…dozens of times, especially after his…er…rendezvous.


Who wrote the most apt headline I’ve seen this year? Thanks yet again, Abby, for this article.

The DoD has some outdated practices, some based on ignorance, some based on prejudice, some based on outright discrimination, and some based on staid minds, and they have some impractical policies. However, since they admit that they’re looking for lethality in their employees, I guess what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. Are the military employees serving in DC, especially in Dump’s Cabal, all capable of being deployed and even of being in the boonies for months at a time…like they’re saying that an undetectable HIV+ troop “can’t be”? (Btw, do ill-fitting dentures disqualify anyone from serving??)

I guess money is always their bottom line…apart from their admitted killing machine… and screw the vets.

Good luck, SLDN!