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'Still Ahead of His Time': New Video Details Bernie Sanders' Prescient Warnings About Pandemic Threat and Need for Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/still-ahead-his-time-new-video-details-bernie-sanders-prescient-warnings-about


Glad to hear this clip is making the rounds, especially in this entirely avoidable crisis, but I fear it may be too late to save us from a Twump-Biden election.

And a not-too-far-off-topic observation: “dieb” is German for “thief”, which is all-too-appropriate for a machine running proprietary software used to steal elections—made by a corporation named Diebold. We trust results spat out by these black boxes at our peril.


My progressive friends, we need Bernie now more than ever and we all need to do whatever it takes to eliminate the corporate, stooge, Biden from the corruption of being nominated for POTUS!


Once again, if the democrats had an open primary system this would be a forgone conclusion. Bernie would have won in a landslide. But independents (nearly all) can’t vote in primaries, unless of course they jump through the flaming hoops of re registering as a democrat, and then going back to register as an independent again before Election Day.
As long as the Democratic primary system is controlled by the very conservative (and very anti-Semitic) African American voting block, a truly progressive candidate will NEVER get nominated for POTUS. And as long as the healthcare industry continues to be the major contributor to the Democratic Party, single payer and an expansion of social security benefits, it is less than impossible.

In talking and calling black voters here and in the Midwest, I’ve found most of them are staunch supporters of Bernie’s. Yeah, it looked like they all went for Biden on Super Tuesday, but if they are older and watch MSNBC or CNN they probably figured that they’d better vote for Biden as that’s who the establishment is supporting. A bit of the Stockholm Syndrome, maybe? I’d hate to think that that would be it.


The only voice of reason in a sea of lying politicians, Bernie Sanders.


That sounds very complicated.

I also am skeptical of the voting results, as it makes no sense to me how so many are supposedly voting for either Trump or Biden, who will make sure to maintain the status quo for the rich, while they (the poor) continue to get screwed. Maybe people just like getting screwed.


Hi DavidCarson:

Bernie doesn’t have the killer instinct-----but the DNC does. I am voting for BERNIE for President with my mail in ballot in May. Bernie has the WE the PEOPLE instinct, the one that counts, and the one America needs now, more than ever! . : )


@ludwig, check out my other post:



And THAT’S the part I hate. They do that sht on purpose…trying to make everything all convoluted to repress the vote.

This is also why applying for anything is so very unpleasant…it is set up that way to deter you from your task. Where I work, in order to fill out a claim, you have to fill out a 14 page application. Most people just give up…and that’s the point. Bernie had it right when he said people are tired of filling out forms. And this “stimulus” will be no different…you want some money/relief/time…fill out this telephone directory sized application. Wait a few months, then fill out the form we send you, that is a reply to the form you sent us, in order to see if you “qualify”.


Bernie has been right for a long time. It is unfortunate for this pandemic to make his postures respected and appreciated. This country has done terrible things to the poor and powerless people who have a right to live a decent life. That’s why our ancestors immigrated to this country, for a better life.


First the lies

Then Plagiarism

The 5 (five) successes Bernie pushed thru with Republicans

Check out #4 above (Bernie with Clyburn)…then watch below last month in SC …listen to what Biden says:

"I was proud to work with Rep Clyburn to secure ACA community health centers funding"…Biden last month in SC… We know that in fact Bernie worked with Clyburn and Biden was once again lying.


Biden’s Status Quo Neo-liberal plan for Health care has already FAILED and he hasn’t even had a chance to inflict it on us yet!

Soon the insurance company’s will whine and stick their hands out and WE will be bailing out these phucking insurance companies just like Boeing and the Banks.

How much do you think it costs to be in ICU on a ventilator for a couple of weeks? United Health gonna pay for that? Hell no.

Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders


Canada got lucky when a giant, Tommy Douglas, appeared. The “Prairie Giant” (see the film on You Tube) prevailed and became the (voted) “greatest Canadian of all time”! Bernie can be our giant IF he will emulate Tommy. Be another American “Profile In Courage”! Strong AND tough. NOT a toad like Joe. (I remind his supporters of Anita Hill, Iraq war, deportations, drone killings, etceteras too many to list—and now Tara Reade???) Bernie could start his comeback by enumerating the reminders. AND throw in Tommy’s “Mouseland” speech! YES! PLEASE, Bernie! HANG IN!


Just want to include these in the record here

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and – From Australian News !

’Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored’

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