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'Still Can't Breathe': One Year After Eric Garner's Death, Justice Remains Elusive


'Still Can't Breathe': One Year After Eric Garner's Death, Justice Remains Elusive

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Friday marks one year since 43-year-old Eric Garner, a black, unarmed father of six, died at the hands of a white New York City police officer.

But 365 days later, justice is still elusive, according to Garner's family—as well as the Black Lives Matter movement galvanized in part by his death.


Lady Justice, she’s a dilettante’s personal flag day, unrolled and hung out from a rusty holder, then by dark, quickly folded, bagged and put away. Another year will pass and she’ll be no bolder; just older and colder. " I can’t breathe ", he cries. Would someone knock the scales out of that ancient hand and remove that rag away from her hoary hair and haggard eyes.


Forgive me for reusing this comment on grand juries I added to the comments regarding Sandra Bland’s ostensible murder in a Texas jail.

This death while in police custody is going to be brought before a grand jury? What a laugh! What a travesty of justice! The grand juries’ actions are all a joke in the US, whether they are convened in New York, California, Missouri, and certainly in Texas, as for example in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida where the members of the grand jury deciding on prosecuting the George Zimmerman shooting incident consisted of a group of old, racist, white women, or other examples with an occasional white man who is unable to weasel out of the assignment by declaring himself a self-employed carpenter, plumber, etc. The juries should be a jury of peers, who in most cases will be black men and women.

Also consider that the sheriff of the county’s police department where the possible murder took place was suspended in one of his earlier policing jobs and fired from another. Why must there be so many racists, incompetents, and psychopaths in police departments across the US? We encounter this same shit over and over again.


The grand jury system is not used in every state, btw It’s a political tool as well as a legal tool for prosecutors. The racists are rehired and promoted, because that’s the type of people Uncle & Auntie Whitey want, guarding their precious property. Which is real estate for the most part. In the end, rich and powerful white people stole this country and, they have no intention of sharing the booty.


Americans have to insist that police remember that they are only doing a job and not engaging in some holy quest where the slightest objection to what they are doing is cause for them to shoot to kill. Objecting to what a police officer is doing is not a capital offense. Also this kill with impunity attitude is simply wrong for an employee to hold. ‘Because we say so’ - is bullshit not legality. It isn’t like police never act like human beings, never take bribes from organized crime, never shake down local businesses and commit all manner of other crimes because they do and often too.

Whenever a cop kills an unarmed person (and it is shown to be unjustified) and the cop is not prosecuted for murder then the cop should automatically be fired from the force anyway. This is just a job not some holy mission. Only a job but one with a licensed weapon. If a death equals instant unemployment then cops wouldn’t be so ready to use such lethal force and would be more careful about harming someone in custody.

It is the sense of impunity that is so scary. Cops now feel that they can kill and do great physical harm and get away with it. The result is that people are being killed because of that frame of mind in cops. That needs to be changed. Cops need to be held responsible for killing innocent people even if it can’t be proven to be homicide. Deaths matter.

But that sense that a person has to submit or die - no objecting (Officer I wasn’t speeding) is brutal. When did America become the war zone? When did Americans become the enemy? Why does someone have to die for doing nothing illegal and the person who killed them stays on the job? A death matters… or should.

A cop who kills without cause should not remain a cop.


FDR didn’t want the police and other employees of any level of gov’t to be able to form unions. We need to revisit that position, as progressives, regarding the police. He wasn’t anti-union so much as he was trying to achieve a meritocracy within reasonable expectations. He was also quite aware of the connections between some unions and very " well organized " crime. White organized crime and white racist judges, prosecutors and police. But I really think your remarks are spot on, here.


Anger is growing as are demands that the racist police state be addressed and broken up. This is becoming an election issue and Dems are not immune to the overflow of anger