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Still Following the Money


Still Following the Money

The kids are still at it. Days before a National School Walkout, Parkland firebrand David Hogg has urged a boycott of massive money managers BlackRock and Vanguard, the biggest owners of publicly traded gun makers Sturm Ruger and American Outdoor Brands, parent to Smith & Wesson. His mild proposal that stockholders "feel free to let them know" if they oppose blood-soaked investments, Hogg's idea has sparked the usual "fascist bot" sort of venom. Good boy.


Hats off to Hoggs!

From Code Pink:

School massacres cause gun purchases to soar. Wars overseas, including the strikes in Syria, cause stocks in Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to rise. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and their investors are lining their pockets with profits derived from the devastation falling upon places like Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. But as we have seen from the movement to make our schools safe, we can turn the tide on these merchants of death.

It’s time to divest from war. We need to stand up against violence — in our schools, in our streets, in Congress, and in our own lives.

So, David, Goliath encompasses the entire capitalist-militarist economy. The next logical and natural step is to have a strong anti-war presence.


David’s stature rises with each Right-wing smear!

I love the graphic in this article. It proves that the “Founding Fathers” were actually a bunch of idealistic young firebrands who refused to accept the status quo.


Blackrock is far worse than investing in firearms. Blackrock is also a major investor in nuclear weapons.

  1. David Hogg is a fake. Look at his story change:

  2. I’m totally for not funding guns. I will get attacked for being a gunnut for pointing out what’s going on. I’ve never had a gun in my house and wouldn’t. This isn’t about guns.

This is the world of up is down and down is up.

We have real shootings and FAKE ones. We have a rights grab running on the back of a gun grab. I’m not for guns but the rest of the rights grab is Orwellian.

These fake ones have led to a massive mental health database where the gov can arrest anyone who has mental health issues in the past. 1/2 of all people have. I’m safe - never have. But look how many of you reading this have actually taken anti-depressants or shown any other mental health issue in the past. The gov can now disappear you for it.


Few left sites are examining it. The Right gunnuts are rights about some of the shootings being faked. They precede two things - a massive rights grab as law makers stand ready to demand and pass new Orwellian rules, and the knowledge that a planned drill of the event happening at the same time was going on when the “real” shooting broke out as well as the main speakers keep admitting they are actors.

Wake up. this is no longer a right wing gun nut issue. the left needs to wake up across the board. Look at what the right is saying. Somethings are crazy but when they’ve got out right footage from the MSM contradicting itself it’s time to question what is going on.