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Still in the Bush Embrace: What Really Stands in the Way of Closing Guantánamo


Still in the Bush Embrace: What Really Stands in the Way of Closing Guantánamo

Karen Greenberg

Can you believe it? We’re in the last year of the presidency of the man who, on his first day in the Oval Office, swore that he would close Guantánamo, and yet it and everything it represents remains part of our all-American world.


The Shock Doctrine rests upon creating calamities from which specific entities--frequently the ones who engineered the crises--can profit.

And the Shock Doctrine works as much for traumatizing populations to pave the way for selling everything that spans from Security to anti-depressants, as it does for selling wars and Necessary Enemies.

Taken from the article:

"...the prison for the first time became exactly what Rumsfeld had promised it would be: a place for the most notorious al-Qaeda “high value detainees” (HVDs) that the U.S. held. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the “mastermind” of 9/11, and four others allegedly involved in planning or carrying out the attacks on New York and Washington were among them."

One of the facilitators to State Control happens when thinking persons accept Official Narratives.

If the real perpetrators of 911 were captured and put into Guantanamo, their faces would neither be those of Arabs, nor ethnic.

Very few persons in positions of authority speak the Truth on this critical matter. And those who do are cast as outcasts, conspiracy theorists, or mad. Nothing could be further from the truth.


I read the article, still don't get it, does Obomber have the authority to close that prison once and for all or not? Does he have the authority to start trials now or let them go, or not? Is he responsible for it still being open or not?


I didn't respond to another one of your posts which projects the same meme--that IF the public only knew, things would be different.

The public knew plenty about the bank bailout and who was rewarded and who was punished. The knowledge, as if OFTEN the case, does not translate directly into the power to remedy the problem.

The Page and Gilens study PROVES that what citizens want is pretty much the opposite of what Congress/Corporations/The elites put into actual practice via policies that THEY select.

The forum's REGULARS pretty much close ranks and form a consensus based on this FALSE idea that human beings have absolute agency. They don't have that within closed systems--like inverted totalitarian societies and/or those which operate AS military states lacking all but the name to christen their status.

IF the nation were truly Democratic; and IF the media was doing its job to inform not propagandize; and if the Supreme Court didn't give oligarchs a license to steal; and if elections were open, true, and fair; and if the corporate overlords didn't own politicians and through them, policies... THEN you might speak in these idealized terms.

Lots of people know about the dangers of gen-tech "food" but that hardly stops Monsanto.

Lots of people understand the dangers of fracking; but that is yet to stop The Frackers.

And were it not for the false trigger intended to ignite already planned Middle East Wars added to a mass media that operates as an arm of the Pentagon, the ruse that citizens supported war would be exposed for the fallacy that it is. (If Pavlov conditioned dogs to expect a bell before feeding, it can't be said that such behavior came about naturally or organically. It works the same way with HUMAN conditioning... a thing which the experts in Behavior Mod. know quite a lot about.)

When human beings are FED a diet of cognitive SHIT, naturally, it will influence the quality of their beliefs and understanding.

Many here, led by the odious "andrew boston" HARP on this idea that people (of which one would imagine he is one) are stupid and/or sheeple.

The fact that these Talking Points are fixtures of this site, and where formerly repeated by "Rosemarie Jackowski" on a DAILY basis with the same messages now broadcast by "andrew boston" and friends... suggests that some entity is INTENT on turning the problem of POWER and its vast abuses onto the citizens on its receiving end.

This is no different, in philosophy, from blaming the poor for being poor, or insisting that any male residing in Afghanistan who is of "military age" is by definition an enemy combatant.

There are many frames in WIDE circulation that exonerate the authors and engineers of great evil by expertly crafting memes that project the evil onto those targeted.

This type of intellectual currency is in wide circulation. And I will continue to call it out.

It is possible that some innocent posters just passively embrace the verbiage utilized by the MSM because to them, it's an unexamined "norm." It is precisely through such passive acceptance that expert propaganda becomes normalized.

It's dangerous, disingenuous, and deceptive.

And that means it's the enemy to that Truth that would set them/us free!


What will normal people do to stop the pain?

Surely, Ms. Greenberg you understand that NOTHING induced through torture and pain is going to amount to much in the way of truth.

I don't recall the source but the subject was that of a W. W. II interrogator who gained the most actionable "intelligence" from prisoners of war through being kind to them.

Torture is just an excuse for sadism and it adds a certain "theater of the macabre" quality when cases are being FIXED for war, and other atrocities.

Do you really still believe that there IS anything to the official 911 narrative, Ms. Greenberg?

"It turned out that even a secretive, militarized, legally compromised system of “justice” couldn’t successfully bring to trial individuals involved in the crime that launched the new century, when the major evidence against them often came from brutal forms of torture."

The Bush Cabal essentially brought Kafka's "The Trial" to life in their own sickeningly twisted ways.

From the article:

"In fact, offshore detention was meant to skirt the U.S. justice system almost entirely and get information from the captured men by any means necessary. The goal was clear enough: to fill in for the unfortunate lack of knowledge American intelligence services had about Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda network, their hideouts and training camps."

In fact, my ass... the detention facility served as a PROP to lend realism to the False Narrative.

Deep State Operatives have conjured all sorts of false pretexts for "taking out" heads of state that stood in the way of U.S. corporations' plans. They have their diabolical geniuses who know how to play events like complex games of chess.

Why do thinking persons fall for the LIES! Just because they are told often... and by respectable sources... like Colin Powell lying about the yellow cake, or Condi Rice lying about those aluminum tubes.

C'mon, Ms. Greenberg! Consider the source, its dark motives (remember the Downing Street Memo--that the CASE was being FIXED for war), and the character of those implementing their dreams for world domination, a/k/a the Project for A New American Century and its plans to demolish 6 Middle Eastern nations.

That plan is WELL under way.


Mirror mirror in my hand, who is the worst of the worst in this land I damn?


President Obama has: 1) protected the US officials and contractors who took leading roles in the US torture programs from prosecution; 2) protected the architects of the Guantanamo and other US centers of indefinite detention without trial or charge; 3) permitted the implementation of torturous methods of forced feeding in response to hunger striking detainees at Guantanamo.

His actions have ensured that, even if the remaining detainees are cleared out of Guantanamo, the US government / military / espionage agencies will maintain the ability to reinstate practices of indefinite detention without charge or trial and torture.


If one is dealing with the "worst of the worst" one should refer them to the International Criminal Court of Justice for prosecution under international law. THAT was the way out for that most useless of useless POTUSES, President Obama. It would have permitted transparency, neutrality and fairness of defence and no doubt a rapid clearance rate for the innocent, as well as providing legitimacy for the USA.

However, perhaps the USA would have been charged by assorted detainees with torture, which could have been a serious embarassment for the prosecution lawyers, not to mention the USA.


I understand that was the approach taken by British Intelligence to German pilots captured during the Battle of Britain.


The point at which Obama showed us who he was was when nothing seemed that important to expend political capital on. So he became the Constitutional law professor who didn't expend capital on closing the blight of Guantanamo down, who didn't try to make a just way of trying or otherwise bringing closure to those detained, who didn't try to ask why are people so hopeless that they think hunger strikes are the best choice.

And, I think as you would agree, he was also the constitutional law professor who decided we needed to look forward and not backward and not ask about waterboarding and other atrocities.

So sometimes presidents just either lobby behind the scenes or do something to push through important ideas. He let all of these ideas wither on the vine. More of a sin of omission than commission.


There was an individual, in specific, who stood out. I don't recall his name.