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Still Leading Merchants of Death, US Arms Sales Remain Sky High



The US military/"defense" establishment uses more fossil fuels than any other entity/sector by far. Does anyone think this US military (or other world-wide) fossil-fuel use/destruction//waste was even mentioned much less addressed at the Paris climate talks? Without focus on military use, the paris climate talks are a fraud.......

"According to the US Defense Energy Support Center Fact Book 2004, in Fiscal Year 2004, the US military fuel consumption increased to 144 million barrels".



And you wonder who controls this country and much of the world? You wonder why the wars continue to expand? You wonder why the DC Sock Puppet Brigade continues to do what they are told?
"Still Leading Merchants of Death, U.S. Arms Sales Remain Sky High"
* Tie that into oil sales to the military, all the ancillary supplies for the military provided by the MICC, new base construction and supply.
* Billion$ and Trillion$ flowing into these arms companies, holding companies and hedge-funders, as long as the wars are kept going and expanding. The only thing these vultures fear is peace, for with peace goes their profits, and they will do anything, assassinate anyone, overthrow any country or government, displace, kill, or make refugees of any number of millions of people to maintain war and its profit.
* The Fourth Reich is attaining the Third Reich's dream, "Today Germany, tomorrow the world." only the name of the Reich has changed.
* I hope that, somehow, We the People, both here and in the rest of the world, can figure out a way to stop this before it reaches its inevitable, nuclear, conclusion.


Thanks for posting of pic of the still developmental F35 plane, expected to cost at least a trillion dollars by the time it becomes full operational. It is a plane that still does not reliably fly, and, because no rival power can as yet touch our reliable F15 planes , it is totally unnecessary.

One of the staunchest defenders and funders of this lethal money pit is Senator Bernie Sanders, whose district will host the F35 air base.

Sanders is of course the current Democrat Sparkle Pony, the great hope of libs and progressives still chump enough to vote Democrat.

And this is the essence of Sanders. He talks socialist, but his kind of socialism means redistributing workers' wages into the hands of his masters at the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin. He is the loyal servant of imperialists, war-mongers, and war-profiteers.

But hey, don't let me harsh your mellow.


Let's all be good ger'amerikans now...


Nice try, troll.


As we all get going on ' living in our hearts', the war machinery will began to slow down considerably, and within a few decades it will be only a small fraction of it's present absurd size. Believe it, and you will began to see it. It will take a bunch of us to do it though. Maybe even 51%. It's probably YOU who will tip the balance.


Our Military Powers need to shift their weaponry from fighting one another to protecting our Planetary Borders from Threats from Beyond.
Our Planetary and Solar System Boundaries are unprotected (Allies of Humanity). Humanity is at great risk.


And the same Democrats who piously despair about the lack of gun control at home see no problem, whatsoever, with flooding the world with guns. The same Democrats and Republicans who shed copious tears when children are victims of gun violence at home are disgustingly mute when it comes to the deaths of untold thousands of innocents who die as a result of gun they have sold, overseas. These criminals cannot shed enough tears to wash away the blood on their hands.


For the reliability, the F15 has DEFINITELY proven its value. As for rival power not yet touching the F15, I kind of disagree.There are fighter jets going at mach 2.6, climbing at a speed of 21,000 meters/min, with a ceiling of 20,000 meters, hence reaching the ceiling in less than one minute, compared to the F15's climb speed of 10,000 meters/min. That being said, the F15 still stands as an excellent fighter jet considering its life span...


What does it say about a nations who's economy is based and sustained on the death and blood of humanity?


John Kerry/Hillary Clinton, Executive Arms Sales Coordinators United States of Amerika, Military Congressional Industrial Complex! So you still don't believe that your messiah is running guns around the world? "Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can! A couple of weeks ago, Slick Oily ordered a $50 million drop of weapons and ammo to the "moderate rebel forces", funny how every penny of that weapons drop ended up in the hands of the al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda). Happens ever time, so one has to ask, are our cargo pilots that bad at hitting the correct drop zone, or are they that damn good that they hit it right on the spot every time?


need we more proof that , 'War is a Racket', in keeping with that I see that the ultimate corporation booster Warren Buffet is supporting Hillary the Hawk. More business for Warren and his Israeli partners.


yes we definitely need more weaponry to combat the Somalis, Yemenis,turbaned dudes in caves in Afghanistan, maybe the Grenadans will rise up again and attack America.