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Still Leading Pack, US Arms Exporters Extract Increasing Profits From Foreign Conflict Zones



this should read "US arms makers extracting ever-rising profits " cause us in the US are not sharing in the profits , just the blow back .


Who knew killing was more profitable than healing.


Those manufacturers are precisely the very reasons we have to spend so much money on war, war preparations, and war meddling in everybody else's affairs.

So those kleptocrats can keep giving campaing cash to the elected officials who keep giving the kleptocrats gobs of government welfare so the kleptocrats can keep giving campaign cash....

Eternal Return of the same old nonsense no matter which party rules, anyone?


Why does war continually expand?
* $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
* That's why.


Empires can make profits from the territories they control in many ways; by extracting resources or wealth, by forcing overpriced products (like Tea or weapons) on their territorial 'subjects', and by direct or disguised looting --- such as dumping 'negative externality costs' like pollution or debt on the "Occupied" territories of a Global Empire.