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Still 'Long Way to Go' to End Systemic Racism, Sanders Tells Crowd of 12,500 in Chicago

Still 'Long Way to Go' to End Systemic Racism, Sanders Tells Crowd of 12,500 in Chicago

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Addressing a crowd of more than 12,500 people gathered inside Chicago's Navy Pier Festival Hall Sunday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) outlined how his personal involvement in the civil rights movement during the 1960s shaped his plan to pursue racial, economic, and environmental justice as a 2020 presidential contender.

"Real change never takes place from the top on down. It always takes place from the bottom up."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


Bernie (bottom up) has a manner that brings out the best in people. Trump (top down), the worst. Bernie 2020! Trump 20-to-Life!


Scared Whitey makes me so sad, all of our shadows are the same color folk’s. It is going to take us all to turn this ship around before we run aground.


A lot of the young people are tuned in to media - but I wonder about how sharp they are on the way propaganda works over the long term.

Find options to fecebook. It is now weaponized.

The abusive powers will use all means at their disposal, hide them under multiple layers, time them for distraction and make promises they will never keep.

Developing solidarity networks that keep the story straight will also tempt the powers that be to use ‘dirty tricks’. That Trump has brought Pompeo, Bolton and the egregious Abrams indicates that severe military brinksmanship and actual military violence -is already in the planning rooms. Time and timing as strategic weapons will continue to be whipped around to make folks dizzy. Truth telling must not be deterred, or even more importantly, delayed. Build immunity with community.

For decades city police departments have been proto-militarized by legislation
# Here’s How Communities and City Councils Can Reject Trump’s Militarization of Local Police


You sure have a way with words! Perfectly described…


Very glad Bernie is taking this fight right on! It will be imperative to also get the poor people that do not vote out in numbers. I will call his office again today with this. Additionally, a few of us are pressuring the PNHP to also reach out to poor folks who generally don’t vote but we must be able to offer them some inspiration to do so. The neoliberals had better stand up and take notice and, yes, I refer to the corporate Democrats.




Bernie’s most difficult challenge will be the corrupt Democrats who do not like his ideas. Many, like the Repubs wanna keep the same old ball rolling and their Fossil Money flowing in.


Sanders sez:
“… tens of thousands every single year get criminal records for possessing marijuana, but not one major Wall Street executive went to jail for destroying our economy in 2008.”

I seem to recall the Senator’s congressional counterparts decriminalizing — or even incentivizing — predatory capitalism. What’s a Just Us Department to do?

How about a power group that has standing? Or one without standing? The former with people like Gen. Wes Clark, Sally Gates, McCabe, and others. The later consisting of throwaways like Brennan, Colemy, and such.

Just like campaigns, build support on down to community size groups.
I’m sure action groups exist to tackle the problems of racial profiling, police brutality, and addressing the needs of poor neighborhoods of color.

In my 64+ years I have never seen a populist candidate draw so much support. We screwed the pooch in ‘16, and Sanders is giving us a do over.

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Right now the same pooch is cowering in the corner shivering.

Your observation is right on the money, and most of us have know this for some time now. How Sanders broke through the party madness is what we have to identify and keep reproducing. That party madness is what foiled most of those populists as you refer to them. Anderson, Nader, Perot, and Stein among them.

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Wait, are US politicians allowed to acknowledge systemic racism?
Thought that was right up there with linking capitalism and war on the list of ways to end your political career.

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Bernie has “Our Revolution” going along quite well, and many of us join the movement because there are things we want or need. Yes, to deal with climate change, education, energy production, and consumption,etc.
To get another large block of voters on board, imo, we need to reach out to the angry voter that wants to see the end of certain things like the racial divide, poverty, inner city infrastructure that is crumbling and rusting away. Systemic Racism. And the list goes on.


The climate! Right now a bunch of old people worried about the economy and their health care - every youngster on earth is soon eligible to vote. None have a chance at a good economy, none have a chance at health, none have a chance at world peace, none have a chance at having their own families - its the climate. That is the biggest issue.

Rising waters and coastal hurricanes and tsunamis will redraw the map. Wars will ensue as billions seek refuge elsewhere. Economic devastation will progress as war takes its toll and industry has to learn to function without fuels, their alternative sources as of yet undeveloped or unavailable.

Naval choke points will become an issue, the shortest way from the Atlantic to the Pacific will become through the northwest passage, (no longer a seasonal route), while dodging oil rigs erected in those waters by Russia and America.

Inland floods and droughts will wreak havoc on agriculture causing shortages of foods for export exacerbating the problem on dependent nations., redrawing which nations are importers and exporters.

Right wing military dictatorships now forming in Brazil, The US, and other nations are amassing power will make their moves on a global scale as opportunities in the form of resource rich nations weakened by disaster present themselves.

No other political issue can be duly considered without considering the impact of climate change. This is the world left by the duopoly to today’s teenagers, soon to be of voting age


CNN Is still hard at work claiming people like Bernie Sanders can not get support with Black voters.

This link shows how the news organizations are using supsect polling reports to advance their arguments such as asking Blacks making over 100k whom they support and concluding Sanders has no black support.

Here a link to another CNN story suggesting only Bernie Bros support Bernie and he has little support among people of color.

CNN also issued an apology for not doing enough to screen questioners at a recent town hall they held with bernie when people later identified a number of the questioners as Democratic Party operatives. For CNN to pretend they were not aware of the peoples backgrounds in the crowd is something I find highly unlikely.

The MSM is playing a very dirty game here, once again in collusion with the DNC. They first produced a number of segments claiming :Russian Troll" activity spiking to discredit the left as they lumped Kamala Harris, Beto O’rourke and Elizabeth Warren in with Bernie Sanders. This “study” was done at the prompting of the group Politico. This is then followed up with the mainstream media trying to discredit Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders. What they are doing here is setting the stage for any critiques of those other campaigns to be deemed “Russian troll” campaigns , even as the MSM discredits Sanders and Gabbard.

I suggest the voter in the USA be very wary about the MSM and the DNC as they are already hard at work trying to poison the Sanders Campaign. Some few articles posted here on common dreams suggesting Bernie too old or too white and should just go home attempt the same thing. In spite of that picture in the article and in spite of the broad support I feel Bernie has with colored voters and female voters , the MSM and DNC are continuing to go after him on issues of race and gender.


Great speech. And the Orwellian mind control brain washing messages underneath the screen were easy to hide by scrolling the screen down to hide it.

As capitalism is systemically racist, a good start would be to ditch the capitalist democratic party.


Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Spread the word, vote for justice for all, peace on the planet and respect for Mother Earth!

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