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Still 'Miles to Go' to Ensure a Safe and Fair Election, Rights Groups Say After DeJoy Announces Suspension of Changes to Mail Operations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/still-miles-go-ensure-safe-and-fair-election-rights-groups-say-after-dejoy-announces

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Rep Ciciline’s got it right. Suspension is not nearly good enough. DeJoy must reverse all the other changes he made - return the auto sorting machines and mailboxes. Reinstate overtime. Stop steps the slow down the mail. Etc.


De joy of it all. Cousin Vinnie got all da tractor trailers lined up from an outfit in Jerzee - hey Chris Christie had a run -but he’s like sidelined bootie - ya no?

Da real sacka goodies are the all da govmint ops like USPS. Da joy of it all lickin íz chops thinking a-z - man gonna privatize this an make mMY junk.

Whatz de otha cats doin wid da resta da govmint ? I got mine … suckaaaaaa.

Welcome to stereotypical mafia model. Kur-a-cee a da drumph - oops “trumP”


‘Suspension’ of DeJoy’s USPS sabotage to serve trump is NOT good enough! ALL the damage and changes that may affect mail-in voting (and ordinary mail) must be restored - rolled-back!
Funding for USPS services and overtime and all aspects critical to mail for all Americans including the election increased; get it from the richest trump gave the tax-reduction farm away-to!
USPS leadership canned by DeJoy to make the USPS coup complete also restored to their positions, and worker personnel accorded all the needed ability and respect to do their jobs without any further hindrance.
Anything less, like ‘suspension’ of the sabotage is in no way acceptable, as it greatly plays into the GOP effort to ‘control the narrative’ in the coming senate and house hearings.


get rid of da’ bum ya hear?


DeDrump and his little friend DeJoyless are hellbent on destroying this election. Anything either of them says to the contrary must be taken for granted as a lie. In their everlasting delusional state of mind they honestly believe the public trusts them.


“DeJoy folds. USPS will not change anything before election.”

This thug is part of Trump’s Mafia ocracy, does anyone really believe this Mafia thug?.


this could make a great film or tv series.

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For this friday night deceptive distraction from MOb bOSS.

Pardon Edward Snowden


It’s my understanding many of those 671 machines have been destroyed. Suspension means virtually nothing with the physical assets gone. I’m sure he knew that going in which is why he didn’t go further that suspend. I imagine they’re close to where they need to be and why he felt safer being questioned.


Exactly – and who has even keep records of the destruction already done to
the post office – especially the 33 employees who seem to have been at Management
level – with 2 specifically named as department or operation heads.

How quickly fascists can destroy anything –

It takes builders and vision to create societies, communities –


"DeJoy ordered USPS to remove 671 mail sorting machines by end of September, including 24 in Ohio, 11 in Detroit, 11 in Florida, nine in Wisconsin, eight in Philadelphia and five in Arizona.

Betcha a coffee and donut (value is 1958 @ $.20 ) that there are distinct zip codes effected. And they are primarily democrats within.

No mail delivered here since last Thursday.


Two labels on the same policy, but the Republican label is bad and the Democrat label is good, or vice versa.

The only losers are the partisans who support either side, and the rest of us citizens who are dragged down by their stupid credulity.

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The GOP-DNC goal is destruction of the culture of the U.S.A.

This means destruction of the means for people to come together and defend their freedoms, defend their livelihoods, defend their communities. It means destruction of trust… destruction of common bonds, destruction of the idea that the human being has intrinsic dignity and deserves a dignified life… destruction of ethics… destruction of virtue, of beauty, of character… To accomplish these goals, the GOP-DNC junta and its corponationalist-fascist overlords need to destroy the familiar institutions of U.S. life. These institutions make life less precarious; thus they need to be eliminated. This is the reasoning of the GOP-DNC junta.

Dispossession leading to disempowerment… leading to long-range monopolies of wealth and power in the hands of violent, vulgar barbarian elites. This is the plan: dispossess the People, dispossess Pachamama, destroy human culture… all of it… and destroy nature… all of it… destroy the commons… commodify the water, the land, the forest, the pasture, the sea… the seeds, the genes, the spirit, the essence of what it means to be human… making it impossible for nature or humanity to ever again challenge the technocrat, the capitalist, the soulless, the clearcut, the dammed, the blank staring, the number-controlled, the nowhere man, the nobody, the nihilist… because the global capitalist empire must reduce every being to a number. Every wild stream must be dammed. Every salmon must be genetically modified. Every drop of water must be on the grid.

Dispossessing nature, dispossessing humanity, dispossessing Being… in the name of a fantasy of permanent rule. This is what they imagine themselves to be doing, right now, in Washington, DC. Of course, they are utterly insane. Utilitarian reasoning brought to it apocalyptic conclusions.


Great post. We’ll be pre-Soviet Russia in no time. It’ll be Czar Bezos. Won’t that be fun.

We who care Must continue to Rise against these fascist pigs!


I picture an old wooden guillotine being escorted from somewhere, to on down the road to Washington. Slow enough to pick up supporters all along the way. Maybe a simple sign on the back that says “time to go.”

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Would we not conclude from this that the GOP is threatened by



Obviously, this represents a loss of control for them over the election -
and just why would they have had such “control” except by rigging the election.

We have to think about not only the 33 missing but who the GOP left in the Post Offices
to do their dirty work.

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Destroying the Post Office is the US American (albeit unconstitutional) thing to do, because doing without a Post Office makes most everyone poorer and less connected, increasing their servility to the proprietors. If that’s not neoliberal orthodoxy, I don’t know what is.

There remain a hundred ways to mess with ballots inside and outside the Post Office. Perhaps the PTB will opt to explode the whole illusion of democratic discretion, by openly spoiling returns, this time around. Some of us are geared up for that already.

Incidentally, should January 20 2021 come up without any valid electoral result, the US Constitution says Orangeman’s term is over and Nancy becomes president. In case any rules still matter…