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'Still Much to Be Done': After Latest Primary Wins, Progressives Take Aim at Next Round of Centrist Incumbents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/still-much-be-done-after-latest-primary-wins-progressives-take-aim-next-round

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More work to do. Let’s dump the centrist incumbents and keep Markey!

Just an FYI, but Bowman hasn’t quite won yet. A lot of absentee ballots are left to count from what I’ve read. I live in California, where vote-by-mail ballots posted on Election Day take extra time to count and elections can flip once they are accounted for. I’d prefer to be Bowman right now, there’s a lot of ground for Engel to make up, but it’s important to be grounded.

Engels is like Boeing’s 737 MAX ( though his kill rate might be higher in the region of the MENA ); he should stay permanently grounded until, he can be thoroughly tested, and subsequently cleared. Tested for abject duplicity with the dark forces inside Netanyahu’s First Circle and, then subsequently cleared to receive a fat Congressional pension ( nice benefits, too ) paid in shekels rather than in Yankee dollars.
BTW-He’s a jerk, too.

He looks to be grounded and I think Bowman will be a great member of Congress. Just was reflecting that there appears to be a lot of absentees to count. In my red California district, I’ve learned strong Election Day looks can darken once they come in.

The warmongers have plenty of time to find extra mail in votes for Engel.

Perhaps the worm has turned. Two chickens in every pot, and three cars in every garage.
And I want world peace.
It would be nice to see a run of progressives win.

At this rate progressives will take over our government decades after climate collapse has exterminated the human race. We don’t have time for this crap.


How did Johnny Cash get that car? " One piece at a time ", that’s how. Patience is its own reward.
Just sayin’.

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To be realistic, Arati Kreibach would stand a minimal chance of keeping her district blue if she defeats Gottheimer, who I detest more than any other House Democrat. The district is conservative as hell.

That said, I still hope she beats Gottheimer.