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Still Opposing a Congressional Move to Protect Exxon


Still Opposing a Congressional Move to Protect Exxon

Annie Leonard, May Boeve

It’s an unprecedented move to demand that 17 Attorneys General, as well as environmental and non-profit groups, including Greenpeace USA and 350.org, turn over internal documents and communications related to our work to expose Exxon’s climate denial. But that’s what Representative Lamar Smith and other Republican members of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology did a couple months back.


As the climate keeps charring democracy...


This is precisely the strategy:

".... the Republican members of Congress behind this charade are in fact infringing on our freedom of speech. They are asking independent organizations dedicated to protecting the environment to disclose our constitutionally protected communications, in order to silence our voices about Exxon’s role in climate denialism."

These are trained attack dogs. When they are wrong, they turn on their accusers most viciously. It's the ONLY way to keep their own deeds out of the Light.

I see this same tactic used virtually anywhere a corporation is guilty of some form of pollution, public health crisis, financial fraud, of general malfeasance.

Let's pray that Lady Justice's scales balance. The Koch Brothers' Deep Pockets (along with those of the various Oil barons) may prove too tempting for any judge to NOT succumb to.


Lamar Smith is owned by the oil, gas and car companies from which he's taken over a million dollars. I applaud the people defying this immoral and insane person, party, corporation and project to end civilization and wreck the Earth. We need to do whatever we can to support the Attorneys General, and join them in their attempt to stop the people and organizations causing climate catastrophe.

Whatever peaceful means are necessary.

Bernie Sanders may still be our last chance to capture the presidency in time to avoid utter disaster, and at least have one branch of government trying to prevent ecological collapse. We need to convince him the party's betrayal of him and us voids his contract with them not to run. We need to either force the Democratic party officials to resign, including Hillary Clinton, or to force them to make reparations for their betrayal by admitting Sanders is the Democratic nominee. Or we need to get Bernie to accept either the presidential or VP spot on the Green ticket.