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Still There: Black Power Behind Bars


Still There: Black Power Behind Bars

Almost half a century on, America's historically racist, vengeful "justice" system still holds captive 19 African-American radical political prisoners representing "the unfinished business of the black liberation struggle." After decades behind bars, often in solitary, they are caught in an impossible bind: They maintain their innocence, yearn for freedom, but will not renounce their ideals. "Slavery never ended," argues one. "It was just disguised."


Oh America… Langston Hughes once said that someday America will be… I wonder when that is because it seems like we are going backwards now. .This is inhumane treatment of black people who were convicted of a crime and a crime they did not do-----so how can they feel remorse for a crime they didn’t do?
Meanwhile Kissinger is a war criminal and so are Bush and Cheney, and Scooter Libby gets pardoned for outing a CIA officer— wow. Someone told me that people are spelling that word wrong----"-justice."
We the people ,no matter the skin color, haven’t quite figured out what the government people are saying and meaning with the word, JUSTICE…they are really saying “Just Us,” and sadly and awfully, that seems to be true. Orwell and his double think really got here a longer time ago that we thought. : (


Yes–let’s be proud of our system of slavery---- the War on Drugs.

“Just Say No to Drugs” is “Just Say Yes to Slavery”





“Those whom the Just Us System would destroy, are first framed as cop killers.”

See also Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal.


Plus ca change, plus ca meme.

Del Africa is lucky to be alive. In the next moment after the photo above, the cop on the left finishes his swing and knocks Del to the ground with a helmet. The cop on the right follows through with the butt of his shotgun, breaking Del’s jaw. Other cops arrive to play soccer with his head. All cops are acquitted. Del is doing life. It’s all on a film clip in this Guardian series.


Thank you Common Dreams for printing this. I did not know.


Creating democracy is system change because we cannot allow state structures to exercise ‘authority’ without true democratic accountability. The result of the authoritarian, aggressive, undemocratic system is coercive injustice payed for by your tax dollars. Then, they paste a flag on it and pretend it’s all good.
Shut up and do what you are told. “Yay! Freedom!” ???


Justice means “just us”. I love it! Thank you.