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Still Without Clean Water, Flint Demands Aid From Lame-Duck Congress

Still Without Clean Water, Flint Demands Aid From Lame-Duck Congress

Nika Knight, staff writer

The mayor of Flint, Michigan, and over 100 advocacy groups on Monday sent an open letter to all members of Congress, demanding emergency aid to help the city cope with its ongoing water crisis.

The city, whose residents continue to suffer from health problems related to lead-tainted drinking water, still does not have clean water.

…and this is what politically correct looks like hmmm…
State and Federal beauracracy victimizing humanity


I am long past horrified and disgusted by this intense example of environmental racism. The people of Flint, and everywhere in the states (are you listening, Energy Transfer?) deserve clean, safe drinking water. Frankly, it’s just too damn bad if profits are negatively impacted. Also, Rick Snyder should be called before congress and forced to accept responsibility for his outrageous actions and inactions.

There must be civic minded attorneys who could take this on in a class action suit against both state and federal governments? This is WRONG!


THIS … is … M U R D E R ! !
… any and ALL connected officials should PAY for this … NOW!

• Start INVESTIGATING N•O•W … this Urban Standing Rock!
… or NEVER again talk of DEMOCRACY in this Nation!!


Recently learned that a judge in Michigan ordered relevant parties to provide bottled water to Flint residents.
The parties objected, citing cost.

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Papua New Guinea can do clean drinking water…

And I suppose so can Cuba.


Good God, the evils of those seeking the almighty dollar continue to redefine not only humanity but the complete disregard for basic human rights. As with N. Dakota, criminal charges should be filed on each and every participant found to be in cohesion with these crimes against humanity. United States of what? Constitutional rights for who? These are blasfemos sentiments in this country, yup…make America wait again! Pain we can believe in!Stronger together corporate America! We, somehow must, unite and put things into perspective for the good of US

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… but SOMEONE would have to lose money and/or control.
— In Ego-dominated America, that rarely happens.

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The Government easily has the money to fix this.

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And where is the great Progressive Fraud, Barack Obama, helping to protect the children and families of Flint? Same place he is helping the Water Protectors and environment at standing Rock, and really protecting the Arctic from oil conglomerate exploitation and pollution! Nowhere is where!
He is counting the days till he can start collecting his really big money payoffs for serving 1% interests and corporate exploitation and domination…contempt is all I hold for his calculated and pre-meditated betrayals, deceit, political cowardice, and entire tenure with some very rare exceptions…all designed to be easily smashed by R’Con pathology - same as it ever was…