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Stitching the World Back Together


Stitching the World Back Together

The hate keeps coming, from an alt-right conference with Nazi salutes to threats of Muslim registries and internment camps. But so, too, does resistance to it, from many vowing to register as Muslim to a proposed White Male Registry to eloquent calls to recognize a stark moral truth: "This isn’t right...When power (is) seized by the small hands of hateful men, (you) stand with those who are most vulnerable, and you don’t give up until it’s morning again."


There are two Americas (USA) the one before 9/11, and the one before 9/11.
War breeds hate. You vote for war, then you also vote for death, destruction, annihilation, and human suffering beyond scope.

And if we do not concern ourselves with starving children (IN the USA included) whether our fellow humans have clean water, a human right to education, healthcare, individual sovereignty, then we sure don't care that the planet is melting before our eyes.


"[R]esist by whatever means permitted us by law...": We may need to go far beyond this and, besides, what is to stop the newly emboldened extreme republicans now in control to continue to pass laws that benefit their ilk at the expense of even the misguided white working class? This should be a rallying call for people of conscience and for the true left to redouble their efforts and reaching out to all. As I recently responded to a white woman who accosted and harassed me for speaking out on behalf of socialism when asked if I was a 'patriot': If we want--this is an 'if' after all as there a too many content with the status quo from which they personally benefit--and a system that will take care of everyone equally then, yes, socialism is a good and necessary thing.