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Stock Market Soars and Billionaire Wealth Swells by $1 Trillion as Food Lines Stretch 'As Far As the Eye Can See'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/stock-market-soars-and-billionaire-wealth-swells-1-trillion-food-lines-stretch-far


Long Pig recipe books coming to the internet soon.

Only good thing to say about wealth disparity at this stage is both millionaires and billionaires are a pretty decent source of protein. Using their skins on homemade drums is highly empowering, too.

“Eat the Rich” and hope to avoid prion infection.


Do you hear the People sing?

No, they are too malnourished and weak.


“During the pandemic that has taken everything from millions, U.S. billionaires have now collectively gained over $1 trillion.”

According to plan…


No we need to abolish capital punishment because the truth needs to get sorted out. Presidential pardons need to be abolished and corruption rooted out, but no capital punishment. Criminals should do community service for the rest of their lives.

We all know what happened to Nicolai and Elena Ceausecu. Was that really the right thing to do?

Their victims need to have closure, but I think they would have had more closure from a trial in an internationally recognized proceeding that went on for as long as it took to sort out the despicable acts from the merely greedy and stupid. .


This began with the immediate passage of the Cares Act in March, which EVERY Democrat voted for - including Bernie and the Squad. Don’t forget that.

And now we’re seeing it play out.


Seems to me there are many causes for this latest iteration of casino Capitalism. Cheap money borrowed on loan creates further digital currency. How bout asset inflation caused by monetarist quantitative easing. And yes also the Cares Act.


According to the late MFK Fisher, the best and tastiest source of protein is young humans raised on apples and milk. Prepare as you would veal.
Meanwhile, I listened to a young Silicon Valley snot pushing his book, Rocket Billionaires, about how great it is that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are planning on colonizing space. And that the Chinese are planning on launching an obscene number of satellites for global G5 coverage, making star watching impossible on Gaia. The subject of the interview gave a Trump laugh, saying, “Oh, we won’t need astronomy on earth. We can do it much better in space!”
I was glad to hear the very heated comments to this interview, about how this is the same attitude used by the invaders of Turtle Island, the same scientism that’s led to forever chemicals and our probable extinction. Didn’t do one bloody thing to change his views. I would have commented he needs to get out of Silicon Valley and his virtual world and experience the real world-the rural slums fueled by our worship of cars and cheap petroleum, the polluted water, air, and land, the suburban and exurban blight left by abandoned big box stores…Yup, that’s what your worship of science as the end-all-and-be-all has led us to. Now science isn’t bad in and of itself, as long as we respect the planet that supports our continued existence and that of all other species.
And…behind every great fortune lies a great crime. We didn’t have billionaires until Raygun and his neocons took power. I’m hearing rumblings from our northern neighbor from small business owners, who are pissed off that the conservative premiers are allowing Big Box stores to remain open. And all they can talk about is the economy, and not enough about Covid’s effect. Premier Ford today-The logistics of Big Box stores having to screen off all but essential items is too great"meaning it’s too costly and will cut into their profits.
Late end stage capitalism…bound to come either by complete economic collapse, disease, and/or natural disaster, like crop failures in the US, Canada, Russia, and Argentina.


Let them eat cake.


The following rhyme is in consideration of the countless worldwide for whom there’s especially nothing to be thankful on COVID-19 Thanksgiving Day—nor any other day, for that matter …
Pass me the holiday turkey, peas / and the delicious stuffing flanked / by buttered potatoes with gravy / since I’ve said grace with plenty ease / for the good food received I’ve thanked / my Maker who’s found me worthy. / It seems that unlike the many of those / in the unlucky Third World nation / I’ve been found by God deserving / to not have to endure the awful woes / and the stomach wrenching starvation / suffered by them with no dinner serving. / Therefore hand over to me the corn / the cranberry sauce, fresh baked bread / since for my grub I’ve praised the Lord / yet I need not hear about those born / whose meal I’ve been granted instead / as they receive naught of the grand hoard.


It is as the article says …we are faced not with an aberration but the normal operation of the capitalist system. Some may say capitalism isn’t working as it should, but the fact is, it is working exactly as it should.



Well, never mind the ongoing theft of private wealth from the middle and lower classes. Never mind the ongoing theft of public wealth. Never mind the accumulation by dispossession being carried out by corporate parasites. No. Those things aren’t important. Let’s look at some more scary charts and graphs showing the millions of deaths caused each and every day by COVID-19. Where the hell is Aleph? Where the hell are the virus fundamentalists? We want charts! We want charts!


Those that back this crazy system will claim that these Billionaires need that 1 trillion dollars to invest in the economy of the United States of America so as to “create jobs”. The truth is that Amazon has destroyed more jobs then it has created and they do this predicated on delivery of their product to the end user cheaper then any of the competition can.

This is accomplished by suppressing the wages of their workers and forcing more output from them per hour worked (They can not even take bathroom breaks or are penalized).

In other words they destroy higher paying jobs and replace them with lower paying jobs. The fact is that in the USA the percent of workers that are in fact employed out of the overall population has dropped over the past decades and continues to drop.

“Bezos creates jobs” is a crock.


Wonder what will happen here. So it could get much worse.

Breaking the rules to prevent rule-breaking? The GATS and service mobility: drawing lines between genuine immigration control and protectionism - Faculty of Law

There are many interesting articles on their site.

Here is one showing clearly how corporations have been successfully squeezing out refugees to the US.

(IMHO This has been done under the cover of “Trump” ism, but unfortunately I am not expecting it to end when Trump leaves. See their other article on the WTO dispute between India and the US and what it means for the middle class should they win.).


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How could anybody ever make the tragic mistake of thinking a web application created jobs… I say that as somebody who remembers NCSA httpd, xmosaic and timbl.

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Our system just has no jobs for them anymore. Maybe there are jobs for them in the Soylent Green factory? (Humor/sarcasm)

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The trickle-down theory means in the real world the bosses pissing all over you.

I still have big trouble in understanding how California’s Proposition 22 ever got passed.


Prop 22 facilitates enslaving our own children, in the revered tradition of Thomas Jefferson. US American as apple pie, lovingly prepared (?) by brutalized slaves. Hyperpatriotic, and coming soon to a state uber you.


We need a new FDR – and I’m afraid that was Bernie Sanders –

Does history report this much wealth in hands of the few prior to FDR –
guess I have to take a look at that – is this possible to even overturn?

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Great photo Kenny. Laughing all the way to the bank.